part 7 failed revenge

[Candice] "I'm okay"I sighed Me:"Mom don't ever do that to us" Dad fetched me from my apartment. Mom:"I'm just..."she sighed. "I will take care of myself"I kissed her forehead. Me:"That better"I held her hand tight. Mom:"you glowing"I blushed. "oh my god bbe who is he??"I rolled my eyes. Me:"No one you need to get better"she giggled. Mom:"You love him don't you"I huffed. Me:"mom!!"she giggled again. Mom:"What?? Wow"i sighed. Me:"mom let drop this" Mom:"You have to go see your sister"I bit my tongue in frustration. Me:"I'm sorry I have to rush back"she sighed. Mom:"Your classes haven't started yet what are you busy with??"I'm getting pissed. Me:"mom for fuck sake can you please focus on your dirty little bitch of her daughter who aborted a baby?!"I half shout. Mom:"Candice"I sighed. Me:"I'm sorry it just..."I stood up. "I need to go"she held my hand tight. Mom:"Bbe talk to me" Me:"I'm sorry mom"I kissed her forehead . "I love you"her eyes got glassy. Mom:"Baby- "Vivian man are you trying to kill us??"Jamal and Jaden got in my mother's twin brothers. Mom:"oh my god you here"they hugged and kissed her forehead.i just went silent I was never their favourite niece in the first place. Uncle Jaden:"Candy candy Hey"I faked a smile. Me:"Hi"mom eyed me I looked away. These uncle's of mine never showed interest in me why now?? It was all about Bubble Cassandra. Jamal:"How are you?"he brushed my back. Me;"Ok"mom eyed me again. "I'm going to wait for dad outside"I took my bag . "Bye mom"I kissed her forehead. "Bye uncle's"I waved than walk away. . I sighed just than my phone rang. Me:"Private number HELLO!?" ??:"Beautiful"the voice said it all. Me:"Innocent why are you calling me??"he Chuckled. Innocent:"is it a bad thing?"I Huff. Me:"Worse you are calling with private number" Innocent:"i just felt private "I sighed. Me:"So what do you want?? Innocent:"Your voice say You are pretty annoyed but your face seem calmly"I Looked around. Me:"Innocent" Innocent:"I like your ripped jeans they suit you well"I tried by all means not to blush. Me:"whatever " Innocent:"And your ass"I looked around. Me:"Are you stalking me??"he giggled. Innocent:"you not that beautiful you know I rether stalk Akhona(the former generation Actress)" Me:"why did you call??"I was getting out of patience. Innocent:"I don't know"I hung up. "That rude!!"I half jump. Me:"The fuck Innocent"he chuckled. Innocent:"just like a frog" Me:"what that?? I jump like a frog"he laughed. Innocent:"You jump like a frog??" Me:"innocent!!"I said furiously. Innocent:"Don't burst my hot Wings"I bit my Lower lip aggressively. Me:"what are you doing here??" Innocent:"I'm 5 weeks pregnant"he brushed his stomach I giggled. "thank God she giggled at least" Me:"Not funny at all" Innocent:"My Mother is getting discharged today"I nodded. "you???" Me:"My mother is here too with my little sister"he nodded. Innocent:"Do you mind??"I looked at him puzzled. Me:"huh?!"he looked at my lips than back to my eyes. Him:"if I kiss you again??"I blankly stared at him. "what?? Is it a bad thing"I looked away. "Shy?? I like"I plainly looked at him. Me:"I think you have to go"he put his hands up. Innocent:"Okay I will leave if You promise to kiss me again!"i frown. Me:"that not fair"he brushed my lips using his thumb than licked it. Innocent:"See you later beautiful"he winked and walks away. Me:"the fuck!!"I hit my forehead. Dad finally arrived but he stayed a little with mom after Jamal&jaden left. Moments later: Dad was driving me back to my apartment. Dad:"Your mother Said you not ok what wrong baby" your daughter fucked my ex boyfriend and got pregnant that what's wrong. Me:"Nothing I'm just been mood"he sighed silently. Dad:"Why were you rude to your uncle's??"I rolled my- "don't do that shit CANDICE!!"I looked out of the window. Me:"they never liked me they said I will grow old to be a slut . Why should I be friendly now because their princess Cassandra have disappointed them"I burst out. Dad:"I'm sure it not like that"I shrugged. Me:"I don't care how it like but I'm not about to entertain them"he held my hand. Dad:"Baby breath ok?? They love you just like how we do!"I chuckled softly what a waste. Me:"I guess"I kissed his cheek. "Bye!!"I opened the door. Dad:"Don't forget you have classes Thursday"I nodded. Me:"I love you" Dad:"love you too princess"I got off. . "Finally you back god Candice there's this guy"I Chuckled. Me:"Hey to you too Christina"she rolled her eyes. Christina:"He so cute and adorable just that we can't date"I frowned. Me:"why??"she sighed. Christina:"his pretty younger than me his like 17"I rolled my eyes. Me:"that a two year gap" Christina:"it a bit