part 4 failed revenge

[Innocent] weeks passed and mom wasn't getting Better . Yesterday Dad told us everything but didn't mention the girls Name I can't really explain how I feel about this whole setup thing but I'm relieved that he wasn't cheating. Ok I can't just pretend like nothing happened I wish I can bump in the girl again. I don't know what is happening but there's this magnet between us. I can't really tell what is going on but I'm thrilled. "Where's your mind at??" Me:"mom"he chuckled. dad:"Boy you lying"I frown. me:"I'm not"he laughed. him:"I bet it a girl"I looked away. me:"it Not one ok"he chuckled. him:"if you say so" me:"I need to move out"he laughed. him:"it really a girl" me:"come on dad I'm 20 now I should have moved out when I was 18" him:"it probably a girl"I sighed. me:"when mom wakes up please tell Uncle Chris that I'm moving in that Apartment he promised"he Chuckled. him:"in Durban??"I nodded. me:"I will get many gigs there"he nodded. him:"The DJ thing??"I nodded "like father like son"I Laughed. me:"I remember when mom told us how you hated school"he chuckled. him:"just like you" me:"I love music " him:"be grateful that we allowed you to do that ish But your mother is always complaining about it"I nodded. me:"Trust me I'm grateful" him:"Anyway I need to go"he brushed my head. me:"Come on im old for that" him:"bye innocent"I chuckled. after dad left i called Christina my cousin(uncle Chris daughter). me:"hey Cuz" her:"what do you want INNOCENT"I laughed. me:"how is my beautiful Cuz doing??" her:"owk what going on??" me:"have a nice day and say hi to your friend"she laughed. her:"I knew it" me:"Love you"I dropped the call . HOURS LATER.. chilling with Jaden junior(Uncle Jade son) Andrea( Uncle Jamal's son) and Justin(Uncle Chris son) is always amazing. Although we secretly smoke weed and play girls so much we just nigga's with fucked up life style. Andrea:"Ok tell us boy" me:"I met this girl"he rolled his eyes. Andrea:"you always meet a girl Innocent"I laughed. Junior:"Mr Dj inno more like Eno the Medicine"I kicked his feet. me:"fuck off" Andrea:"is she hot"I chuckled thinking of how pissed she was. me:"Obviously" Junior:"Where did you meet??" me:"Durban bro"I bit my lower lip. junior:"I bet you picturing her naked"I frown I didn't really had that in mind. me:"What No" Andrea:"That new"I chuckled. me:"I don know man"junior passed me the Rolled joint. junior:"you need a good smoke and Good prayer this matter need Jesus. you are inlove!!"my eyes popped out. me:"Fuck No"they laughed. Andrea:"Wow this is big"I sighed. me:"I can't be inlove No" junior:"I feel sorry for Joice" Joice and I well we are in a relationship. not a serious relationship but just a relationship it all started when we were 16. me:"Joice is Joice she won't give a fuck" Andrea:"too blind my brother that girl love you" me:"Love is a big word can you at least use Like??" junior:"we so fucked- my phone rang... . me:"Dady??" him:"boy you smoking??"I giggled. me:"not really"he chuckled. him:"buy halls on your way your mother woke up"I jumped out of the bed. me:"WHAT??" him:"stop smoking "he hung up. .. junior:"What's up??" Andrea:"the roof" Me:"Mom woke up aargh no more smoking in the house"we Laughed. . . [Candice] Christina:"Ok this is crazy" me:"what??"she laughed. her:"Innocent just called me"I frowned. me:"So??" her:"He never calls" me:"that mother fucker"she laughed. her:"he said hi"I rolled my eyes. me:"instead of sorry" her:"yesterday we talked about everything besides education what are you going to- me:"Graphic designer bbe" her:"I haven't finished my sentence "she laughed. me:"you" her:"chemical engineering"we High fived. me:"WOW!!" her:"Yeah yeah yeah so where??" me:"Berea college" her:"me too"I chuckled. Me:"I'm starting next month"she sighed. her:"Next weekgosh I was still enjoying my holidays"I laughed. me:"I know that feeling" me:"so tell me about Innocent"she laughed. her:"why you wanna know??" me:"Never mind"she laughed. her:"my cuz is good looking I know"I huffed. me:"that jerk- my phone rang. Christina:"probably your mother" me:"yeah whatever!!"I stood up. . me:"mom" her:"hey bbe" me:"how are you guys"she sighed. her:"it your sister Candice!!" me:"what have she done now?? her:"she locked herself in her room since yesterday" me:"that not new"I wasn't really in the mood especially to talk about Cassandra. her:"yeah I guessok I love you" me:"I love you too guys!"she hung up. Christina:"you look pale" me:"I'm tired that why let me go and take a nap"she nodded. . I'm not really sleepy I'm going through my Facebook. well I'm searching Innocent I really can't find him bit my hopes are high. I searched and searched till Dj Inno's page appeared.i just tried my luck and waala it him the guy is really popular 10K(likes) WOW. I went through his pictures I got caught by his half naked pic . I drooled over his body the guy was not only good looking but also got the body. I stared at the pic for some more. I frowned the hell im doing?? why did I even search him anyway?? . . [Cassandra] I got bitted up on my own game. I don't really know how I feel about all of this i just- "Cassandra"if it not my annoying mother. me:"MOM!!" her:"open up"I sighed. me:"I'm busy Vivian ok just give me a fuckin break"I could hear sniffs but I didn't care. why was she here anyway?? I took my birth control pills I sighed. I just have to kill myself and people's pain will go away I closed my eyes and drank them ALL.....Death is near I can feel it I collapsed.

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