Being at home really did me good the baby shower went well and today we had went to my mother's grave...I was feeling rather sad just looking at her tombstone made me really miss her. We went home after cleaning the grave and had lunch while I waited for Brian to come and get me. He stayed and had lunch on Saturday then left after eating but promised to come and get me and MaGabi had a heart to heart talk about everything and we prayed. Seeing my sister made my day because she was her crazy self I guess the pregnancy was making her even more was now 6 pm and Brian was had just arrived he looked a bit out of it but I ignored it I was going to ask him about it when we were together alone. We bid goodbye to everyone and hit the road but I asked him to pull to the garage so I could drive..

Me: baby are you ok you look like you didn't sleep and I can smell the alcohol from here

Brian: I went out with Tshepo and the guys didn't realize it was late so I crashed at Thulanis place. I just had a few beers that's all.

Me: I doubt you even slept. Ma is probably worried about you and she will bite my head off that you didn't sleep at home. When we get home am making you the strongest coffee then you going to hit the shower then sleep.

Brian: ok us home.

I drove us home with me telling him what Cebi did..


When we got home it was dark and quiet I decided to call ma who told me she was at Rhandzu place she needed some ma to be dramatic. I went to shower then went downstairs to have some coffee my body was incoherent I really went hard last night/ early this morning. I lied to Luu I didn't sleep at Thulanis place I slept outside the bar inside my car I was just not feeling going back home. I heard Luu talking to someone at the door so I decided to wait at the bottom stair to see who it was but she closed the door and came back with boxes of food I went to her and the food smelt heavenly. She had ordered spicy hot food for us...we went to the kitchen and ate in silence I guess I was too hungry that I had seconds of the food then had the whole pot of coffee..

Luu: maybe I should call ma and apologize you know I don't want bad vibes between us.

Me: did you visit your mother's grave

Luu: you avoiding me...well yes I did go and spoke to her.

Me: did you tell her we trying for a baby?

Luu:*she chuckled* yes I did..but babe are you ready to be a father I mean with your traveling I don't want to be alone during the pregnancy.

Me: you won't be alone ndoni yam and am ready to be a daddy..I can just imagine you looking like Cebi. Her bump is very big are you sure she is not expecting quads

Luu:*she laughed hard...I missed that snorty laugh of hers* that's what I asked her..but it's just one baby..I can't wait to meet the little princess it's high time we had girls at home. Are you feeling better now

Me: I would be better if I had dessert

Luu: pity I forgot to order some..

Me: I guess am going to have you for dessert... come here.

She ran up the stairs while I chased her we got to the bedroom and I enjoyed my dessert...

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