Life was good for me. Everything was perfect. My snake friends if I can call them that visited me regularly. But they made sure that they don’t come while Ellen was in the house. I had thought of getting myself a house so that they can visit freely. I had really grown to like them and accept them for what they are. 

I had plans that after the tombstones installation I would look for a small house where I could live freely. It wouldn’t be a fancy house but it would be my own sanctuary. I wanted to buy it cash so I knew that it would take me two years or so to be able to afford a house. If I can’t I would go to the bank and take a home loan. 

I wanted to tell someone about my gift of communicating with snakes but I couldn’t risk it because people would either say I was a witch or crazy. At times like these I wished my mother or grandmother were alive because they would definitely understand my situation. 

It was a normal Tuesday and I had planned to go on a picnic with Mabel. Ellen worked a lot because she was shooting a movie. She had taken a four months leave from her ordinary job a series she acted in which was called FAMASTY and she played the role of JANE there. I packed our things and put Mabel on her stroller. 

We went to the park and when we got there I set up everything. I then placed Mabel on the throw and I also sat down. I took a few pictures of her because she looked so adorable and I sent them to Ellen and Azihlanze. They loved to be sent pictures of Mabel and what she is doing regularly. After sending the pictures I gave Mabel a bowl full of pieces of mango because she loved them. 

Bel: “thank you Lelo.” I smiled. She heard her mother calling me Zelo so she called me Lelo. 

Me: “you’re welcome angel.” 

While seating there a red

yellow and black lampropeltis made its way to where we are seated. By the look of things it knew where it was going. 

“Don’t be afraid. My name is Seema and I am your new pet snake.” I chuckled. Seema seemed very harmless. I was tempted to take her into my hands. “Take me into your hands brush me. I won’t break or bite.” I laughed and took her. She was so small she fitted perfectly in my arms. 

Me: “you’re beautiful.” She chuckled.

Seema: “I know right? I am not as ugly as Jaxon and Kori.” I laughed. 

Me: “they sent you here?”

Seema: “something like that. And I only agreed because you are special.” 

Me: “I feel so honored right now.” She laughed. I placed her back on the grass and took out fruits so that I could eat. Bel stood up and started dancing. I laughed because I knew she wanted to play. 

Bel: “nana play.” 

Me: “okay let’s play.” 

I stood up and started playing with her. She was a very great kid who hardly cried and loved food more than anything. If we were in the rural or an area where there was witchcraft people would’ve long bewitched her with food because she would literally eat anything. 

When we were tired we ate the remaining food drank the juice and packed up everything. I strapped Bel to her stroller and loaded the other things on the back of the stroller. I picked up Seema and we went to the house. When we got there Mabel was already sleeping so I placed her on her bed. 

Seema: “this is a beautiful house.” 

Me: “so I have to buy you a reptile tank so that you can stay there or even sleep there. If there is one here people will feel safer. You know how they get.” 

Seema: “I understand. I am a very lazy snake so you don’t have to worry about me wondering around.” I laughed. 

Me: “qaluyiva.”


Ellen came back from work and I told her about my snake pet. She didn’t have a problem with it. She even said she was going to go shopping for everything that would make Seema comfortable. I was starting to think she was a shopaholic because wow. The only thing I thought I needed was the reptile tank. 

Seema: “you madam is dramatic.” I laughed. 

Me: “tell me about it.” 

Seema: “but she is kind and has a pure heart. She is a keeper.” I smiled. Ellen came to my room looking all excited. 

Ellen: “Azee is coming back tomorrow and he wants us to go out tomorrow night. We are going clubbing.” She started dancing and I just laughed. 

Seema: “please tell her to stop because she is terrible.” I laughed more. 

Ellen: “okay I know I have to polish my dance moves. You don’t have to laugh babes.” 

Me: “sorry.” 

Ellen: “anyways we are going to a very high class club. That means shopping for new outfits. I have a night shoot tonight so we will go to the mall tomorrow during the day.” 

Me: “and Mabel?” 

Ellen: “Azee asked his sister to babysit for the night. She also has a three year old girl which Bel is very fond of. So that department is taken care of.”

Me: “you have everything figured out neh?” she smiled widely. 

Ellen: “I am making it hard for you to say no.” I chuckled. 

Me: “fine. I will go with you.” 

Ellen: “yay!” she jumped and danced her way out of my room with me and Seema laughing at her. 


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