part 8 failed revenge

[Candice] Lots of things had happened. My classes have started god they are devastating .But mostly Innocent and I are dating it just started few weeks ago. It all has been amazing I like him as much as he likes Me. Christina is going on a date with her Friend 'Nathan I guess' god my friend is so loved up. Christina:"Ok we've shopped enough"I Chuckled. me:"You the one whose going on a date"she sighed. Christina:"I don't think he likes me"I Frown. me:"Why?". Christina:"The guy is blank no emotions no nothing. James Bond is better than that shit"I chuckled. me:"That doesn't mean he doesn't like you" Christina:"Im just being silly come let go pay" we bought lot of stuff like 15 to 20 items. "So innocent "I rolled my eyes. me:"What about him?!" Christina:"Do you love him??"my eyes popped out. me:"Wooah girl slow down Love is a big word!! but yes I like him"She chuckled. Christina:"you guys look cute together"I blushed. me:"let go eat " We Walked out of Legit after paying. I craved steers burger. Christina:"I can't still believe I'm going out with Him"I Chuckled. me:"You have to believe it than"we sat down. Christina:"dad and mom are going to freak out gosh they will separate us"she closed her eyes. me:"I'm sure they will understand this is over your power"she giggled. Christina:"You crazy" Just than Thato(my cheating bastard of an ex) walked in holding a girls hand I assume it his girlfriend. They kissed and sat down I sighed and looked down. Christina:"You ok" me:"Can we eat somewhere else??"she frowned. Christina:"ok what supp??"I sighed. me:"my- "Oh wow Hy"I looked up god just take me now. Christina:"Uhm Hi" me:"can we help you??"he chuckled. Thato:"It been long Candice"I rolled my eyes. me:"Just leave already" Thato:"Without your numbers I ain't leaving"I looked were he was sitting the girl is still there. me:"I guess things will never change"he frown. Thato:"That my cousin"I laughed. me:"And you still a lying ass" Thato:"Look I'm serious bb- Christina:"can we eat I'm hungry"Thato eyed her. Thato:"Will see you other time than" me:"There's no other time Thato"Christina rolled her eyes. Christina:"Boy bye!!"she waved I giggled. me:"Hamba(Go)"he sighed and walk back to his girl. I shook my head. "somethings will never change" Christina:"I guess this is the Famous cheating Thato"I laughed. me:"Yep the one and only" Christina:"So hot though"I kicked her other the table. me:"Christina!!"I half shout. Christina:"What?? I have to put it there sweet"I Laughed. me:"Fuck I'm hungry"I stood up to go order. . . [Cassandra] I thought my father would be happy to see me his was angry . He paced up and down some more. Dad:"disgrace!! such a disgrace!!!"he roared. me:"Dad I'm sorry"he chuckled. Dad:"For what exactly??"I kept quiet. me:"I'm sorry" dad:"For almost killing your mother or - me:"what happened to mom??"my heart bumped. Dad:"you happened!!"I frown I didn't know my mother care that much. me:"I don't follow" Dad:"Cassandra how old are you??" me:" Dad!" Dad:"ANSWER DAMMIT!!" he roared I jumped. me:"Dad what happened to mom??" Dad:"I asked how old are You??"that came out like a whisper. me:"I4" Dad:"How many men's have you slept with??"he pulled a disgust face. me:"Dad i- Dad:"Answer the damn question"I looked away. me:"I don't know!!" Dad:"I've never been ashamed of myself!! For getting your mother pregnant Again with a piece of shit like you!! I wish we aborted you"I gasped. me:"Dad!!" Dad:"Like you aborted your child"I literally froze. "I'm sending you to my mother back to Zimbabwe!!" me:"What's ?? No dad No" Dad:"I'm telling you young lady"I shook my head. me:"that not happening!"he chuckled. Dad:"What did you say??" me:"I'm not going to Zimbabwe Dad no"he shook his head. Dad:"Fair enough!! I haven't paid your hospital bills yet since you have grown some balls you will do it yourself.- me:"Dad what please!!" Dad:"That not all Don't ever come back to my house and don't bother to come fetch your clothes I will burn them"my eyes popped out. me:'Dad please"he took the plastic he came with. Dad:"I don't want to ever see you again and the school?? I don't know who will pay your school bill now!"he walked out. me:"Dad!! Dad please!" Hours later: The New doctor have been nagging about the hospital bill saying they will kick me out. I called Candice I hope she answer . Candice:"Hello"I kept quiet i dont know what to say. Candice:"HELLO!!" Me:"uh hey" Candice:"Cassandra!?"I sighed. "the fuck do you want??" me:"Dad kicked me out and didn't pay for my hospital bills Candice im- she hung up. . . [Innocent] Things were pretty looking up Im permanently a Dj at eYadini(uMlazi). And Nathan is staying with me now. well Candice is everythingi like her so much. I can't sleep without seeing her she's just amazing humbl- "I'm fucked up!!"Nathan walked in. me:"How was your date??"he sat down. Nathan:"Fuck Fuck I'm fucked!!" me:"ok what wrong??"he closed his eyes. Nathan:"I thought it will just go away but it too deep!!"I frown. me:"are you still talking about Cassandra??" Nathan:"Not that bitch I'm still planning something for her" me:"than what??" Nathan:"I think I'm falling for her!! god she was beautiful with her chubby- me:"woah slow down!!"he sighed. Nathan:"Fuck I love her!!" me:"Who is this girl??"he throw himself in the bed. Nathan:"Trust me you don't wanna Know"I Huffed. me:"Nathan!!" Nathan:"Christina!" me:"A girl from your school?" Nathan:"No the Christina the one and only Chri- me:"Fuck No our cousin ?? " Nathan:"She's not related to us"I shook my head. me:"WOW" Nathan:"it pretty fucked up and God I need a smoke"My eyes literally fell. me:"You smoke??"he chuckled. Nathan:"there's a lot of things you don't know about me Inno!"I sighed. me:"like this fucked up Christina shit you will die boy. Chris will kill you"he grunted. Nathan:"we kissed" me:"You kis- say what??"He stood up. Nathan:"We kissed god it fell good" me:"it need to stop Nathan you can't- Nathan:"Not fucking happening!!"he paced up and down. me:"God !!"he took off his Vest. a Snake tattoo appeared on his back. "What the fuck is that??"he walked out.


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