part 10 failed revenge

[Cassandra] I sit back and press send I giggled a bit. I was riding him like crazy. In 2seconds my phone rang. me:"Mr Matthew!"I could here him breathing fire. Matthew:"What the hell Cassandra??"he shouts making me giggle he had no power here. me:"What wrong bbe??"I said Calmly! Matthew:"I will kill you Cassandra I swear to god I will kill you"I laughed. me:"the day I die is the day your life turn to hell the day you will lose your job. The day you will lose your kids the day you lose you life to jail. Don't test me Matthew I can be bad"he huffed. Matthew:"what do you want from me??"i chuckled. me:"You know how much Money I can get if I sell this shit maybe millions." Matthew:"Cassandra"he warned. me:"Yes sweetie" Matthew:"Please don't do this!!"I sighed. me:"Let me think Matthew uh god yes!!. what if I name it TEACHER FUCKING HIS STUDENT? No that won't attract people- Matthew:"CASSANDRA!!"I jumped. "Trust me baby girl you don't wanna test me"I giggled. me:"Wuuuh scary I'm scared dady"I laughed. "In these 2seconds I sent this to my friend if I disappear she will tell the police and post it on Facebook. oh what about YOU TUBE?? we will be Famous like sesethu!! "I giggled. "God how I love this!" Matthew:"I know your friend Cassandra!! I will kill you both!!"I laughed. me:"Are you talking about Daisy?? oh come on Daisy is a kid I won't send this to her but do what you got to do Matthew I need another 5K in 2 hours"I hanged up. I sent the video to Nadia one of my Bitchy friend I use to hang out with. I told her the whole thing and how rich we going to be!! I fell a big lump on my throats I coughed but nothing came out. Till I coughed blood I touched my lips. What the heck was happening on me?? -NARRATED- Daisy(Max and Naomi last born) came out from school. Her mind was roaming around worried sick about her best friend Cassandra. Today she decided she will Visit her in her house(Cassandra and Candice parents house). This really stressed her Cassandra is the only friend she have. She knocked and Vivian(Cassandra's mother) opened. Daisy:"Mem Hi!"she smiled Vivian warmly smiled too. Vivian:"Hey sweet come on in!"Vivian opened the door wider. Daisy:"Thank you"she walked in. Vivian:"Can I get anything for you juice drink water??"Vivian politely smiled. Daisy:"Water please"Vivian nodded and walked to the kitchen. Vivian is really a beautiful lady good hearted also. She love her girls equally although Cassandra is wild and have an attitude she still loved her. Candice is always good That why Cassandra is jealous of her. Yes Vivian never noticed . This thing of kicking Cassandra out was really killing her. What if someone took her baby girl?? What if they already have killed her??. She drank her glass of water and walked back to the lounge she gave Daisy hers. Daisy:"Thank you"Vivian nodded and sat down. Vivian:"I guess you here for Cassy!"Daisy nodded. "Uhm she left home"Daisy frowned. Daisy:"I don't understand"Vivian sighed. Vivian:"She ran away from home" Daisy:"That so unlike her why would she do that??"Vivian shrugged. Vivian:"Cassandra is a big girl now she sleep with old men's married men's. I guess she never loved home"Vivian really had to lie she was ashamed of herself. Daisy:"oh" Daisy knew her friend more than anyone but she believed Vivian. Cassandra always said her parents hate her! "Can I please fetch my book in her room?"Vivian nodded. Daisy opened Cassandra's bedroom it really was a beautiful bedroom for someone who claimed to be hated. Daisy took Cassandra's Bag pack and look for her book she came across Cassandra's diary. She giggled at how Cassandra always hide her diary she took it and put it in her pocket. She was so curious about it she needed to read it ASAP(As Soon As Possible). She didn't know what was written in that Diary will change everything!! . . [Candice] Some good expensive car parked in the gate I was walking out of school. A 10 inch heel touched the floor a beautiful model body girl came out. Her blonde Hair waving around her bold lips. She was eating her Lollipop her tight dress hugging her body. "Hey you!!"I stopped staring. me:"Uhm hey"She smiled. her:"Candice right??"I frown nodding. her:"Yolanda "we shook hands. me:"Nice to meet you Yolanda"She smiled. Yolanda:"I'm Innocent girlfriend"my smile disappeared. "Well uhm I guess you are the side chick"she giggled. me:"What