part 5 married in contract

(Lubanzi and Thabo at the lounge) Thabo: "ok that was quick." Lubanzi:"She's here" Thabo gasped. Thabo: "What??" Lubanzi:"Thando is still stressed about her stupid mother so she won't notice anything" Thabo: "You brought your Mistress here?? The crazy Tamara here?" "im not crazy"Tamara said settling down next to Lubanzi. Lubanzi: "what are you fucking doing down here?? i think I told you not to come down!!" Tamara:"chill I just want water"she winked Naughtily but Lubanzi held her hand aggressively. Lubanzi: "Don't fuck with me Tamara you know better than to disobey my rules."Tamara's eyes got glassy. Lubanzi: "get the fuck out of my face NOW!"She quickly stood up and walked upstairs she bumped to Thando but didn't stop walking. _ ×Thando× I was still taken by the incident the woman that just bumped to me was already in Lubanzi's room. I walked downstairs. me: Do we have a visitor?? "She's my cousin" Lubanzi answered coldly. I rolled my eyes secretly. I took my phone and asked Dr Drew how are things now. Whatever that woman is I don't care. or do i?? _ ×Lubanzi× "morning my love" I tried to kiss her but she moved away. Asanda: "I'm late for work." me: "I thought I can have a quick maybe." i hugged her from behind but she shook me off. Asanda: "Please don't annoy me."I sighed and sat on one of the high chairs. me: "Asanda what going on?"She Chuckled and stop eating. Asanda: "What going on?? you wanna know what going on??."i kept quiet. "I can't believe I married you what did I see in you??" I still kept quiet. "Such a loser" she giggled and walked out. Later that Day I heard giggles downstairs while I was doing Laundry. I'm the woman of the house I cook I clean I do laundry. And Asanda is the man of the house she works she come home late. me: "What is this??" Asanda and Nell my best friend were kissing half naked. Asanda: "Two people kissing my baby and I are hungry. What did you cook??"Nell giggled kissing Asanda's neck. I wiped my tears. Asanda: "oooh the baby is crying."I quickly ran upstairs. "You not man enough" "not man enough" "man enough" "enough" _ My phone rang thank God it woke me up from this nightmare. I stretched myself yawning . me: Hello. "What do these people want from us now??" me: "mom??" mom:"They are calling asking for a meeting tomorrow what do they want from us?? their daughter is dead now." me: "what did you say?? mom:"What choice did I have?? they even asked to meet our new Makoti" me: Makoti?? Mom:"Yes Thando such a beautiful humble woman" I kept quiet . "I hope you treating her right Lubanzi" I Huffed in annoyance. me: "it look like She will always be our main topic everytime we talk." Mom:"You should be happy about that"I wish I wish I was happy. Thando is Asanda according to me she's Asanda. She's the woman who've put me through hell the woman who saw me as nothing but a loser. It makes me feel more like a man if I torture her. it isn't over it just the beginning. Tamara:" Who are you talking to??" me:"Shhhh" she went back to sleep. After mom's call I called my friends.I invited them to come over my house for breakfast. No one say no to free food and drinks. I walked to Thando's room and knocked I wasn't planning on getting in so I spoke from outside. Ordering her around is so Easy she's just a puppet. _ ×Thando× I walked out of my room after taking shower. I could hear noise coming from the lounge. I firstly went to check up on the kids they were still sleeping. I kissed their foreheads and walked downstairs. "Look whose here"I felt like dying. Lubanzi brought his friends here again. me: morning . "What did you see in her?? she's not your type" one of the girls sitting on his lap said. The same girl he said is his cousin.They all giggled as I walk in the kitchen. I held on the kitchen counter my hands were shaking . I was tired I can't leave like this. Enough is enough I had to make a plan. "I'm sorry" I looked up. me:" it not your fault Thabo." "I wish I can help you" he sat down next to me. me: "Why me?? There are lot of girls out there why Thando??" Thabo:"You are his late wife's photocopy. You look exactly the same but different skin colour." He said honestly. me: "I still don't get it. This is too much." Thabo:"What happened in your hand" I snatched it away from his I didn't even realise he was holding my hand. me: "uh I have to make breakfast for the kids."he stared at me for sometime. He than sighed. Thabo:"If you need help don't hesitate to call me" he gave me his card. me: Thanks... "You are beautiful" I ignored that. . Pray before SLEEP??...... They say don't Question God's love. But how can't I?? I'm still finding it hard to believe that God love me. From the young age I never saw the purpose of going to church. What was the use?? Mom prayed everyday telling us god love us. One day we will see that which is that one day?? Maybe I would be 60 by than. God have his people. The one who have luxury life The rich one's. I don't know why poor people like me bother themselves Praising the Lord the amazing God so they say. They wake up smiling but when they realise they have no food to eat they start crying to the Lord. The next Day is the samething . I remember how I used to pray about my mother's sickness. For it to get better it got worse.


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