part 9 failed revenge

[Cassandra] I wish I knew best like Candice she's just perfect and me on the other side I'm the black Sheep of the family. I've tried to call mom but she's not answering.I finally walked out I'm leaving the bill unsettled. I'm not about to let myself go crazy for something I won't be able to pay even a half of it. I walked down the street I had to think Quickly. I can't leave here!!! I won't survive even a day. Mr Matthew(my teacher) damn why didn't I thought about that?? I smiled to myself as I call him. Matthew:"Matthew speaking" me:"Hy Cassandra speaking"he kept quiet for a while. Matthew:"Cassandra??" me:"Yes I'm sure you remember me. I gave you the best blowjob for you to just forget about me like that"he sighed. Matthew:"I can't talk right now my wife- me:"Hold up Mr I don't give a damn about your wife. I'm sure you don't want me to tell her about the shit we did that day " Matthew:"Are you threatening me??"I chuckled. me:"I'm not good with threats but if you like to call it that than it cool"he hissed. Matthew:"What do you want??"I giggled. me:"Don't you think you a lit bit too harsh right now?? anyway I need money!"he chuckled. Matthew:"You need money??" me:"you got that right" Matthew:"What for??"I rolled my eyes. me:"my father kicked me out"he laughed. Matthew:"That took long"that shit got me mad. me:"I want 5K every month if you failing to do that gosh man. Your marriage is over"he Huffed. Matthew:"you don't have evidence of that shit "I giggled. me:"you think I'm dumb don't you?? well big guy I will send you something"I hanged up. I sent him the pictures that I took when he was sucking my Virgina that big evidence.I giggled and sat down this is going to be good. he called seconds later. Matthew:"What the hell??"I giggled. me:"oh come on that is nothing" Matthew:"I will give you 1K every month"I chuckled. me:"I'm not cheap Matthew I have nails hair make up clothes to sort- Matthew:"Fine I will give you 3K"I laughed. me:"5K and we good "I ended the call. I sent him my bank details and everything with an XOXO in the end. "Cassandra!!"I looked up wow . me:"Uhm Nathan! Daisy's sister!!"he chuckled. Nathan:"Am I that beautiful for you to call me 'Daisy's Sister?? "he boldly smiled. me:"Uh wow sorry gosh"I'm so embarrassed right now. Nathan:"Can I have your numbers??"I didn't hesitate. me:"Cool"I gave him my numbers. he kissed my forehead. Nathan:"I want to show you something"he sat next to me. he pointed at his arm. "This is my mother's name and my sisters. They are the most special women in my life. but you too special you captured my heart like that you deserve a tattoo in my chest"I blushed. me:"Wow i dont know what to say"he flushed a smile again. Nathan:"Dinner tomorrow night my place"he kissed my forehead again. me:"call me"he winked. Nathan:"I will"he stood up. me:bye" Nathan:"bye beautiful"he walked to his car. I think I've found the one my prince charming gosh. I giggled. . Matthew sent me 5K and my balance is now 5.5K. I'm rich and I finally found my prince charming. Matthew called me:"you need to be rewarded"I said softly. Matthew:"book a hotel room I want you"he hanged up. his just helping me out more evidence. I'm going to film us Making love god what am I saying. we will fuck!! I have to buy something sexy This is a porn video we talking about. I'm going to be Famous!! . [Candice] it our fifth date today I never once thought Innocent is this romantic. me:"I love this"he held my hand. Innocent:"And I love you"my heart stopped beating. me:"You love me??"this is the first time he confess his love for me. Innocent:"I mean it bbe I love you so much I can't even breath.Soulmates and all that shit I have never believed in those but you. You bbe made me believe inlove"I smiled. me:"God you gonna make me cry"I held my mouth. innocent:"As long as you love me"I giggled. me:"Justin Bieber's song"he chuckled. Innocent:"I guess I'm busted "we Laughed. "But bbe i love you I really