part 2 failed revenge

[Innocent] I leaned against the door frame her face is buried on her cup of coffee although you could see her mind is Miles away. I just wondered why love hurt this much?? I guess the shit is unpredictable. The fighting and cheating started the day mom had a miscarriage whish is 4 weeks ago. me:"Morning" her:"oh Hey baby"she faintly fake a smile. me:"Are you ok??"she nodded. "you and I both know you lying mom"Lauren walks in wearing her uniform. mom:"im fine Lauren" Lauren:"why don't you divorce him" mom huffed. mom:"im not having this conversation with you"she stood up. me:"MOM"she look at my direction. "We love you"she smiled. her:"I love you guys come here"I hugged her. "you too Lawlen(Lauren)" Lauren chuckled and walk to us. we group hugged. her:"I will be fine ok??"we nodded she kissed our foreheads . "bye"she say as she take her keys. me:"Can I please drive you??"she smiled her:"You so caring baby but I'm good "she smiled slightly. us:"bye than"she waved back and leave. Lauren:"I hate Dad" me:"me too"she laughed and walk upstairs "some fucked up shit"I cursed quietly. "oh my god you swearing"if it not my little sister the last born Daisy. me:"Hey princess"i kissed her forehead. her:"hey where is mom??" me:"work why?"she huffed. her:"I want my birthday present"she sulked holy Jesus I forgot it her birthday today. me:"you so demanding"she frowned. her:"Don't tell me you forgot" with my parents issues surely I forgot. me:"nop but you getting nothing" her:"that not fair Innocent"I raised my eyebrows me:"brother to you" her:"but Lauren get to call you by your name" me:"who are you??"she rolled her eyes. her:"Daisy Jacobs" me:"good you Daisy and Lauren is Lauren sweet"she pout. her:"not fair"I smiled. me:"you so cute right now now go take Your bag . we going" her:"we??"I nodded. "Yes"she jumped up and down finally she walked upstairs. Daisy is the last born she's 15 this year and Nathan will be 17 in 8 months. . I dropped Daisy in her school and her Friend waved to me. "that girl wants me"I said to myself. me:"bye princess"she smiled. her:"bye brother!!"she said sarcastically. since I dont know where from here I decide to visit dad at the Gym. "Son"he say boldly as I walk in. me:"Father"he sighed. him:"what brings you here??"I sat down. me:"my mother" him:"I'm busy"I chuckled. me:"Are you??"he huffed him:"what do you want INNOCENT!!" me:"Why you cheating on my beautiful mother whose not using cheap image lipstick"I say as I take the cheap shit lipstick in his desk. him:"that your mother's- me:"mom is using Revlon lipstick father!!" him:"im still your father son"I laughed sarcastically. me:"I'm aware" him:"INNOCENT respect me I'm your father" me:"than act like it"I clicked my tounge walking out. . . [Candice] 100 inbox

112 notifications. I laughed at how stupid people are sometimes. I posted my picture on Facebook with a caption 'I need a roommate' . "Are you serious??" "Don't play like that!!" "you room number please" "can I have your numbers" "Read your inbox sweet" "I won't mind my love"I stopped reading comments as I come across Thabo's did he have to ruin my mood?? some people replied on his comment. "Ncoah so cute CayTee(the combination of our names)" "oh my god you guys are so adorable"I clicked my tounge and logged out. . I ordered pizza I'm closing the diet chapter now. I'm thin enough already. After some pretty 30 min someone knocked for sure it a Pizza guy. I opened the door only to be met by a beautiful round face chubby Girl not chubby as chubby but chubby as close to thin. me:"Can I help you??"she pushed me aside and walks in. her:"I'm your new roomy"I frown. me:"WHAT??" her:"my mom own the flat"I chuckled. me:"so??" her:"I get to sleep whatever I want" the hell?? me:"Get out!!"she laughed. her:"by the way my Name is Christina Dlamini"my eyes popped out. me:"Your mother is Anna the Mrs Dlamini"she nodded. her:"Yeah yeah now where's my room??" me:"Who said you moving in"she rolled her eyes. her:"I will find it myself"she walks upstairs. me:"MOTHER"I screamed in frustration. . I called her. me:"mom what the hell??"she giggles. her:"you've met her" I huffed. me:"mom im mad at you"she laughed. her:"You said you need a roomy"I huffed again. me:"mom you went through my Facebook wall!!" her:"come on it not bad" me:"I will tell Dad" "You need a friend princess"dad Said from the distance. me:"I hate you people"they Laughed. them:"Love you too princess"I hung up huffing and puffing. . we were eating pizza watching TV. Christina:"tell me about yourself"I rolled my eyes. me:"I hate talkative people"she laughed. her:"too bad well call me Chrisy as you know my mother is Anna and dad is Chris I have siblings well many siblings"I laughed. "you can laugh" me:"boyfriend??"she blushed. her:"story for another they so tell me about yourself" me:"well my father is Zimbabwean and mom is coloured I have a bitch of a sister- her:"do tell "I laughed me:"Story for another day" . . [Cassandra] Daisy and I are walking from school well Daisy is my best friend since primary. her:"Dad is cheating" me:"uh?!" her:"he come late he doesn't play with us anymore"guilty but not too guilty I mean her dad and I only fucked once. me:"oh wow" her:"since the miscarriage things are though"guilty yet again Im the one who putted abortion pills in her coffee that day. me:"I'm sorry chomma"we hugged. her:"enough about me how is Your family" Me:"same old same old" her:"at least your father isn't cheating"I wouldn't care even if he was. me:"yah" her:"where's is Candice"I rolled my eyes. "oh here is my brother bye"I waved back. me:"bye"I walk to the drivers side. "hello there"he starts the car. him:"Sharp"they left wow so cold! . I got home since I dont have parents who fetch me at school. me:"Sister I need cold juice" her:"yes Miss"that is my maid I mean our maid. me:"I'm craving steers burger "I brushed my tummy. I smile as Mr Jacobs calls.

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