part 10 married in contract

3days LATER... ×Lubanzi× FLASHBACK I looked at her she was glowing. She was happy she got vitamin Dick. I closed my eyes. All I can remember is "Sorry sir you can't have children's". Asanda: "Lubanzi marn!" I snapped out of it. me: "Yeah" Asanda: "We've been married for 2 years now when are we going to have kids" I tensed. me: "Kids??" Asanda:"Yeah kids Lubanzi. Abantwana" I shrugged. me: "How are we going to have kids if you don't want to have sex with me" she clicked her tounge and walked upstairs. I looked at the table. She left her plate here she didn't bother to put it in the sink. me: "When will I be free??" I took them. Not that I'm enjoying this. I don't have a job I've tried everything but nowadays they don't take Unqualified people. I didn't get a chance to go to varsity. Since my father died we've been struggling alot. When I met Asanda I was doing Grade 9. We firstly became friends than levels and levels. We used to love each other we used to be happy. She didn't care how poor I am she loved me still. She even payed lobola for herself that how much she loved me. But than after 1 year plates turned upside down. I was now a house maid. Doing everything a woman should do. It was the only way to leave it was the only way for my mother to sleep with full stomach. "I want burger" She shouts. I felt like dying. That how my life was up and down like a puppet her puppet. Few months later she told me she was pregnant after I caught her with my friend having sex in the kitchen. But because I need money and I was a good boy. I didn't want to mix myself with illegal things. I knew well that the kid was not mine. FLASHBACK END'S. me:"Another one please" Barman:"Rough day??" I looked at him I remember Thando asking me the same question. I lashed out on her why. When did I became this man?? how?? I used to be a good boy. i used to listen to my mother. I used to respect women. What happened to me?? When did I became this Devil?? I remember The day I made her pick up the broken plates the day i slapped her the day i strangled her. Everyday was a day for her new task of abuse. I chuckled and drank the last glass of Vodka. I wish someone can shook me and say "It was just a dream. you didn't do all those things to that beautiful lady" . Yes she was beautiful. Thando is beautiful too beautiful than my late wife. It just that I believed every woman is a witch like Asanda. I held on my steering maybe if I killed Myself she will have a break. She will break loose from this monster that I am. For the first time for giving her pain I was guilty. I'm Guilty I should burn in hell. _ I parked outside our house. I still remember how cold I was when we first came here. I took few deep breaths. I hope she forgive me I brought flowers. I unlocked the door using my key and opened it. it was so quiet. I walked to the kitchen nothing loungenothing Kids bedroom nothing Her bedroom nothing. Until I came across a paper on top of the bed "THE LETTER ...... The twins are at your mom's place. I left it for the best. I payed you back all the money I owe you. It under the bed in a suitcase. Please don't look for me it for the best. I payed you back all the money I owe you. It under the bed in a suitcase. Please don't look for me take care of the girls. -Thando"" I read it all over again and again and again and again. Until it made sense she had enough of me. What have I done. I called Thabo instantly. Thabo:"My boy" me:"She left. She took her things and left me." he kept quiet for a while. "Ain't you hearing me??" Thabo:"Who left you?? Tamara" I sighed. me:"Thando left me she- I felt liquid flowing down my face I frown and touched it. Tears it tears I'm crying. I chuckled and wiped them away. Thabo:"The last- me:"Bye" i hung up he wasn't helping. I decided to go to mom's house maybe she knows something. _ "Baby" She said we hugged. me:"Mom Hey" Mom always read through me. mom:"Lubanzi what wrong?? you don't look ok."She sat down next to me. me:"I messed up mom I really messed up this time"I stood up and pace up and down. mom:"Ok what did you do?"I sighed. me:"Where are the twins??"She looked at me. Ok I told her Everything i did to Thando from the first night till today. As I completes mom slapped me. i got the shock of my life mom have never laid her hand on me. i kept my hand on my cheek. mom:" I am ashamed that I am your mother Lubanzi how can you do this to a Woman??"she said Angrily. me:" mom I'm sorry ..please.." I knelt down begging. What have I done. I tried to hold mom's hand but She takes it back. me:"mom I'm sorry please please forgive. I don't know- mom:"don't call me mom don't. You disgust me Lubanzi. How could you?? " I stood up and walked up to her. But she put her hand up to stop me. me:"mom.."i said softly . mom:"why? Lubanziwhy? Why did you do that to that poor girl. Oh god she's very sweet young humble and you just had to destroy her" She was crying my mother was crying because of my doings. me:"Mom please don't cry mom you hurting me"I tried to walk up to her but she still put her hand up to stop me. she laughed like really laughed. mom:"You worried about my tears?? how about that girl who have no one out there. What if she's sleeping on the streets? with that young girl. The only thing you worried about are my stupid tears."I wiped away my tears. me:"Mom i- mom:"OUT!"I looked at her shocked. me:"Mom"I said softly. mom:"Out of my house. If she's not here you not allowed to be here. Out I don't want to see you you disgust me." me:"You kicking me out" that came out as a whisper. mom:"Yes I'm kicking you out. leave!"I walked to the door. me:"Mom- mom:"Out Lubanzi hamba hamba(Go Go)"I walked out. She opened the door I hoped she's going to say she's just playing.but she said "And Lubanzi don't bother to come if you not back with her" me:"Mom im- She banged the door right in my face. _ FLASHBACK.. "Out of my house"I looked at her puzzled. me:"Bbe" Asanda:"Dont bbe me Lubanzi marn take all your useless things and Voetsek" She threw me with a black Dustbin plastic. me:"What going on?" I catch the plastic. Asanda:"You cheating bustard" I frown. me:"Bbe what are you on about?" She took a thong threw it on my face. I know that thong from her. She bought it a long time ago. She's the one who owns it why is she lying? Asanda:"I want divorce" my eyes popped. I knelt down begging she was enjoying this. me:"bbe i didn't cheat my love please" The door opened. She rushed to it and kissed him right Infront of my eyes. me:"Asanda"She just giggled. I took my plastic bag and walked out. I looked at this guy I called a friend one more time. He looked away. I looked around the room and finally dragged my feet out. This wasn't over. FLASHBACK END'S.. _ I searched for Thando everywhere But didn't find her. Where is she where did she go? I drove back to my house. I went to my room. I laid on the bed..but the sleep was far away. I could feel her presence everywhere in room. That made me restless. As I walked out of my room. I came across her hers I opened it.I saw the bed where she use to sleep. I went there I saw a teadybear on top of the bed. I took it in my arms and laid on her bed.It smelled so much like her. I felt relaxed and I don't know when I got drifted in deep sleep.

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