part 5 failed revenge

[Innocent] "I'm so proud of you"my eyes sparkles. me:"Really mom??"she nodded mom:"I'm happy you following your dreams"I smiled how im blessed. me:"How are things with dad??"she rolled her eyes. mom:"I'm not having that conversation Innocent"I chuckled. me:"come on I'm not 5 anymore" mom:"we are fine I just need some space." me:"You love him neh??"she nodded. mom:"you will understand these things when you old" me:"mom im old" mom:"you still a baby innocent"I rolled my eyes. me:"I'm About to be 21 soon that counts to something"she giggles. mom:"As long as you not allowed in High clubs you still a baby innocent"I pout. me:"Not fair" mom:"You look different you even glowing Innocent!!"I Chuckled. me:"you overreacting" mom:"oh my god who is she??" me:"Mom it not a girl!!" mom:"than who is he??"I laughed. me:"I'm not gay"she chuckled. mom:"I know Max's sperm are straight sweet" me:"Eewu mom"I held my nose. mom:"talking about sperms I hope you not infertile!" me:"MOM"I half shout. mom:"What?? the way you change girls I'm even surprised you haven't impregnate any Bitch"I laughed. me:"Mother of the year" mom:"I know baby"we giggled. "Oh my god MOM"Lauren ran to her bed. Lauren:"I missed you" mom:"I Missed you too Lawlen(Lauren)"they hugged. Lauren:"I missed your voice mom I was scared"she sobbed. mom:"come on I'm ok bbe don't cry"they hugged again. me:"Can I sleep next to you??" Lauren:"No Innocent I'm sleeping here"she got next to mom I rolled my eyes. me:"Wait till Daisy arrive"mom giggled. Lauren:"mom you are entertaining him"she pout. mom:"what No never Innocent stop playing with my little girl"Lauren stuck her tounge out. me:"Is Nathan coming??"they are in the same school Although Nathan is doing Grade 11. Lauren:"Nop his not done with his secret research"she rolled her eyes. mom:"so his not coming??"I could see mom's heart was breaking in many pieces Nathan is not close with anyone but his Dog. Which scare the shit out of us mom and dad try to reach out to him but he ignore them. "Whose not coming"he said with his hands in his pocket I swear this guy's dream is to be a serial killer. mom:"You came"he went to her and kiss mom forehead. Nathan:"How are you feeling??"mom smiled. mom:"I'm happy you here"Nathan nodded. Nathan:"Daisy will come with dad they are still bonding"he chuckled. me:"Are you ok??"Nathan was acting weird the talking and shit. what happened to the silent guy?. Nathan:"I'm fine I just realised few things" me:"which are??"he smiled. Nathan:"I have a family and they love me"Wow. mom:"you gonna make me cry"she said dramatically. me:"That cool now we can- Nathan:"Don't push it I'm still a Chemistry Freaky"I rolled my eyes. . "Oh my god mom Lauren move away"Daisy screamed getting in. me:"I told you" Lauren playful smack my head. Lauren:"fuck you" Dad&mom:"LANGUAGE" ******************************************** Days passed things were amazing. With Nathan talking and laughing now that what i call a family. Today is the day Im moving out

now that what i call a family. Today is the day Im moving out Although mom was a bit Dramatically she finally agreed. Talking about mom she's still in hospital but getting better time by time and dad is always sleeping in the hospital I'm sure they gave a double bed now. Lauren finally forgave dad there's no bad blood anymore which is health for all of us. I took my bags downstairs. Daisy:"This is sad"I Chuckled. me:"come here"I hugged her. Daisy:"I'm going to miss you"I kissed her forehead. me:"im going to miss you more" Nathan:"Lauren locked herself"I rolled my eyes. me:"She's being dramatic right now" Nathan:"You know your sister "I Huffed. me:"I will be back"I walked to Lauren's room. "Im leaving"I said. Lauren:"Go away innocent"I chuckled. me:"you won't huge me goodbye??" -silence- me:"come on Lauren I will make sure I see you on every weekends or maybe visit me"the door opened. Lauren:" I'm mad at you"I smiled. me:"trust me I will miss your annoying ass as much"she giggled. her:"can I visit you next week" me:"you pushing it"she Chuckled. Lauren:"I can't believe you leaving"I can see her eyes getting glassy. me:"Let go buy ice cream"I held her hand she hugged me so tight. Lauren:"who will I sleep with when I have nightmares"I chuckled. me:"Nathan"she sighed. Lauren:"I'm just being a baby come I had you mentioning "BUY"in you last statement"I shook my head. . it was pretty rough but it what had to be done I can't grow grey staying with my parents. My apartment was Awesome I had no complains. "we hitting the club tonight"The boys got in only Andrea and junior though. me:"That was on my schedule I heard Dj Bongz is holding the gear so I'm sure it will be lit"i comfortable sat on my couch. Andrea:"I need fine girls"I rolled my eyes. me:"I'm not in the mood for girls"Junior chuckled. junior:"You are tamed bra"I dramatically laughed. me:"Pointless statement" Andrea:"How is Mother N"I smiled. me: She's good" junior:"so are they back on fucking with your dad"I Huffed. me:"Dude she's still in the hospital bed" . . [Candice] Friday night a boring Friday night. With my parents not answering they phone's I was pretty stressed. "Let go out maybe clubbing just this once"I look at her puzzled. me:"Clubbing??"I've never really thought wild like that. Christina:"come on Just this once" me:"My parents with kill me"she laughed. Christina:"you such a baby just one night. I know we here to learn but let just do this- me:"God Fine"she giggled. Christina:"It just a club around the corner"I nodded. me:"I Need a bath"I stood up. Christina:"do that I'm hungry"I went straight to the bathroom. . I just wore casual I wasn't feeling glamorous the way Christina was feeling. Christina:"You hot"I shook my head. me:"the sarcastic will get you know where bbe"she rolled her eyes. Christina:"This is my first time"we were approaching this crowdy place that I assume is the club. me:"I've notice"she stopped. Christina:"let go back god what was I thinking?? my parents are going to kill Me. holy crap- me:"you just need a ciroc right now" her:"you drink??"I shook my head. me:"Dad's stuff now come"I dragged her by her hand. Moments later we loosen up we enjoyed ourselves and joked with other girls in the table. It was pretty funnywe didn't touch Alcohol. I wasn't risking anything I'm too naive. my phone rang. me:"I have to take this" Christina:"I'm coming with"I nodded. us:"will see you guys"we hugged them. them:"Cheers" we walked out I answered my phone. me:"Mom". mom:"I got your missed calls bbe you have to come home things are bad"I could hear her voice cracking. me:"Mom what's wrong??"she sighed. mom:"it your sister" me:"what did she do now??" mom:"she tried committing suicide"I hissed daughter of the mother !! me:"ooh" mom:"you need to come home"I Huffed me:"I will see what I can do" mom:"I have to go love you"she hung up. me:"she's acting she just wants a fucking attention."Christina held my hand tight. "So much anger in one person"innocent said walking with his friends to us. can my day get any better??

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