do." me:"I love you too"he kept quiet for sometime. Innocent:"You do??"I nodded. "Did you just say you love me back??"he stood up. me:"I think I did"he span me around. Innocent:"God I fucken love you"I kissed him. me:"Mmmh uhm put me down now"he put me on top the Counter . innocent:"Can I??"he touched my ass I nodded. he unbuttoned my shirt. "Nice boobs they are cute round boobs"I giggled hiding my face using my hands. me:"Thank you"he sucked on them. Innocent:"Nice"he sucked my neck. "we not ready"he buttoned my top. my underwear is soaking wet and his saying we not Ready??. me:"But- he shutted me up with an breath taking kiss. Innocent:"Trust me. we not"he kissed my forehead than helped me down. me:"I need a bathroom"he chuckled. Innocent:"come I will show you" After I did my business I walked out wiping my wet hands on my clothes. Innocent:"You took long"he chuckled "With the food that we ate. I expected that"he laughed. god I felt so embarrassed. me:"oh"I walked pass him. innocent:"come on don't take me seriously"I huffed going to the lounge only to bump in someone. me:"oh my god I'm sorry"he chuckled. Nathan:"You must be Candice"I nodded. me:"Yes I am"he nodded. Nathan:"Nathan my Name is Nathan anyway my brother is lucky you really are beautiful"I blushed. me:"Thank you"I walked pass him. I guess this is The Nathan Cassandra is always talking about. Well his handsome that all I can say. "Bbe"he kiss my jaw . me:"mmmh I have to go"he turned me around. Innocent:"I don't want you too"I chuckled. me:"I will see you Innocent"we kissed. "bye"I held the door handle. Innocent:"I love you"he winked gosh how much I love him. me:"Love you"I walked out. . "You glowing"I rolled my eyes. me:"Innocent spilled the 3 magic words"she stood up. Christina:"The I love you ??"I nodded she screamed. "oh my god im happy for you"I giggled. me:"Thanks I saw Nathan"she blushed. Christina:"Mmh we dating now"my eyes popped out. me:"my god really?"she nodded I hugged her. "WOW" Christina:"Well yeah" . . [Innocent] Nathan:"I saw The bitch Cassandra today"he drank his glass of milk. me:"Where??" Nathan:"the market's side anyway Christina is coming over tonight do you mind?"I Chuckled. me:"It cool I have a gig anyway"he nodded. "are you guys serious"he shrugged. Nathan:"I don't know about her but what im sure of is that we love each other"I sighed. me:"WOW more drama coming" Nathan:"I don't give a flying damn about that but I will never break up with her just because my parents say so!"I laughed. me:"What did you do to Nathan"he laughed. Nathan:"that was just a mask inno now this is me behind the mask" "I need a new tattoo"he brushed his chest. "Christina's name in here"he pointed at his chest the left side. me:"you love her don't you?"he laughed. Nathan:"She's a priority boy"I laughed my phone rang. me:"Hello" ??:"Hey handsome!!" me:"Yolanda!" Yolanda:"the one and only I'm back"I frown. me:"You back where?" Yolanda:"SA I'm here in Jo'burg" Yolanda is my friend well my childhood friend. She left for USA when she got a scholarship there. me:"Wow ok"she sighed. Yolanda:"just ok innocent?? I missed you."I silently roared what the hell?. me:"Oh uhm - Yolanda:"I heard you staying in a apartment now and the Dj thing." me:"And how do you know all of that"she giggled. Yolanda:"You famous Innocent"I sighed. me:"ok talk later got to go" Yolanda:"wait wait wait are you dating??"I kept quiet for a while . me:"yes god she's hot dude" Yolanda:"Oh" me:"Sharp!!"I hanged up. "Hell no to the hell fuckin No"I rushed to his room. me:"what's up dude" Nathan:"Fuck man why didn't you tell me Candice is Friends with Christina"I rolled my eyes. me:"what the fuckin different would it have made?"he sighed. Nathan:"im not up for a double date shit"I looked at him puzzled. me:"double date- to the fuck No! not that shit sucks!!" Nathan:"my point exactly!"I sighed. me:"oh god help me!"I sat down. "we strewed !!"


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