part 6 failed revenge

[Cassandra] I can't say that I'm happy I can't say that I'm not. I'm in the mixture of emotions. I close my eyes and opened them againthis shit doesn't seem to disappear. I'm in a white room wearing white clothes what confuse me is that the room doesn't have a door. I will try to scream but my voice wasn't coming out is this were the died stay??? I can't stay alone . me:"Helllooo"I screamed my scream made me weak. me:"what is happening to me??"a sharp pain on my lower abdomen I screamed. me:"Ok you have punished me enough it- aaaaarh"I sank on the floor. me:"I'm sorry"I whispered. me:"please I'm sorry"it like my intestines were tied together like someone is- me:"Oh my God mom were- aaaaarh"I kept on rolling my eyes were getting blur . I blinked twice than light out.... # Narrated the doctor walked slowly to Cassandra's parents. He was defeated he could imagine how this Parents are. Doctor:"Uh Mem and you sir"Cassandra's parents stood up. Vivian(Cassandra&Candice's mother) :"How is she??" the worry was return all over her face. Doctor:"it was too late for her to abort the baby- Steve(Cassandra&Candice's father) :"Wait a what??" Doctor:"you didn't know??"they shook their heads the doctor sighed. "Your daughter was pregnant it was still early but too late for her to abort it. I can't say much cause we still running the test. But she took an abortion pill before she committed suicide." Vivian:"That all"the doctor nodded. Steve:"Thank you"Vivian held her chest her breathing changed. Steve:"Bbe" Vivian was really loosing it the repeated sharp pain in the heart. Vivian:"I..I...I.i"that all she can say. . . [Innocent] I'm sure she could hear the excitement in my voice. me:"Ladies?"Christina nodded. "I didn't introduce myself the last time we met"i smiled slyly she rolled her eyes. Candice:"Yeah whatever what do you want??"i bit my lower lip so hard what really do I want??. me:"uhm can I introduce myself properly this Time around"Andrea chuckled. Andrea:"we will give you space"they started walking but Christina didn't move. "Christina Man!!" Christina:"Whatever"she let go of Candice's Hand. "don't be rude"she said to me I chuckled. me:"I'm always Nice chrisy"she rolled her eyes and walked away. Candice:"So??" me:"so??" Candice:"Innocent you- me:"Wait Wait hot wings you know my name"she frowned. Candice:"Did you just call me hot Wings"I laughed quietly. me:"ok I'm Innocent Jacobs and you miss??"she huffed. Candice:"Candice John's"I frowned. me:"John??" Candice:"John's with an 'S' " me:"John is my grandfather's name"she blankly stared at me. Candice:"What that got to do with me??" me:" Ay Mihlola (the hell)"she giggled. "Thank God she laughed"she stopped and rolled her eyes. Candice:"I'm Waiting for my apology"I looked at her puzzled. me:"Apolo-- oh too bad im not going to say sorry"she huffed. her:"You Bumped On me than called me names"I held my laughter she's too cute. me:"Ain't you a bitch??"she furiously slap me. "Fuck what was that for??" Candice:"Fuck you"she walked away. me:"You will slap me than walk aw-.."I held her hand and turned her around. "You will never ever slap me again"our forehead were touching her breathing rate was on other level . you could see how affected she is. Candice:"Let me go"she whispered. me:"Not so strong now are we?"our face were still touching. Candice:"Plea- I kissed her I held her closer to my body. she moaned between the kiss I bit her lower lip. we were lost in each otheri grab her ass bringing her closer. ...her phone rang.... we snapped out of it she quickly let go and answered her phone. Candice:"Dad??" .... Candice:"What's wrong??"she held her mouth. ... Candice:"Dad No!!" .... she cried I tried to hold her but she shoved me away. Candice:"Just leave me the fuck alone"she walked away. me:"Cand- . . [Candice] Christina:"Are you ok??" me:"we need to go!"I held her arm. Christina:"what did he do to you??"I sighed. me:"Chris- Innocent:"I did nothing Christina Candice- me:"Innocent please just- he kissed me I tried pushing him away but he held on my neck too tight. The experience was amazing couldn't define it. Innocent:"Candice"he whispered my heart melt. me:"Innocent"he peck my lips. him:"Good bye"he let go and walked away I watched him as he disappear in the crowd. Christina:"WOW"she giggled. me:"let go" . . I couldn't sleep so is Christina. me:"My mom had an heart attack"she gasped. Christina:"is she okay now"I shrugged. me:"im going back home tomorrowmy dad will fetch me"she hugged me. Christina:"I'm sorry"I sighed. me:"She's a strong woman" Christina:"Like my stepmother"I frown me:"I thought Anna is your mother"she nodded. Christina:"She is my stepmother well my father had an affair in the start of the relationship. I was formed they just perfect Candice. I sometimes hate myself the formation of an Affair. she's too Sweet i- me:"I'm sure she love you"she sighed. Christina:"Ofcourse but it all started bad. She firstly had a problem that I'm the first born but she finally let it go and loved me. " me:"Oh my sister Had an affair with my boyfriend"she gasped. her:"Get out of here!!" me:"Yep!!" Christina:"WOW uhm so tell me . do you like Innocent"I blankly look at her. "What??"


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