part 3 failed revenge

[Cassandra] My age doesn't describe anything I have boobs and the ass so I'm that girl whose ready for sex. I'm not heartless I just want it all. i feel sorry for Mrs Jacobs but still if I had to do what I did I would do it again. . I was a bit surprised when Mr Jacobs called the last time we had sex was the day he was drunk. probably he declined and say I'm Young but the guy is hot so I needed something to hold him with. i drugged him and satisfied myself and his shaft is really a machine. these past day I blackmailed him and told him I will tell people that he raped me if he don't want to give me money. what I can say is it worked he have been giving me money . After that day of the sex of my life I never saw him. I took few deep breaths and walks in(his office). me:"Mr Jacobs"he chuckled him:"Little gold Digger"I me:"excuse me" him:"yazi ngiyaksaba (you know im scared of you)"I chuckled. me:"I know that" him:"uyingane enjani ngempela( what kind of a child are you)"I shrugged. "I know you think you smart but I have something for you to watch"he gave his laptop. me:"What this??"he Laughed. him:"you have destroyed my life not just my life my love life too. as we talk my kids hate me to death because of you!! . since my wife and I got married I've never cheated."I rolled my eyes. me:"I simple don't care"he let a little laugh. him:"trust me you will care after you watched that video "his was too calm which scared the shit out of me. I finally got the courage to press PLAY. it shows everything the moment i swipe his drink . the moment i drag him to his bedroom and also the Moment I sex him sleeping. me:"oh my god!!"I close my mouth with my hands. him:"Smart huh?! you know I never thought you can be a bitch like this I want two things from you . leave my family alone including Daisy and abort that shit inside you"I gasped. me:"you know"he side smile. him:"As I said I'm too smart kid and ple-" his phone rang. him:"Hello" ..... him:"speaking" ... him:"WHAT?! Where"he stood up. ... him:"thank you I'm on my way"he put the phone down. "Pray pray that my wife make it or else!!"he pointed at me and chuckled. "you will die kid"he took his things and walk out. . "you used to be my favorite you know"my world froze. him:"I don't know but I thought you had this future in you"he walks to Mr Jacobs desk and faced me. "how are you Cassy??" me:"Uncle Jaden!!"his my mother's Half brother they both have the same mother but different father's. him:"take"he gave me some pills. "drink them now"he sat down. me:"what- him:"No questions asked Cassandra"I swallowed hard. me:"I'm sorry"he chuckled. him:"go and say so to Max's family they both have the same mother but different father's. him:"take"he gave me some pills. "drink them now"he sat down. me:"what- him:"No questions asked Cassandra"I swallowed hard. me:"I'm sorry"he chuckled. him:"go and say so to Max's family as we talking right now Naomi had a car accident because of this Affair she thought max was having"I gasped. me:"she- him:"Drink the pills Cassandra"tears fell. me:"I didn't mean to- him:"Drink the fuckin pills!!" . . [Innocent] dad walked to us we were in the waiting room. me:"this is all your fault!!"I shout at him. him:"I'm your father Innocent" Daisy:"worst birthday ever" Lauren:"Why dad why?"she sobbed softly. him:"you wouldn't understand"I chuckled. me:"I'm old enough now talk!!"he exhaled. him:"INNOCENT!!"I clicked my tounge. me:"I will find the bitch and kill her I swear" Nathan:"and I will help"this was his first time talking Nathan don't usually talk. his that silent guy. Daisy:"is mom going to be alright dad??" him:"come here princess"she went to him and she made her sit in his lap. "mom is a fighter Ok?"Daisy nodded. Lauren:"if mom make it I will make sure she divorce you"she clicked her tounge and walked out. Dad eyes got shine he sniffed. Daisy:"don't cry she's just angry"she kissed dad and rest her head in his chest. . After hours waiting the doctor final came . we all stood up. us:"is she Ok" him:"Well her head hit the dashboard causing it to bleed inside which can cause brain tumor her left ribs are broken not all of them but the two middle ones . her heart is weak she will need a heart transplant -" I stormed out this was over my power. I was looking down all the way till I bumped in someone. I was now outside the hospital . "Sorry"I look up it a girl. me:"The fuck were you looking at??"she chuckled. her:"don't fuck with me you fool you were the one who was looking down" me:"and since you fuckin saw me why didn't you- "everything alright?? oh hey inno"i huffed and walked out. bitches out there!! . . [Candice] "Are you ok??"Asked Christina me:"who the fuck is that??"she chuckled. her:"a family friend" me:"his rude and disrespectful" her:"Well sometimes his like that his hot right??"I rolled my eyes. me:"what so hot about him nx!"she laughed. her:"Oh what did he do?" me:"His just a bitch I wonder how his girlfriend handle him. " her:"you want to handle him"my eyes popped out. me:"too the hell No I will never date that guy"


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