part 4 married in contract

me: "About us?? what do you want to know??" Lubanzi's mother:"How you met Tell me everything"she said all this smiling. How do I tell her her son payed me to marry him. How do I tell her he took the advantage of my poorness and my mother's sickness. How do I tell her I just married a stranger what if he was a serial killer??. I didn't thought about that the amount of money blinded me. My mother sickness too I couldn't watch my mother die. me: "I love it when we tell people about us when we together. It feels amazing. I have never told people about us alone without his help our little story is nothing."I lied that what I do since I met him.i lie and i lie and i lie. Lubanzi's mother:"So Romantic"She giggled and I smiled. _ Saturday Afternoon...... Lubanzi was out with his boys Kaizer chiefs and Pirates match got them bad. "Sisi Thando Tasha and Tia are hungry"Nicole said walking in my room followed by Tasha and Tia(The twins). I just knew she's the one whose hungry she always pretend like this. Tasha: "Mommy take take." me: "oh my god say it again baby say mommy." Tia: "Mom- No acole a-Call-a-her Sisi-a-Thandi.( Mom- No Nicole call her Sisi Thando)" Tasha: "Mom mom."They had this cute twin fight Nicole kept on giggling. I heard the door open and close downstairs I rushed there with the girls following me. me: oh my god! what happened to you. I rushed to him and help him up. He was bruised all over his face his shirt had blood stains. Lubanzi:"Some dogs hijacked me aaarh" he groaned in pain I helped him sit in the couch. me: "You need to bath I will run you a hot bath." I rushed to his room and did so. Lubanzi:"Ain't the- I jumped in fright and held my chest. me: "oh my god you scared me." Lubanzi:"I'm sorry I'm really sorry" he said learning against the bathroom wall. me: "how did you manage to walk up the stairs??" Lubanzi:"I'm a man Thando"He smiled I find myself smile too. me: "uhm you can now bath."i took the First aid kit me: "When you done call me so I can help you with the bruises."he stared at me for the longest time. My phone rang thank God. me: "I have to take this."he nodded and moved out of my way I sighed and walked out. me: "Hello." "It Dr Drew Please come down to the hospital right now. it urgent."I panicked. me: "Dr what going on??" Dr Drew:"I can't talk right now but please come " the Call ended. Hours LATER...... “Come in” Dr Drew said when he heard a knock on the door. Lubanzi and I ushered inside leaving Thabo behind . Who was driving us here since Lubanzi is still hurt. I'm still shocked Lubanzi came with

leaving Thabo behind . Who was driving us here since Lubanzi is still hurt. I'm still shocked Lubanzi came with maybe his insecure about Thabo and i.He felt a flash of annoyance when he saw Dr Drew I sighed silently. Dr Drew:“Please sit” we gestured to the couch in front of his desk. me: "is everything ok??"Dr Drew chuckled which pissed Lubanzi a little. Dr Drew:"Straight to the point huh?!?"i giggled but stopped when Lubanzi gave me a death stare. "We have a problem. Your mother is not drinking her Medicines." me: "I don't understand." Dr Drew:"She have been fooling us all from the start one of the nurses caught her in a mission of flushing them in the toilet"I gasped. me: "i- No! mom ! my mother? the woman who gave birth to me ?can't. No."I was really in deny. They just lying that what doctors always do. Dr Drew:"I can prove it"he turned his laptop and it faced us. "As you can see the nurse giving her the pills. She take them put them under her tounge. Drink the water and smile. Once the nurse is out she spit them out and walks to the bathroom" my mouth opened I wanted to speak. Still deny and deny after seeing it all playing. How can she do this to me?? me: "Uhm Wow I don't know what to say." Dr Drew:"Please we've tried our best to talk to her but she's not listening. Maybe she will listen to you" he said shrugging. me: "When was the last time dad visited her??" Dr Drew:" It been months"I sighed how can dad do this? me:"Can I see her please." Dr Drew:"Ofcourse"Lubanzi stood up first and walked out. "is he ok??"Dr Drew asked curiously. me: "It nothing serious." _ I stared at her I didn't know what to say. me: "How can you be this selfish??." She looked away. me: "Talk mom I'm waiting how could you?? you know how I'm suffering right now just so you can-"I didn't know what to say I was really Speechless. me: WOW!! "i just want to die"she whispered. I chuckled. me: you want to die?? you know what die!!! you want to die right?? I'm giving you a permission die!!." I walked out with her calling me I couldn't believe this. How could she??. "Are you Ok??"Thabo asked. me: "I'm fine where's my husband." Thabo: "There's an urgent matter he should attend at work." me: "oh." I walked straight to the exit with Thabo Following me like a puppy. Thabo:"You don't look fine to me"I Huffed and turned around. me: "Why do you care?? Why the sudden interest??."i chuckled . me: "How sweet of you to care. All of you people are selfish selfish people". He attacked me with a hug I tried to fight him but he was too strong. "I'm sorry" He said brushing my back. me: "Why? why??" i sobbed. Thabo:"It will be alright someday"I wish I can believe him that what all they say. But have it ever been alright?? No. me: "I'm sorry I-" Thabo:"It ok"I shook my head. me: "I'm sorry it just everything is not going- Thabo:"No need to explain I understand"I nodded and we walked out." Minutes LATER..... "That was quick"Lubanzi said as we walked in .What is he Doing here? I thought he was at work. I just ignored him and went to check up on the kids. "Shhh the twins are sleeping" Nicole whispered.I smiled and closed the door after getting in. me: :Are those your new Pyjamas."she giggled and turned around. Nicole:"They beautiful??"I chuckled of how a diva she is. My smile turned into a frown why does she want to leave this?? us?? After everything we've been through!!


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