I woke up the following morning and made my bed. I did my chores as usual and then woke up Mabel. I bathed her and then fed her porridge. When I was done I placed her in the playroom and went to make breakfast for Ellen Azee and myself. I then went to my bedroom. I showered and got dressed in a below the knee white pleated skirt with a black turtleneck and black sneakers. I had a twist hairstyle so I just tied it into a neat bun. 

I packed my toiletries and other stuff. I then went downstairs with my small suitcase. I found the couple eating at the kitchen. We exchanged greetings and I sat down and ate my food. When we were done eating I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. 

Ellen: “I am going to miss you.” I chuckled. 

Me: “you are going to see me the day after tomorrow moss.” 

Ellen: “it’s not the same.” 

Me: “don’t start with the tear works.” She giggled. She Azee and Bel walked me out. I placed the suitcase in the boot and climbed into the driver’s seat. Bel waved her hand when I started the car. 

Bel: “bye nana.” 

Me: “bye guys.” 


After a few hours of driving and resting I arrived at my home town. I first started at the mall and bought groceries. Azee and his friends we coming tomorrow during the day and they were going to bring the livestock with them. When I got home three cars were parked in the yard. One was my uncle’s and I didn’t know the owners of the other two. 

I parked near uncle’s car and killed the engine. I then climbed off with my handbag and locked the car. I got inside the house because the door was already opened. I headed to the lounge and found almost the whole family seated. It was MaLuthuli and her daughters; uncle Lucky and his wife MaLekolea their kids Lwemvelo and Kwenzakwenkosi; uncle Lubanzi and his wife MaThwala and it was two of my aunts Sinesihle and Nandipha. It was a full house I am telling you. I greeted everyone and sat on the vacant chair. 

Sthandwa: “mtase is this really you? Wow you look lovely.” I fought the urge to roll my eyes because I knew that she was only being like this because of the money. 

Sthembile: “so you found yourself a blesser in the city or you became a prostitute? That’s the only explanation for the clothes you are wearing.” I chuckled shaking my head. 

Me: “I would love to answer your questions but I am not here for that. I am just here to honor my parents. I won’t bother you with anything just a place to sleep. If I am not welcomed here I will gladly go sleep at the lodge and come back tomorrow morning to start with the preparations.” Uncle Lucky smiled. 

Lucky: “there won’t be a reason for that. You will be using your old room mshana. I am sure your parents will be happy that you slept at home and you are doing this for them. They need to feel your presence here.” 

Me: “okay malume. I need to buy a bed and a few necessities because the last time I checked my room wasn’t in a state where a normal human being can sleep in.” 

Sinesihle: “welcome home nana.” My aunts have always been nice to me. It’s just that they are married and they couldn’t take me to their homes with because

my room wasn’t in a state where a normal human being can sleep in.” 

Sinesihle: “welcome home nana.” My aunts have always been nice to me. It’s just that they are married and they couldn’t take me to their homes with because you know. Also they were housewives and they depended on their husbands. I couldn’t expect them to support me financially when they were also not independent.

Me: “thank you. Can you guys help me unload the groceries in the car?” all this time MaLuthuli was quiet and looking at me. 

Sthembile: “you have a car?” 

Me: “nope. My boss borrowed me it.” I said standing up and heading out. My cousins followed me. I opened the boot and unloaded the groceries. We went to place it in the kitchen. While I was walking out I felt myself being tackled to the ground. I laughed when I saw Bathanda and Nandi on top of me. 

Bathanda: “sisi you’re back.” I smiled. 

Me: “yes I am my babies.”

Nandi: “I missed you so much.” She hugged me. 

Bathanda: “me too.” He also hugged me. 

Me: “come with me to the mall. I need to buy a few things.” 

Bathanda: “will you buy ice-cream for us?” 

Me: “yes darlings.” 

We stood up and I strapped them in the car. I drove to the mall. When we got there I was lucky to find one furniture store still open. I bought a bed headboard dressing table and a rug. I had to pay extra for them to deliver the furniture this exact day but I had to. I also went to Mr. Price home to buy bedding and everything I needed. When I was done I rushed to buy ice cream and some meals for my siblings and then we drove home while the furniture truck was following us.  

We got home and they unloaded the furniture. Uncle Lubanzi’s sons helped me move everything that was in my room and they moved in the new furniture. After setting up everything the guys from the furniture shop left. I cleaned my room and then made it look comfortable and homely. I then went to the kitchen and found my stepsisters cooking. I asked to help and luckily they didn’t give me any attitude. 

After cooking I bathed and changed into my long night dress and gown and sleepers. I went to the kitchen and dished up for everyone. My cousins served the food. We sat and ate they were asking about Saturday and I gave them answers that they needed. When we finished eating my cousins collected the dishes and went to wash them. 

I went to my room and took my phone. I went outside and started my journey to the forest. This setting reminded me of the day MaLuthuli kicked me out. I just breathed in and out so that I can stop the tears. I switched on the torch in my phone and went deep in the forest. I heard movements and hissing sounds. I knew that those were my snake friends. I saw a rock not far from where I was standing and I went to sit on it. 

Jaxon: “you are no longer scared of the dark and the wildness?” I heard his voice before I even saw him. I chuckled and looked around. 

Me: “where are you?” 

Kori: “your torch is too bright. We are just choosing to remain in the shadows.” 

Me: “so did you go home?” 

Bari: “we did. Interesting talks they had. They are even planning on putting poison in your food. Just be careful of what you eat.” I looked around. 

Me: “is that Bari?” 

Bari: “glad you can still recognize my voice. I feel so special right now.” 

Eliz: “oww please. You are not that special man. Get off that high horse.” I laughed. 

Me: “hi Eliz.”

Eliz: “see she just has good memory not that you are the only one she remembers.” 

Me: “how do I know when my family is going to poison me?” 

Kori: “they are going to be nice to you super nice. Don’t trust anyone even your younger siblings. They might poison you unknowingly. They are kids so they won’t know that the food they are giving you consist of poison.” 

Jaxon: “make sure you monitor food of your guests. If you are that busy we don’t mind guarding the pots.” I laughed and then looked around. 

Me: “are you guys serious?” 

Kori: “discretely but should they try anything we won’t be held liable for our actions.” 

Me: “what if they kill you guys?” they laughed. 

Bari: “don’t worry about us. Just be extra careful of what you will be eating. And remember to trust nobody in that house.” 

Me: “thank you for looking out for me. I will see you guys tomorrow.” I stood up and headed home. 


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