It was my fifth month working and living with Ellen and Mabel. Things had been weird between Ellen and Azee for the past few weeks. At some point I heard them argue and Ellen was complaining about Azee always being away on tour. I once asked Ellen if she is okay but she brushed it off. I didn’t wanna be that noisy and prying maid so I didn’t ask further. 

Today I wanted to pay for the tombstones. So I was going to check for them in this place I googled and then pay for them. I contacted my uncle last month and he was happy to know that I made it out of the rurals and I was now working. I told him about the ceremony and he said he was more than happy to help. He said he will inform the family members about it. He also said that he was going to handle MaLuthuli. 

I told Ellen about my trip today and she was happy to spend the day with her daughter because she had a night shoot. I drove to the place in Ellen’s car. I went to this place called Forget Me Not Tombstones and ordered two tombstones. I paid for both of them in cash then I provided them with all the delivery details and the date. 

I went to the mall and I bought plates glasses cutlery and pots. I knew how MaLuthuli was like so chances of her allowing me to using her things were slim to none. I was surprised when Azee volunteered to buy the cow and goats for the ceremony. I wanted to say no but him and Ellen didn’t wanna take no for an answer so I ended up agreeing. I went to load the things I bought in the car. 

I went back to the mall to buy a dress and heels which I was going to wear at the unveiling. I was happy that Ellen’s friends and also Azee’s friends were going to come and support me. It meant a lot to me because I didn’t have friends and for them to sacrifice a day for me meant that they liked me. 

After buying the dress I went to a restaurant where I sat down and ordered. While I was scrolling down my phone someone cleared their throat. I looked up and I smiled when I saw Mehluko. We had been smashing for the past two months now. The guy knew his story and he fucked me really good. 

Me: “Mr. Mabaso.” He smiled revealing his platinum tooth which he inserted while in high school due to peer pressure. When I asked why he didn’t remove it he said it had become a part of him now that’s why he didn’t remove it. 

Mehluko: “Miss Mntambo I didn’t know I was going to see you here. Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming to the mall?” I gave him the bored look and he laughed. He sat opposite me and signaled a waiter to come to our table. He ordered and then the waiter left. “You left pretty early this morning. I wanted to have breakfast with you.” 

Me: “are you catching feelings Mehluko?” he chuckled. 

Mehluko: “I did tell you that I like you the first time we talked. So me catching deep feelings for you shouldn’t come as a shock.” I giggled and rolled my eyes. “You look beautiful today.” I blushed. 

Me: “thank you.” my order came and his came soon after. That was quick. I thought he was going to wait longer but I guess that’s the perks of being a celebrity. Waiting was not in his books. He was a very famous and successful producer so whenever we were out many people would want to take pictures with him. Well he did take me out from time to time

even the paparazzi said we were a couple. 

Mehluko: “you’re welcome. Let’s eat now.” We began eating and he was being his usual funny self. We finished eating and just chilled while drinking. A squad of ladies came to our table and asked to take pictures with him. This other girl gave me a nasty look and I just rolled my eyes because I was used to people behaving like her. “Ask permission from my lady to take pictures with me because you are disturbing our time.” 

Me: “it’s fine. Go ahead.” I hated it when he said that to people but he liked putting me on the spotlight. They took a few pictures and when they were done the lady who gave me a nasty look shoved a paper in his back pocket. 

Lady: “call me.” she left with her squad. We both looked at them as they walked away we looked at each other and we laughed. 

Mehluko: “drama from your gender.” I shook my head. 

Me: “tell me about it.” He settled the bill and we left the restaurant. 

Mehluko: “you’re in a hurry to get home?” I shook my head. 

Me: “nope.” 

Mehluko: “follow me with your car. I want to show you this beautiful place.” 

Me: “okay.” 

We went to the parking lot and climbed into the cars. He drove in front of me while I drive behind him. I called Ellen and told her that Mehluko is taking me somewhere. Ellen was fond of Mehluko and she actually wanted us to date and not this sexual relationship we had because according to her we loved each other but we were just afraid to get hurt. 

We got to this park and parked on the parking lot. I got out of the car carrying car keys and phone and went to him. He held my hand and we went inside the park. There were people playing. He led me to this beautiful spot near the lake. 

Mehluko: “this is my favorite spot in the whole of Gauteng. I love the view of the lake. I love how rich and beautiful the grass is. I love the breeze. I come here to write music and sometimes to chill and think about things.” 

Me: “it’s really beautiful. I love it already.” He chuckled. 

Mehluko: “let’s sit down.” We sat down on the grass and he pulled me to sit between his legs. I rested my head in his chest while he wrapped his hands around my body. He started singing. 

‘Would you mind if I take my time and admire you?

Candlelight a little wine to set the mood

Baby no you don’t have to do much

Ain’t no pressure we ain’t gotta rush

Wanna know what’s on your mind before we touch touch

So do you mind if I take my time?

Baby we got all night

I wanna love you right

Do you mind if if I take it slow?

We got all night to grow

And baby please just let me know

Baby let me know’

Me: “wow you have a beautiful voice.” I kept quiet and looked at the lake. Suddenly I turned and looked at him. “Did you just declare your love to me in a song?” he giggled and looked ahead. 

Mehluko: “don’t think about it too much. Let’s just enjoy the moment.” He kissed my cheek and tightened his hold against me. 


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