complicated"I sat down next to her. Me:"talk to me" Christina:"His Innocent Little brother"I frown. Me:"isn't Innocent your cousin?"she shook her head. Christina:"Nope as you know Anna is not my biological mother. Well her and innocent's father(max) are half brother and sister. They share the same father- Me:"Wait you mean your stepmother and innocent's father are siblings??"she nodded. "Fucked up shit!"she sighed. Christina:"We met in steers as you know Anna is not my biological mother. Well her and innocent's father(max) are half brother and sister. They share the same father- Me:"Wait you mean your stepmother and innocent's father are siblings??"she nodded. "Fucked up shit!"she sighed. Christina:"We met in steers he was coming back from school .his doing grade 11 at Durban Boys High" Me:"I bet he have a car" Christina:"their parents are rich so yeah"I sighed. Me:"Wow"she buried herself in the pillow. "Uhm what about him?? Does he likes you??"she shrugged . Christina:"I don't know Anyway enough about me. Do you like Innocent?? I mean- Me:"His rude and arrogant totally not my type"she laughed. Christina:"But your kissing type neh?!"I throw a pillow ay her. Me:"Fuck off"she giggled. Christina:"Truth hurts!!"I huffed. . . [Cassandra] I'm opened my eye a sharp light flush. I closed my eyes I opened them Again it got better.I turned my head and winced the pain was too much.My whole body was in pain I looked around "oh you awake"A girl wearing white clothes said. Me:"Where"I coughed. Her:"Water?"I nodded. "You in hospital Sweet"she helped me drink the water. Her:"just take it easy"I drank the whole glass. "there you go"she smiled. Me:"What happened to me??"she shrugged. Her:"I'm the nurse I was her to change your drip but what I know is you tried committing suicide"I went dead silent. Nurse:"Are you ok??"I nodded. Me:"So I'm alive??"I asked quietly she giggled. Nurse:"Welcome back I will call the doctor"she walked out. I felt like dying again what the hell?? "Miss!"I looked at him damn his fine!! Probably married but the fuck do I care ?? Me:"uhm hi"I said quietly I'm waiting for him to touch me with his smooth hands. Doctor:"you seem fine to me. I will come back and do some testing but just rest at the moment"I frown. Me:"And you ain't going to help me out"I look down my Blanket was pretty messy besides I want him to touch him. Doctor:"I didn't know you were paradised I watch as his lips moving. God damn his hot. "There you go!"I snapped out of it. Me:"uhm thank you"he smiled and walk away. I think Dying was a bad thing after all. . . [Innocent] "Uhm can I go with you??"Nathan said. Me:"yeah it cool" Lauren:"Me too you promi- Me:"Not this weekend Baby"she Huffed. Mom:"And you need to help out here"Lauren rolled her eyes. Daisy:"My best friend hasn't come to school this week"we all looked at her. Me:"Why?!"she shrugged. Daisy:"I don't know??"dad got down. "dad can you please take me out for ice cream"oh god Daisy is too spoilt we have a lot of ice cream in the freezer. Dad:"Not today princess"she pout. Daisy:"but dad!"I rolled my eyes. Me:"Do you want me to dish up for you?! I mean the freezer is few seconds away"she groaned and I grinned. Daisy:"Mxm"Lauren giggled. Lauren:"Spoilt puppy!!"Daisy's eyes got glassy. Daisy:"Mom!!" Mom:"I'm in pain Daisy" Dad:"And I'm taking care of my wife" Nathan:"And I'm going to go pack "she furiously stood up and walked upstairs. Mom:"You spoilt these kids too much max" Lauren:"Mon come on not all of us"I nodded. Me:"good point" Dad:"Heee I still remember the days Innocent use to hate Lauren"they both giggled than kissed. Lauren:"The bedroom please"she stood up Mom:"Yeeeey!!" . "I know the girl who was behind all our family problems"Nathan says as he put down his back pack. Me:"uhm who??"he sighed. Nathan:"Daisy's Friend"I frown. Me:"The little girl Cassandra??"I half shouthe nodded. Nathan:"the one and onlyshe's the one behind mom's Miscarriage"I sat down. Me:"How??" Nathan:"Remember the day she made mom tea??"I nodded. "What happened that night?? Mom had cramps in- Me:"Fuck!!"I stood up. Nathan:"Yeah and she was pregnant"I stood still. Me:"with Dad's baby??"he shrugged. Nathan:"She's pretty wild so I don't know" Me:"WOW how did you find all of this??"he chuckled. Nathan:"Smartness"I Chuckled. Me:"you such a genius"we fist bumped I noticed a number in his hand. "What is that??" Nathan:"What??"I Looked at his hand. "Oh this a number! Well I should get a shower"he stood up. Me:"Nathan!!" Nathan:"Please"he disappeared in the bathroom something is fishy here. I took out my phone and looked at Candice's picture. Simply Beautiful.


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