Introduction Failed revenge : Blame my heart S2

--NARRATED-- When it comes to revenge some individuals adamantly declare they hit back twice as hard. The snag with such an aggressive approach is it requires shutting down the reasonablegrudge-free part of your brain and instead functioning in a vengeful rage mode. Another drawback is actively seeking to raise the stakes. Much like degenerate gamblers the risk with raising stakes is losing big and ending up face down in a cocktail of bodily fluids. The same type of embarrassing outcome can befall those seeking revenge. What follows are 15 instances of revenge that backfired spectacularly. _ Along the way sometimes our revenge fail but is it worth it?? Is the revenge worth it?? The more you plan the more you loose. Is revenge worth Love?? or Love is worth giving up?? Is Candice doing the right thing?? many question Candice's mind is having. _ "CandiceCandice"Candice snapped out of it. Innocent:"You are alive"He couldn't believe. The way he was happyHe couldn't even notice he is tied in the chair. Candice swallowed hard and dropped the gun tears roll down unstoppable. The whole Revenge blinded her eyes She missed innocent

She missed innocent She love innocent . Killing Ziggy was easy Although she didn't know Ziggy's wife was lying. Ziggy's wife told Candice's father that Ziggy and Nathan killed Cassandra. All because of money She wanted him died so she lied to Candice's father. Candice found out later Ziggy's wife is six feet under now. Killed by Candice's father. "Tell my father I couldn't do itI'm sorry"Candice said to the two buff guys and slammed the door She left. All she can think of was Letting down her sisterher family!!. She knew the truth but she Failed The revenge was failed because of love. Who should be blamed?? Her heart??..

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