Part 3 Failed Revenge : Blame my heart S2

CHRISTINA "bbe we can't hide forever"I back away. me:"Not this again Nathan"he sighed. Nathan:"My family have to know about Avery his a Jacobs Christina. "I took Avery from him. me:"I think I have to go" Nathan:"Bbe please"I kissed his lips and walked out of the car. _ "When am I meeting your baby dady!"I looked up. Dad was learning against door holding sleeping Avery. I looked away quickly. me:"Dad Hi"He walked to me and gave me sleeping Avery. Dad:"Max's son is so inlove with this kid"I avoided eye contact and took Avery. me:"Thanks" Dad:"I don't like the chemistry between you and Nathan."my heart was beating out of my chest. me:"Oh" Dad:"Avery and Nathan look alike even their eyes."My lips were shaking. me:"what are you on about??"He shrugged. Dad:"Nothing I'm just a concerned father"he kissed my forehead. "Good night princess" me:"Night dad"he walked out. I let out a sigh of relief. I played one of my favorite song. Compared to how My love is so forbidden. "You got me sippin' on something I can't compare to nothing I've ever known I'm hoping That after this fever I'll survive I know I'm acting a bit crazy Strung out a little bit hazy Hand over heart I'm praying That I'm gonna make it out alive" Selena Gomez- Heart want what it wants...... . . CANDICE "You look beautiful"I sighed. me:"Mom you haven't told me why we fitting these traditional Dresses"She giggled nervously. mom:"It nothing baby."I looked at her for some damn long ass time. me:"Mom what are you not telling me"She looked down. Mom:"Don't you think you need to try this one too!! it beautiful right?"I blankly stared at her. me:"What going on??" Mom:"Which shoes do you think will match well with that dress.. I think you should try Black Black is beautiful"She smiled at me. me:"I don't think I want this"I took of the dress and wore my clothes. "you don't tell me what going on I ain't fitting no shit" A hot slap landed in my cheek.My mouth dropped. Mom:"Never ever talk shit at me"She clicked her tounge and walked out. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I opened my bag and took Innocent's picture. "Why does it hurt so much??" I vowed to keep this picture forever and I'm willing to do so....I kissed it. I still remember our fifth date The day we confessed our undying love for each other.... --YEARS BACK-- me:"I love this"he held my hand. Innocent:"And I love you"my heart stopped beating. me:"You love me??"this is the first time he confess his love for me. Innocent:"I mean it bbe I love you so much I can't even breath.Soulmates and all that shit I have never believed in those but you. You bbe made me believe inlove"I smiled. me:"God you gonna make me cry"I held my mouth. innocent:"As long as you love me"I giggled. me:"Justin Bieber's song"he chuckled. Innocent:"I guess I'm busted "we Laughed. "But bbe i love you I really do." me:"I love you too"he kept quiet for sometime. Innocent:"You do??"I nodded. "Did you just say you love me back??"he stood up. me:"I think I did"he span me around. Innocent:"God I fucken love you"I kissed him. me:"Mmmh uhm put me down now"he put me on top the Counter . innocent:"Can I??"he touched my ass I nodded. he unbuttoned my shirt. "Nice boobs they are cute round boobs"I giggled hiding my face using my hands. me:"Thank you"he sucked on them. Innocent:"Nice"he sucked my neck. "we not ready"he buttoned my top. my underwear is soaking wet and his saying we not Ready??. me:"But- he shutted me up with an breath taking kiss. Innocent:"Trust me. we not"he kissed my forehead than helped me down. me:"I need a bathroom"he chuckled. Innocent:"come I will show you" After I did my business I walked out wiping my wet hands on my clothes. Innocent:"You took long"he chuckled "With the food that we ate. I expected that"he laughed. god I felt so embarrassed. me:"oh"I walked pass him. innocent:"come on don't take me seriously"I huffed going to the lounge only to bump in someone. me:"oh my god I'm sorry"he chuckled. Nathan:"You must be Candice"I nodded. me:"Yes I am"he nodded. Nathan:"Nathan my Name is Nathan anyway my brother is lucky you really are beautiful"I blushed. me:"Thank you"I walked pass him. I guess this is The Nathan Cassandra is always talking about. Well his handsome that all I can say. "Bbe"he kiss my jaw . me:"mmmh I have to go"he turned me around. Innocent:"I don't want you too"I chuckled. me:"I will see you Innocent"we kissed. "bye"I held the door handle. Innocent:"I love you"he winked gosh how much I love him. me:"Love you"I walked out. ............ I chuckled will we ever meet again. I quickly put the picture back as I heard mom's voice . . . INNOCENT "inno Innocent Jacobs"I looked up. me:"uhm Hi" ??:"Please tell you still remember me!! oh my god I can't believe this."I frown what is this lady on about. me:"Uhm I don't think- ??:"It Sasha Thabo We used to school together." me:"Oh uhm Wow"I stood up. Sasha:"Oh my it been long"I Chuckled as we hug. me:"Yea it has"I wasn't about to tell her I don't remember her. Sasha:"My friends told me you own this place. I couldn't believe it"She walked around the office. We were at the club. me:"Well I try"She smiled. Sasha:"Can we catch up sometime I will love to know you better"I sat back is she asking me on a date?? me:"Uhm I will check my calendar"She nodded. Sasha:"I heard you single"I Chuckled she giggled. "What?? I'm just asking. No harm." me:"Well yeah things are a bit complicated"She nodded. Sasha:"I know exactly what you talking about."I studied her from bottom to top she's one sexy fine lady. That Nick Minaj kind of body. me:"So what about you??" Sasha:"Been single like forever. My Virgina is complaining"My eyes popped out. me:"Too much info"she laughed. Sasha:"Sorry Mr I need to go"She brushed her Dress. "This is my number Call me when you need company"She winked and walked out. I swallowed hard and looked down my pants. "DAMN"I cursed quietly. _ Couple of weeks later..... I found myself thinking out loud. Sasha SashaSashaSasha..... I sighed and collected everything that reminded me of Candice. Clothes Photos and etc. I put them all in a black bin plastic. I think it time I move on. I took it outside and put it in the dust bin I think it all worth it. I took my phone and called Sasha Just a little date won't hurt.

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