part 2 married in contract

(Lubanzi walked out the house and called someone) " Ngobeni" yes he didn't want his Mistress's to call him Lubanzi too. Lubanzi: I want to fuck. "Oh my Lubanzi" Lubanzi: "Tamara!!" he said warningly. Tamara:"I'm sorry I still don't get why you don't want me to call you by your name." Lubanzi huffed. Lubanzi: "Do you want to fuck or not??" Tamara:"Ok ok you know I can't resist your Big black yummy cock" Lubanzi's lips curved into a smile. He loved it when bitches Compliment him. Lubanzi: "I want you naked." Tamara: "Yes big Daddy"He hung up and looked back at his house. He noticed someone was spying on him from the window. He already knew it was his annoying ugly wife as he saw her. He got to Tamara's place.... "Hey Tiger" Tamara opened the door totally Naked.Lubanzi didn't ask anything he just attacked her with a smooch. Tamara love it when Lubanzi kiss her it makes her wet and wetter. Lubanzi closes the Door using his feet and picked Tamara up she trapped her legs around his worst. He pinned her against the wall he unzipped his trouser . Tamara:"Oh god" She gasped as Lubanzi slam so hard inside her. Lubanzi: "you like it??"He was moving too fast the way Tamara was enjoying. She even shed tears that how good he was. Tamara:"Aaarh Damn god"She tried to push him down but his grip on her waist was too tight. Lubanzi: "Always good bbe."He kissed her in 2 seconds Tamara back away . She find it hard to breathe the way Lubanzi is pounding her. Tamara:"Slow gosh Ngobeni slow ..... aaaaarh"she threw her head back. Lubanzi: "It feels so godamn good." Tamara:"Mmmh god" Lubanzi pulled out Tamara sighed. She didn't ask from her ancestors course Lubanzi turned her around and hit it behind. Tamara legs were failing her so Lubanzi held her closer to him. She balanced using the wall.. Tamara:"Oh baby Aarh sss aarh" She moaned slowly as he slide his machine in and out her cookie. Tamara:"I love you" She confessed her love for Lubanzi Lubanzi slammed her hard . She Screamed. 20 minutes Later..... "You already going??"Tamara asked as Lubanzi was getting dressed. Lubanzi: "Yeah." Tamara:"I said I love you" Lubanzi sighed. Lubanzi: "Tamara you know me better than that." Tamara:"Is it because you have a new wife now??" Lubanzi huffed . Lubanzi: "Don't piss me off." Tamara knew better than to talk back. _ ×Thando× one month later It was one month of our marriage. It became Ngobeni's daily routine to torture me. He gave me both physical and mental pain. i try by all means to hide the pain from my sister she would be broken if she ever saw me like that. Only me and my teadybear knew the pain. i was having a teadybear gifted by my mother when I was small. i used it like a pillow. I wish I can pass a day without crying. But non of that matters. My family comes first before me I can't watch my mother dying just because I'm in pain! that would be so selfish of me. "Sis Thando sengibuyile (Sisi Thando I'm back)"Nicole said happily. Yes she was still staying with me. me: "how was school."She smiled and I knew what that meant. Nicole:"it was amazing and Sisi Thando I ma de new friends" She jumped up and down. me: "that amazing do you like the new hairstyle baby." She giggled. Nicole:"one of my school boy said I looked beautiful." i chuckled my baby was blushing. me: "and how do you feel about that?" She hide her face using both her hands. Nicole:"Where are the twins?? i miss them" Yes the twins were staying with us now. They are not bad just that they are still handful Little babies as they are 3 years old. me: "Sleeping." She rushed upstairs. I took my phone tablet since I can't go to the hospital and see Mom. I had to make contact with the doctor we FaceTime with mom almost everyday. They've found out she have Breast cancer. "Miss Thando"The doctor smiled politely. me: I'm sorry to bother you Dr Drew . Dr Drew:"Oh come on it nothing. You want to talk to mommy?"I giggled. me: "Yes please." Dr Drew:"Give me few seconds"I nodded. i could see the phone moving I sighed. I just hope mom can get better now. "Your daughter"Dr Drew gave mom the phone. mom: "Thank you." I swallowed hard she looked more thin. Her chick bones were showing. me: "mom" That came out as a whisper. Mom:"Hey baby" tears rushed down my face. me: "how are you feeling?? you look... you look better."i lied. Dr Drew:"I'm feeling better bbe don't worry im going to be out soon" She pulled a smile. me: "Nicole talk about you everyday we miss you mom."She bit her lower lip so hard tears started flowing down her face. Mom:"I'm sorry!! For everything I've put you guys through.- me: "mom come on you know we love you." Mom:"STOP Thando STOP!! im holding you guys back. You should be out there living your life like every 25 year old. Clubbing traveling dating. But- me: "DON'T !! don't be selfish mom. Don't even think about it you can't die. We still need you you have to be strong for us all. please." Mom:"When are you visiting me" she changed the subject. me: "Soon Very Soon." Mom:"That what you said month ago"I sighed. me: "I know and im sorry. I promise I will come visit you very soon. Don't you want to talk to Nicole." Mom:"No" I sighed softly. me: Mom "No Thando she can't see me like this"she half shout. me: She have seen the worst mom She miss you. Mom:" when was the last time you saw your father??" I shrugged. me:"I don't know why?" Mom:" I think his tired of me his not visiting anymore" I could see pain return all over her face. me:" Dad love you mom" she just chuckled. Mom:" Bye Thando" me:" I love you" Mom:" I love you too Princess" Ngobeni got in as i thank Dr Drew for letting me talk to mom. Ngobeni: You calling men now?? I closed my eyes and looked at his burning eyes. He clicked his tounge and walked upstairs.


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