The following morning I woke up bathed and cleaned the house. I guess I was used to doing chores early in the morning. I then cooked porridge for everyone and went to get dressed in a grey winter shirt dress and sleepers. Mehluko called and told me that they are in town and they needed directions. I directed them and then I headed to the kitchen. I dished up for everyone and placed the porridge in the kitchen table.

One by one everyone came and took they bowls. After eating my cousins washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. After an hour or so a car hooted. I stood up and rushed outside. I smiled when I saw the livestock. I knew that it was the gents. I went to open the gate and they drove inside. They climbed off the cars and I went to hug them. 

Azee: “we are finally here. You sure there is no village boy who is going to beat up ubafo for taking away his flower?” I laughed and looked at Mehluko. 

Me: “nope. Come this side so that I can introduce you to my uncles.” I turned and Mehluko spanked me. I looked at him and he just winked. “Childish.” He chuckled and then rolled his eyes. I led them to the backyard where my uncles cousins and some men from the village were seated already drinking traditional beer. I cleared my throat and they all looked at me. 

Me: “bomalume this is Azihlanze he is my boss and these are his friends. They are the ones who volunteered to help me with some of the stuff for the ceremony. They bought the livestock. He is with Mehluko Masiko and Kwenza. Guys these are my uncles cousins and our neighbors.” 

Azee: “nice to meet you Bantu abadala.” They all shook hands. “We would like to unload the livestock so that we slaughter those that need to be slaughtered.” I left them there because I knew that everything is sorted now. I went to the kitchen and found my uncle’s wives with my aunts. 

Me: “aunty did uncle buy alcohol for tomorrow?” 

MaThwala: “he only bought a bottle of Jameson and 2 cases of Black Label.” 

MaLekolea: “my husband bought 2 boxes of Heineken and 3 bottles of Hennessey.” I nodded. 

Me: “okay what else can I add on the groceries?” MaThwala gave me a list. 

Sinesihle: “I am coming with you.” I chuckled. 

Me: “I am just going to change my shoes.” I went to my room and wore white sneaker. I took my bag and car keys and headed out. On our way to the car we met Mehluko who was now wearing green overalls. 

Mehluko: “where are you going?” 

Sinesihle: “who is this young handsome man?” I giggled. 

Me: “aunty this is Mehluko Mabaso. He is my friend from Jo-burg he is here with my boss and his friends. Mehluko this is my beautiful aunt Sinesihle.” 

Mehluko: “pleasure to meet you aunty.” He revealed his killer smile and I swear I saw my aunt smiling.

Sinesihle: “I will go wait for you by the car.” I nodded and she left. Mehluko put his hand in his pocket and came out with a bank card. He handed it to me. 

Mehluko: “use it to buy whatever you want to buy and don’t you dare decline it.” I laughed and rolled my eyes. He told me the pin. “See you later.” He kissed my cheek and then headed to the backyard. I went to the car and my aunt and I climbed inside. I started the car and drove out. 

Sinesihle: “so is he your boyfriend?” I giggled. 

Me: “something like that.” 

Sinesihle: “is this his car?” 

Me: “no. it belongs to my female boss. She is coming tomorrow.” 

Sinesihle: “how is it that your bosses are so fond of you?” 

Me: “I guess it’s my attitude. When MaLuthuli chased me out Ellen took me in and gave me a job. She treated me like her own sister instead of just her employee. I guess that’s why she and her boyfriend are so fond of me.” 

Sinesihle: “and here we thought the car belonged to your blesser.” I laughed. 

Me: “don’t believe everything they tell you about me.” she chuckled. 

Sinesihle: “I will keep that in mind next time.” 

We got to the mall and we first bought the groceries. I figured I was going to use Mehluko’s card to pay for everything because the nigga volunteered. We went to load the food in the car and then we went to buy booze. When we were done we also went to load it in the car. We then went to buy clothes and toys for my younger siblings. I didn’t know when I might see them again so that’s why I bought a lot. 

I bought grilled chicken for the guys and then we headed home. We got there and my cousins helped us offload everything. We packed the food in the fridge and I told them to put the alcohol in my room. The second cold room for the drinks was going to arrive the following morning so we would load it there tomorrow. I also put my siblings’ toys and clothes in my room. I then went backyard and found the guys chilling and drinking beer. 

Me: “are you guys hungry?” 

Masiko: “now that you are mentioning it we are starving.” 

Me: “I couldn’t cook for you so I bought grilled chicken. Should I bring it here?” 

Kwenza: “quickly please koti.” I rolled my eyes and they laughed. I went to the car and took the meet I bought. I then went to the kitchen and dished it in the plates. I added rolls and Greek salad. They may be Zulu men but they were so accustomed to the city life. I then went back to the backyard and served them. 

Mehluko: “can you please kneel when serving me?” I gave him an intimidating look and he laughed. “Geez. I am joking.” I stood up and went back inside the house. 


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