Part 5 Failed Revenge : Blame my heart S2

NATHAN me:"Im sorry Christina but im going to do the right thing"She kept quiet for a while. Christina:"Consider that as not only losing me but also Avery" me:"Christina don't you fucking dare- hello? Hello!! "I huffed as I realized she hung up. I walked out from the the bathroom to the Lounge where all our parents were at. I called a family meeting just my parents and Christina's. "I'm sorry I kept you waiting"I said as i walked in the Lounge. Dad:"This must be good"I nodded. me:"First of all I want to apologise"they all looked at me confused beside mom ofcourse. "I've disrespected you so bad and I apologise. I won't say it was a mistake cause we knew well what we were doing. If God give me a chance to reverse and Reset things I will surely do the samething. I tried I tried to avoid those Feelings. i played far far away from her but the force of attraction between us was too much. We dated we loved each other. We still so much inlove with each other after all these years. After all she gave me a son"I smiled they all looked at me blankly. I cleared my throat. me:"What im trying to say is- my throat went dry. me:"Is uhm- Chris:"I'm rushing- me:"im dating Christina and yes Avery is my son!" . . CANDICE "Your bags are now packed!"I frown. me:"Mom?!" She sighed and took my hand. mom:"I love you I really do baby."I blankly stared at her. me:"Mom what going on?" Her eyes got glassy. mom:"I'm sorry i- She broke down hugging me so tight. me:"Mom?!"I said with my voice shaking. mom:"Love him worship him Take care his need- me:"Wooah" I pushed her a little breaking the hug. "Who is he??" mom:"You husband" I frown. me:"uh-what?!" I was really pretty lost what is she talking about?? mom sighed . mom:"Read this when you reach your destination and uhm your dad gave you this" She handed me a golden pen and the letter. "He said don't be afraid to write your pain no one is reading but you"tears rolled. me:"You kicking me out!" mom:"What no! how can you- me:"I'm so stupid!! the dress fittings the Selling talks out guests earlier. You are marrying me off!! you are choosing money over me. You- "We not choosing money- me:"Save it father"I said as i quickly turned around to face him. "From now on

out guests earlier. You are marrying me off!! you are choosing money over me. You- "We not choosing money- me:"Save it father"I said as i quickly turned around to face him. "From now on I don't have parents. Don't bother to call or come by my so-called husband's house to check on me. I want nothing to do with you too."I took my bag. mom:"baby im- me:"I don't want this stupid letter. Go give it to your daughter cause I'm not yours anymore. What a cruel mother you are!! how could you??"She kept on sniffing. I turned to dad. me:"Write my pain?? really??"I Chuckled. "Why?? Dad why?? Do you hate me that much?! is money that important to you??" Dad:"Princess someday you will understa- me:"STOP"He was walking towards me he froze after I said stop. "Have a nice life hopefully that money will plus size you"I walked out. _ "Good evening Madam I'm your driver"An old gray hair man said. I just nodded and got in the car. "Why are you getting in?"I jumped in fright. me:"Cassandra"The driver weirdly looked at me . Cassandra:"Run!! Run while you still can Run Candice. "I looked around the car. "Now!! run away" me:"Please stop I need to-"I crossed my legs and pointed down my Angel. The driver nodded and stopped the car. I opened my bag pretending to take the toilet paper I took my wallet and walked out. I looked around the place we at. I walked near the bush I looked back. The driver was just facing the other way. I took off my shoes held them tight. I started running down the bush I'm going home. Back where I belong back to my Innocent. . . INNOCENT me:"I think we should make this official"I smiled at her. Sasha:"Uh you confusing me baby"She said as she sat on my lap. me:"Let the World know about us"Her mouth curved to a cute smile. Sasha:"What??"I chuckled. me:"I love you"her eyes shot out. Sasha:"you do!"I kissed her neck. me:"I do" I think I do . I don't know if I love the idea of moving on or what? Sasha:"you don't mind me posting about us on Instagram??"I chuckled. me:"Not at all"She screamed hugging me. Sasha:"You are the best"She kissed me. Just than the Camera snapped I quickly pulled out. Sasha was taking pictures of us kissing using my phone. "oh my god they so cute baby. amma post them right now god im so happy"Sasha said . .


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