part 1 failed revenge

[Candice] my ringing phone woke me up I stretched myself yawning. I thought it was a Hotel but it just a beautiful Flat the space is big so I'm not complaining.. mom:"I thought I told to call when you arrive"I smiled. me:"I love you mom"she chuckled her:"don't Sweet talk me Candy" me:"my name is Candice mom not Candy"She laughed. her:"I Miss you bbe gosh why did you move that side"i sighed if only she knew how a bitch she call a daughter betrayed me. me:"I miss you too" her:"you can still change come back home" me:"I really miss you guys but I'm good here"she sighed. her:"I just miss you Candy" me:"Candice!"I'm sure she's rolling her sea eyes right now. her:"have you made friends?"i chuckled. me:"mom I just got here" her:"I know you Candice please bbe try to make friends there please do it for me"I sighed. Me:"mom" her:"you lonely baby meet people go wild enjoy life while you still can" me:"I will tell Dad that you said I should go wild"she laughed. her:"And you will burry me next week"I smiled me:"I love you so so much I have to go" her:"i love you too bbe take care" me:"bye" her:"bye bye"I hung up. . I took my suitcase to my room my phone rang again. me:"mom"she laughed. her:"have you eat anything"I smiled. me:"mom you know I'm on diet right" her:"a.ah Candy you skinny enough "I sulk me:"mom come on"she laughed. her:"don't starve yourself My love" me:"Ok Mrs John's"I'm sure she blushed. her:"ok Bye" me:"bye" her:"wait Wait wait"I rolled my eyes. me:"what?" her:"I think your little sister is pregnant she have all the symptoms. the morning sickness cravings and she have gain a lot of weight" me:"oh" her:"I hope she's not or she will be dead"I took few deep breaths avoiding tears. me:"ok mom I have to go" her:"ok Bye bbe"she hung up. I closed my eyes it like I can feel my heart breaking all over again. just hearing my mom mentioning the pregnancy it just god just burry me now. I went back to sleep maybe I will wake up to another world with different problems. "I love you"I giggled hiding my face in his chest. "why me"I asked "you everything bbe you everything"he brushed my chick using his thumb. "I love you too"he grins "you mean that??"I innocently nodded. "I love you Thabo" "you just made me the happiest man in the world"he span me around. "please promise me you will never break my heart"he kissed my forehead. "I will never "we hugged. ......... I sat up straight it was just a dream. I fastly took my phone and block Thabo immediately and his Side bitch I'm done with them. I want nothing to do with them. . . [Cassandra] I rolled my eyes as mom talk to dad about Candice it just annoys me. I look at them as they say how proud they are how much they miss her. I just wish they talking about me but what am I a black sheep of the family. mom:"Cassy you should call your sister" me:"why??" mom:"congratulate her "I rolled my eyes dad:"I dare you Cassandra John's you roll your eyes again I will kick your flat ass kid"I swallowed hard I will kick your flat ass kid"I swallowed hard it like I feel those words going down my throat. Candice is Princess and I'm Cassandra dad doesn't love me at all. me:"sorry John's"he Chuckled and walked upstairs. mom:"Respect Cassy respect your father" me:"goodnight Vivian"that my mother's name. her:"night"she walk upstairs too. wow No i love you Cassy??!! . . I look at my phone Thabo promised to call. I know people might think I'm a bitch I'm just a hustler . I don't do young age guys they just boring and poor. that why I took Thabo away from Candice Thabo is hot and Rich I mean the guy own a Lamborghini. I decide to call him since his failing to. me:"Teebae" him:"it sounds like teabags can you not call me that" ouch me:"sorry love I miss you" him:"I wish i can say the same" me:"Thabo" him:"the day I fucked I used condom. so bitch please don't come with Your stupid Pregnant shit on me. Don't ever call me I mean it don't ever call me Cassandra"I blinked twice. me:"Tee you hurting me"he chuckled. him:"fuck off"he hung up on me. yes I have different boyfriends I mean Im fucking my best friends father. And my teacher but come on this baby is Thabo's.. this is all Candice's fault I hate Candice. i close my diary. . . [Innocent] "this is a fucken lipstick Max you smell like a woman" mom shouts. "I'm sick of Your shit Naomi just give me a fuckin break"dad said "I hate you I hate you MAXWELL"I close my eyes. this is not new anymore it started few weeks ago. Dad always come home late and spend all His weekends on business trips. Deep down I knew he was really cheating on mom it pain me so much I wish to punch him in the face. "can I sleep with you??"Lauren says getting in. me:"it ok come" she was now 17 her:"mom and dad are fighting again"I nodded me:"it married people stuff"she chuckled coming closer to me. her:"I'm not young anymore I know dad is cheating on mom "I sighed as we hugged laying on side ways. me:"i think i should move out"she gasped. her:"don't do that please we will die without you"i laughed. me:"you doing matric Lauren stop being a drama Queen" her:"i think mom should divorce dad" me:"what??" her:"His hurting her inno can you see" me:"divorce is a little bit harsh" her:"let sleep I have school tomorrow"I kissed her forehead. me:"Night princess" her:"I love you " me:"love you too wait where's that hot friend of yours??"she laughed. her:"she's off limit "I chuckled me:"And you?" her:"goodnight"I chuckled. me:"I hope you don't fuck with fuckers i will kick Your flat ass Lauren"she giggled her:"night bbe"I smiled. . The name goes by Innocent Jacobs the son of Maxwell and Naomi Jacobs. I'm 20 this year . IT NOT A STORY BUT MY LIFE..


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