part 1 married in contract

After walking out of church he dropped my hand. I looked at him confused he didn't care. We got in the car and it drove off. Lubanzi: "Let me make something clear. That shit we did at the church meant nothing." me: "Lubanzi I- Lubanzi: "Don't call me by my name I'm Ngobeni to you. And if I say shit shit happens ok?? I own you. Without me you are nothing" I looked out the window. "Your job is to take care of my little girls and cook. If you going out you tell me. Make sure you don't do anything stupid you don't want to see my buried side." the car stopped he got out. I assumed i had to follow him. me: "Nice house." Lubanzi:"Yah" by his response you could surely see he was annoyed. me: "You shared this house with your ex- I mean wife." Yes his wife died 3 years ago leaving twin girls of 3 years. Lubanzi: "No I just bought this house last week"He said pouring himself a whiskey. me: "So are the twins here." Lubanzi:"They with my mother but they will be here tomorrow"I nodded. me: Ok There was silence for sometime I sighed. "Come I will show you your room"He Said climbing the stairs. me: "We will sleep in different rooms??" he Huffed. Lubanzi: "You ask stupid shit" I decided to keep quiet. I followed after him. This was a dream my dream house. The decoration and everything was on top I just love how clean it is. me: Wow. I said walking in this was 3× bigger than our Little House. This is what I once wished for when I was a kid. Lubanzi: "This is the bathroom"he opened the bathroom door. "And this is a closet"I wish he can smile maybe for 2 seconds. me: "Thank you." Lubanzi: "I'm out don't wait up" I was about to nod but he was already out. I looked around my room and smiled only if I can share this with my sister. my phone beeped. I jumped so high I almost fell. It was a message from my bank notifying me about a million that have been transferred to my account. me: "wow god thank you." I raised my hands up high God was answering my prayers. I took off the veil. my dress wasn't that long so I was ok. I took my bag and walked out the house immediately I heard to take my mother to the hospital. _ _ (At the bar Lubanzi having drinks with Thabo) Thabo: "Shouldn't you be with your wife enjoying the sex maybe." Lubanzi:"Don't annoy me" he commented annoyingly. Thabo: "I've noticed one thing. Thando is Asanda look alike." Asanda is Lubanzi's dead wife. Lubanzi: "What are you on about??" he asked mostly annoyedhe didn't want to talk about this. Thabo: "Now I see why her. When you see her you see your wife. You the one who gave Thando's father the offer of marrying his daughter in exchange of money" Lubanzi: " I was just helping" Thabo laughed. Thabo: "If you were just helping. You Should have just gave him money in exchange of nothing " Lubanzi: "She called me Lubanzi"He changed the topic. Thabo frowned. Thabo: "And what wrong with that?? Lubanzi:"That reminds me so much of my wife Thabo" Thabo: "Dead wife." Lubanzi: "Don't fuckin piss me off"Thabo sighed. Thabo: "Poor Thando so what about Varsity? Will you help her achieve her goals?" Lubanzi:"No" Thabo: "What?? Lubanzi:"She needs to take care of my Kids 24/7 " Thabo: "You being selfish right now". Lubanzi: "She knew what she's putting herself in I can't have a working wife" Thabo: "it not like you Love her." Lubanzi:"But still I can't have a working wife" Thabo: "it not like you Love her." Lubanzi:"But still she needs to be home 24/7" Thabo: "it surely sounds like she's house prisoned." "Nx!!"Lubanzi clicked his tounge annoyed. _ ×Thando× "Thando"Nicole rushed to hug me. Nicole is my little sister 8years. me: "Hey baby I missed you." Nicole: "Mom is better Sisi Thando she can talk to me now" She said happily. me: "Wow that amazing look what I got for you." I gave her a plastic full of yummy things I also bought her a school uniform. Nicole:"Yeeeey!! Danone Chips Sweets . Thank you sisi Thando"I also gave her the uniform. me: Look. Nicole: "Oh my god Sisi Thando. Thank you kids won't laugh at me anymore. They always tease me for not wearing uniform. Do I look ugly Sisi Thando??"I frowned. me: "What No you beautiful."I hugged her. Nicole:"My classmates say I'm ugly and poor they even say mom is Hiv positive"I gasped. me: "I'm sorry baby you know that not true right??" She nodded. Nicole: "Maybe I will find friends now. I can't wait to show them my new uniform"she smiled. "Ngyabonga Sisi wami Omuhle (Thank you my beautiful sister)" my heart melted. me: I love you. Nicole:"Nami futhi(Me too)". Mom: Thank you. I looked up. me: "Mom you can walk." i said as i happily hugged her. Mom:" feel better"She smiled. me: "You look better oh my god I can't believe this." I hugged her again. Mom:"She Looks happy"She said looking at Nicole who was busy with her new things. me: "And that make me happy. uhm mom I called an ambulance. They will come fetch you in two hours." Mom:"Thando" Yes we didn't tell mom about the Wedding. We kept it a secret we are waiting for her to get better. me: ''mom please." Mom:"Where did you get all this money?? Mntanami(my child) I'm worried about you"I smiled nervously. "Just be happy our daughter is there for you" Thank god Papa saved me. me: "Hey Papa" we hugged. Dad: "Shouldn't you be with your husband" he whispered in my ear still hugging me. me: "I'm going back soon" I whispered back than we pulled out. me: "Please mom do this for NicoleDad and I. Forget about where I got the money and everything else. Just focus on your health." Dad hugged her. Dad: "Please" Mom:"I'm blessed to have you as my daughter"I smiled in between tears. me: "I'm blessed to have you as a mother." "I love you"we hugged. _ Going back Home.... I took few deep breaths and opened the door.Hopefully his not in yet. It was dark and that gave me hope. "Where are you coming from?"i froze. Nicole: "ubani loyo sisi Thando? (Who's that Sisi Thando?)" I held my breath and tighten my grip on Nicole's hand. I had to take her with since mom is at hospital and Dad left with her. Lubanzi:" i asked you a question"He walked toward us than stared at Nicole. Nicole: Igama lami u Nicole usisi wami lo.( my name is Nicole this is my sister). she said smiling. Lubanzi:"Thandolwethu"he said Boldly . me: "Lub- I mean Ngobeni I'm sorry. I heard to take my mother to the- ......" I sighed I was really nervous. me: "I'm sorry." Lubanzi:"What did you expect me to eat?? you didn't cook Bitc-" he stopped himself and looked at Nicole. "i want food"I nodded. "Now!!" I quickly walked to the kitchen still holding Nicole's hand. Nicole: "I think we should go back home. This man doesn't like us." me: "Not now Nicole please." she sulked and sat down . me: "what am I gonna cook? what am I gonna cook?." I said opening the fridge. "spaghetti's my classmates Always talk about them" Nicole said smiling innocently. me: "Uh yeah good idea." we high fived. _ I dished up for Nicole first. She has been complaining about being hungry for an hour now. It took me the whole 2 hours to make Spaghetti and meat ball since I've never cooked them before. I heard to Google the Recipe. "Thank you sisi Thando it taste good"she said with her mouth full. me: "What did mom said about talking while chewing??" Nicole:"Sorry"I nodded. me: "Good." I took Ngobeni's plate and walked up to his room. I knocked. "Come in" I sighed. I walked in and he looked at me up and down like I disgust him. I walked to him he was standing on the corner of the bed. I served him his food. Lubanzi:"I'm going to eat this shit??" He harshly. me: uhm i thou- Without even tasting it he threw it over the flour breaking the plate making me hell scared. "Clean this shit I want coffee now. I don't eat that shit" he said harshly. I ran to get a coffee. Nicole:" Are you ok sisi Thando?? " I faked a smile and nodded. I brought the coffee within five minutes.He smirked. His smirk just raise my heart beat making me shiver in fear. Lubanzi:"You a good wife ain't you" he said sarcastically. "Now clean this shit" he said harshly. Tears made their way through my eyes why was he like this? I mistakenly cutted myself while picking the glasses of the plate.It was paining like anything. I controlled myself this pain is nothing compared to what I've been through. He saw that I'm bleeding but he ignored me and walked out. After I finished picking the glasses up i went to threw them in a dust bin. I rushed to the bathroom and applied bandage to my left hand.

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