I wake up and prepare for work. I head downstairs and find Mabutho Thobeka Zamokuhle Nomxolisi and Kgomotso around the kitchen counter. K is dishing breakfast. 

Me: “I hope there is still some left for me.” K giggles.

K: “you usually don’t eat breakfast here so I didn’t include you in this.” I place my hand in my chest dramatically.

Me: “such cruelty Kgomotso. Who taught you this evilness? Is it Nomxolisi?” they both laugh. The new employees look so confused. K hands me a bowl of cereal and I thank her and sit on a vacant barstool. “So how are you guys?”

Thobeka: “I am still stuck on the cruelty part.” We all laugh at her.

Zamokuhle: “we are fine Futhy. How are you?”

Me: “besides the paparazzi I am about to face I am good. Now do you guys think it’s a good idea to live in your own spaces? I mean there is so much room in this house I don’t mind sharing it.”

Mabutho: “we don’t wanna impose. We are okay where we stay.”

Me: “you know what? Psek. In fact I am instructing you to come stay with me. In that way I will know even if someone tries to break in at night I am safe. That is my final judgment.” I look at K. “where is the court thingy?” she opens a drawer and hands me a gavel. I bang it on the counter. “Case dismissed. Next case.” They all laugh. I actually bought a gavel because most of the time Lee and Noma always disagree and I have to settle the dispute I am always the referee. 

K: “so when will you guys be moving in so that we can prepare your rooms?”

Thobeka: “I guess tomorrow.”

Me: “this weekend you are off. I am going home so I don’t need guards there. That means you guys can move in on Sunday afternoon. During the weekend go see your girlfriends and boyfriends and serve notice to your landlords.”

Mabutho: “sure boss.” I finish eating my cereal and hand the bowl to K. I open a drawer and take out the car keys of the Aston Martin and the Fortuner. I hand the AM car keys to Zamokuhle and the Fortuner ones to Mabutho.

Me: “you guys will ride in the Fortuner and Zamokuhle and I will ride in the Aston Martin.” I stand up and we head out.

Thobeka: “how many cars do you have?”

Me: “6.” She exclaims and quickly collects herself. We all get into the cars and drive out.

We arrive at work and find journalists at the front door. Lord give me strength. Zamokuhle opens the door for me and I get out. The minute my heel lands on the floor cameras start flashing. I wouldn’t mind this attention if it was journalists wanting to know more about my company. But because it’s about a stupid stunt pulled by Mvelo it irritates me. Mabutho paves way for me and I enter the building completely ignoring the questions by the press. 

We take my private elevator and we get to my office. They put my stuff on top of my table and head out. I sit on my chair and start working. At 10 am Zah brings me my lunch. I can see that she wants to talk about the live video but I just dismiss her. Not everything is about Mvelo bethuna. After eating I check my emails and find out that my application for doing a PhD in Architecture and Planning at WITS has been accepted. At least some good news. Although it might take me 4 years to complete my PhD I don’t care as long as I am Doctor Cele at the end. Yeah I did my Masters after completing my Honors.

I take my phone and call my girls through a conference call. They both answers. I talk before they can even say hello.

Me: “guess who you will be calling Dr. Cele in 3 or 4 years to come?” they both scream.

Noma: “OMG they accepted you?”

Me: “yes girl.”

Lee: “that’s good news. We should celebrate. A night in Zimbali just for control nje.”

Me: “who is paying?”

Lee: “I am.” 

Noma: “then yay. So when are we going?”

Me: “how about tomorrow night because on Friday I am going home?”

Lee: “sounds like a plan. Wait Noma haven’t you received your email?” she also applied to do her PhD in Law.

Noma: “oww sorry guys. I received it yesterday. I celebrated with bae and I totally forgot to inform you.”

Lee: “I did say the day she gets into a relationship we will be a thing of the past.” We all laugh.

Me: “guys I am going to Empangeni next Tuesday to this designer who will be designing my outfit. I have seen her work on Instagram and I must say she is good.”

Lee: “maybe I will come with you. I will have to clear my schedule.”

Noma: “mina no bae we have found our own designer.”

Me: “sasha.”

Lee: “sifelani?” we talk more and then we say our goodbyes. Lee did her Masters and PhD while we were doing our second degrees with Noma so she is already a doctor by profession and by academia. I continue with my work and I am disturbed by a tiny knock. I raise my head and I am shocked to see Xoli standing there.

Me: “is it already half 1?”

Xoli: “yes sisi.” I gesture her to come in she does and sits on the couch. “You have a beautiful office.”

Me: “thank you. Fuck I must have lost track of time. ZAH!” I call her and she appears on my door seconds later.

Zah: “boss lady.”

Me: “Zanele this is Nomxolisi my home personal assistant and Nomxolisi this is Zanele my work personal assistant. Zah you can show her around while I finish up here.” she nods.

Zah: “come.” Xoli stands up and they both head out. 

I quickly finish up and pack my stuff. I take them and head out. I find Mabutho and Thobeka sitting on chairs outside my office I am glad Zah gave them chairs. I hand them my stuff and go call Xoli from Zah’s office.