do you want??"I Said impatiently. Yolanda:"Oh come on don't be grumpy now!!"she touched my Cheeksi slapped her hands away. me:"What the hell do you want??"She sighed. Yolanda:"Stay away from my man!!"I giggled. me:"Really!?"i side smile. "How sure he's your man I mean I have never came across your picture in his phone. oh wait wait what about the massages and fishy calls? nope none. What about your name?? it the first time I hear someone named like that! but you know what bbe your desperation will get you know where"I brushed her shoulders. "Nice Dress by the way"I winked and walked away. I called Innocent on my way to my apartment. Innocent:"Bbe hey!!"I sighed. me:"Who's Yolanda ??"he kept quiet for a moment. Innocent:"my childhood Friend"I chuckled. me:"Guess what? she payed me a visit"I told him everything. Innocent:"Don't tell me you believe that trap"I rolled my eyes. me:"I don't know " Innocent:"WOW"I sighed. me:"Look we will talk later"I hanged up. . . [Nathan] The bitch was really delaying my time with this sickness she's talking about. me:"OK it cool" Cassandra:"Don't tell me you mad"I bit my Lower lip in frustration why isn't she hanging up . me:"Nop I'm cool bye"I hanged up. I took my joints I'm not really a weed smoker but right now I need it. I'm not a good person neither bad I'm just- .my phone beeped interrupting me. a message from my girl I smiled and opened it. "I miss you can I see you please??"I chuckled and replied. "My apartment 18:00pm". After smoking I took my school bag an AK47 Bullet dropped down. I took it and put it back this one I will use it when I kill Cassandra!! After i- my phone rangfuck I groaned. me:"Sup!" Ziggy:"I have a job for you"I sighed. me:"I hope we not robbing the bank again "he chuckled. Ziggy:"Not at all I want you to kill someone for me"I froze. me:"Kill??"is Matthew crazy I've never killed anyone intentional. well maybe a couple of people but mistakingly. Ziggy:"I will send you the files"he hanged up. Ziggy is Mr Matthew his just hiding his identity with the teaching thing. His our leader in everything. Moments later: My girl arrived looking smoking hot I can't get enough her. I know what we Doing might be wrong but this is my soulmate there. me:"my beautiful ass girlfriend"I walked over her. I bit my Lower lip. Christina:"Hey love"I just stood there looking at her I smirked. "Are you ok?"I nodded. me:"I'm good just that you beautiful."she giggled I finally hugged her. Christina:"Gosh I missed you"I kissed her neck. me:"You too short for someone who's older than me"she stared at me. Christina:"Nathan!!"she warned I laughed kissing her clivage(sp) . me:"Don't be grumpy cutie you look ugly"she let go of me. Christina:"Nathan really??"I chuckled. me:"I love you bbe!!"her body relaxed. Christina:"I love you more" me:"I wanna rip your clothes off"I said kissing her ear lobe. Christina:"I'm still- Aaarh"she moaned as I slid my finger in. me:"You wet bbe!!"I put her on top of the couch. "the view"I squeezed her clits. Christina:"Aar my goodness"I went up on her kissing every inch of her body. I finger fucked her kissing her every now and then. She couldn't stop moaning my name her moans are just music in my ears. I slid my dick in welcomed by warm walls of her pussy. me:"fuck you so tight"she bit her lower lip I brought her body closer hugging her. I moved a little Christina:"God bbe!!"i kissed her nose. I moved slowly I've maybe fucked half of my hood girls but this was the best. me:"Christina!"I whispered biting her chin. Christina:"Mmmh bbe!!"she threw her head back. me:"I love you"She fastly nodded. Christina:"I love you too bad bbe"I moved faster. "Oh my jeez Innocent God fuck"she screamed minutes later she came.i didn't stop though I kept on pounding her till I came inside her. me:"I love you"I kissed her forehead. Christina:"mmh when did you get this?"she rubbed my chest right where I tattoed her name. "oh my god Nathan it's my name!!"she screamed I chuckled. "God I love you Bbe"we kissed. me:"I'm glad" Christina:"god I can't believe this! it too cute and sexy!"she kissed my chest. me:"mmh remind me to buy you Morning after pills tomorrow"she nodded. Christina:"uhm bbe can we double date with Inno and Candice"I just kissed her and moved slowly again I'm going to fuck her she will forget about this double date shit!!


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