part 6 married in contract

×Thando× I sighed and went on my knees. This is not me praying but it me testing Gods love. I took my mother's Bible . me: "Dear lord. Are we allowed to ask questions?? why ain't I allowed to question your love!? if you love me the way they all say why am I like this. why am I here?? i-" I got angry and threw the Bible across the room I went on my knees and cried. Someone opened the door I quickly stood up. me: "What are you doing here??" I avoided eye contact. Thabo: "I heard some noise are you ok??" me: "Are you always here??"he chuckled and hand me the handkerchief. I looked at him. Thabo: "the tears."i accepted the item and wiped away the tears. Thabo: "You can also blow your nose if you want to."he said in a teasing tone. i couldn't help it and a bubble of laughter spilled from my lips. Thabo: "There that's the smile I've been waiting for. Beautiful girls are not meant to be heartbroken."i sighed under my breath. Indeed my heart truly was broken. me: "Where's my hus- I mean Lubanzi." Thabo: "His out." With his Fake cousin mxm. Thabo seemed to have read my thoughts somehow and sighed. Thabo: "am sorry about earlier." me: "Thank you." i replied curtly. Thabo:"Would you mind if I sit here with you for some couple of hours?"he asked as he indicated the opposite edge of the bed .I shook my head and i felt the other side of the bed depress as he sat down. Thabo: "My name is Thabo by the way. Would you mind if I asked for your name?" me: "is this a introduction?"i asked laughing he smiled and nodded. "My name is Thandolwethu.." Thabo: "They say that the best thing to do when you're feeling nervous or in an unhappy situation is to talk about it. I hope I am not overstepping any boundaries miss Thando but I would really like to help. I could lend my listening ear to you" He said with a warm smile. i wasn't able to reply for a long time i was pondering what to tell him.But I just didn't know what to say. It was definitely a long story and one that only seemed to happen in soap operas. Thabo mistook it for me unwillingness to talk and he stood up. i quickly grabbed his hand and tugged it so that he would be forced to sit on the bed once more. me:" No! I am sorry. It's just that I am thinking of how I should say things to you..." Thabo:" It's alright take your time."He replied and then slept with his back on the bed staring at the ceiling. I started narrating my story

take your time."He replied and then slept with his back on the bed staring at the ceiling. I started narrating my story although it felt like he knows it. He then said "I'm sorry." Me: "it no one's fault.if I can just Escape the pain." Thabo: "You can Elope." me: "Me? Escape? That's hard. My husband has this whole place locked with his security. And no one would dare drive me out Even then I don't think I have enough money." Thabo: "I have connections and money is not a problem. You your sister your father and your mother."He said with purpose. In a flash I was already standing. Hope surged within me and for the first time I started to believe that I could still make all my dreams come true. me: "And I can go to varsity." i said in a voice filled with longing. Thabo:"Yes" came him determined reply. me: "Let's go!" i eagerly exclaimed. Thabo: "We still have to make a plan." I sat down. me: "oh yah." Thabo: "don't be sad I will work it fast."I smiled but it vanished same time. me: "What if we get caught?"Thabo sighed. Thabo: "We have to be clever about it." i smiled . me: "Thank you." Thabo: "Don't Thank me yet." me: "Am I ugly??" Thabo: "What?? No what make you say that." me: "it just that no man have ever showed interest in me."he laughed. me: "you laughing! it not funny."I said giggling. Thabo: "I have to go now I'm sure Lubanzi is on his way." I nodded smiling. it was really good to talk to him it made me feel better. _ Someone banged the door making us jump. "open the door Thando" Lubanzi shouts. me:" oh my god! what are we going to do."i whispered. "Open the fucking door Thandolwethu"he kept on banging. We looked at each other. Thabo: "Fuck" "You have a man in there??"


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