Failed revenge: blame my heart Season 2
Author Name:Miss Pee

Part 2 Failed Revenge : Blame my heart S2

CANDICE "No luck again??"Mom asked dad as he got in. Dad:" Please" he walked upstairs. We were now staying in Cape town we got back from Ethiopia 2 years ago. mom:"What are we going to do??" she sank down the floor. me:"We going to be alright mom Please don't cry"I hugged her. Just after I got back 3 months after the kidnapping thing. Dad got fired from his work we've been struggling since than. I couldn't finish my degree I couldn't find a job either. "I think we have to do it Maka Candice"Mom jumped from me. mom:"Bbe No we can't sell our daughter No"dad looked at me. I knew what that meant. I stood up leaving them talking. I still remember how dad treated me bad because of a Revenge Failed. He blamed me for everything He once slapped me so hard just because I dropped the glass . Things are not the way they used to be There's no Family love anymore. _ I just wonder how life would be if Cassandra didn't die. If I'm still with Innocent. I took his picture and look at it. I always sleep with it under my pillow. "I love you"I kissed it after that. Maybe he have moved on maybe he have forgot about me. All my life I will leave wondering. The argument got louder in the living room I could hear dad roaring and mom screaming on top of her voice. "We can as well leave you not selling my daughter. She's young to get married"Mom said shouting. I couldn't make what dad was saying it like he was whispering. Minutes Later: Mom walked in my room. Judging by her eyes she have been crying. Mom:"Can I sleep with you Tonight??"I nodded and moved she got in. me:"Are you ok??"She sighed. mom:"Turn around"I turned around my back was facing her. She held me tighter. me:"Mom are you ok??"She played with my hair. mom:"No matter what happens

just know we love you. Your dad and i love you so much." I closed my eyes. me:"I wish dad can say those words" mom:"His still angry bbe but I'm 100 percent sure he loves you."I nodded but not believing it. "We selling most of our furniture tomorrow"I nodded. That how we leave now. I sold most of my things my fashion clothes Most of my shoes and my cell phone. I'm now left with 2 pairs of jeans 3 skirts 3 tops and 1 pair of shoes. me:"Do you think things will ever be normal again"She shrugged. mom:"Maybe someday in the future I don't know baby but let hope so"I closed my eyes. me:"Goodnight I love you mommy" mom:"I love you too" _ Woke up early in the morning feeling better than yesterday. I look at the time and smiled maybe things will be better if I make breakfast for them. I made eggs with fried tomato since we only afford only these things for breakfast. I looked for Dad's tray only to remember we've sold it since it white glassy expensive tray. I took the plastic plates. After some couple of minutes I woke them up. They were surprised. Mom:"Wow"I smiled boldly. Dad:"I missed your cooking"I grinned. They sat down and ate we were talking and laughing. It been long I missed this. Me:"Dad"He looked up . "I want to apologise for what I did. I know I failed everyone and I'm sorry. Maybe this is why we have bad luck. I'm truly sorry" There was silence for sometime. Dad:"it okay princess but to show how sorry you are. I want you to do something for us your family"I quickly nodded. I would do anything for my family. Mom:"Baby please" Dad:"Not now Maka Candice we talked about this"mom quickly stood up and walked out. Me:"Is everything ok??" Dad:"Yes we will talk later"He stood up. "Thanks for the breakfast" I smiled nodding. He walked out leaving me Smiling but still curious about the thing they are fighting about with mom. It non of my business anyway.

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