Me: “Xoli we have to go. Zah I will see you tomorrow and do prepare for presenting the Blue Diamond project.”

Zah: “sure boss.” 

Xoli and I head out to find the guards already waiting for us. We all head to the cars and drive to Tobo Buzz. We get there and find exactly why it’s called Tobo Buzz. There are so many customers almost all the tables are full. We stand at the door and a waiter comes to us.

Waiter: “good afternoon. I am Nqalabutho

almost all the tables are full. We stand at the door and a waiter comes to us.

Waiter: “good afternoon. I am Nqalabutho can I get you a table of four?”

Me: “no I have an appointment with the owner Miss Tobo.”

Waiter: “it’s Mrs. Tobo. Please follow me I will show you to her office.” We follow him to the boss’s office. We get there and find a woman in her late 30s. “Boss these people have an appointment with you.”

Tobo: “Miss Cele of DCC?” she raises her eyebrow.

Me: “that’s me.” I turn to the guards. “You can wait outside guys. It won’t take long.” They nod and do as instructed. “May we sit?” she shows us the seats so we sit down. “I am sure you’re wondering why I am here.”

Tobo: “yeah.”

Me: “I am an architect and my company is building a new studio for Blue Diamond Music. They wanna have a restaurant inside the building. They asked me to find someone who will be willing to build their branch inside their building. Of course that someone will be renting to them but almost all the occupants of the building will be eating at the restaurant so it’s a guarantee that they won’t be short of customers. When they came to me about this you came in mind. I am not trying to go all feminist on you but I believe in black women empowerment. If you don’t feel like this is a good opportunity to you then I will give it to someone else.”

Tobo: “where is this studio going to be built?” and just like that I have won her.

Me: “in Asherville.”

Tobo: “this is great opportunity for me to expand. And seeing that I will be working with celebs I will get more exposure. So how are we doing this?”

Me: “tomorrow I have a meeting with the Ntuli Brothers. After our meeting I will give them your numbers and you guys will communicate directly to each other without me as the middle woman.”

Tobo: “thank you for this opportunity and thank you for choosing me. Some women out there want to be successful on their own. They don’t help build each other. We need more women like you in this world. Women who fix each other’s crowns not crush them.”

Me: “thank you sisi. I would love to stay and have lunch but I can see that you’re quite busy so I will be on my way.”

Tobo: “no please stay. I will have Nqalabutho set up a table for you.”

Me: “please make it a table of 5.” She nods and heads out.

Xoli: “you really know how to make someone feel special sis Futhy. Mrs. Tobo is right the world need more women like you.” 

I just smile because I don’t like receiving praises for something that should be normalized. Mrs. Tobo comes back to tell us that our table is ready we follow her and I tell Mabutho to go get Zamokuhle. He leaves and comes back with him. We settle in our table and order today’s special. The waiter brings us drinks while we are waiting for our food.

Me: “so are you guys in relationships?”

Mabutho: “no I just broke up with my girlfriend 2 weeks back.”

Thobeka: “well I have a baby whose daddy is the one staying with her. My job is so demanding that I let him stay with her but I make sure that I make time to go visit her.”

Zamokuhle: “well I am what you call a fuck boy or in my case a fuck man.” we all laugh. “I guess I haven’t found the one who is going to make me settle down and build a family.”

Me: “Thobeka you should bring your princess at the house sometimes.” She nods. Our food arrives and we start eating. Damn this food is so delicious mouth-watering.

After eating we go home and find K fussing over a gift box. I release the guards and tell them to report for duty tomorrow morning. I go to my room take off my clothes and wear my sports bra and a cotton shorts with flip flops. I head back downstairs. 

Me: “so Mr. Fiancé decided to spoil you?”

K: “no actually this is for you.” She hands me it. I open the box and find a beautiful diamond necklace with matching earrings. I see a note so I take it and read it. 

Me: “To MaNdosi. I love you. From Your Mvelo.” I chuckle. This guy doesn’t give up neh?

Xoli: “so are you going to keep it?”

Me: “yeah. I can’t let beautiful diamonds go to waste.” They laugh. “Anyways I am going swimming. You can join me if you want.” I say and head out through the backdoor. 

The sun was out today so it’s a little warm. I get inside the swimming pool and do a few laps. The water always have a way of calming down a person and bringing inner peace. It is another form of meditating. I hold my breath and go under water. I stay for about 30 seconds before I resurface. 

I continue swimming and a while later K and Xoli come by the poolside with snacks. I get out and K hands me a towel. I dry myself and sit on one of the pool chairs. We eat the snacks while chatting. The wind gets cold so we head back inside. I take a warm bubble bath while sipping on white wine and listening to jazz.

 Jazz and bubble baths are a thing for me. This whole Mvelo shit has actually been stressing. I know I may have not shown it because I have burying myself in work but Mvelo is stressing. I am afraid that when he finally realizes that I am not on the same page with him he might go psycho on me. I have seen movies of psychopaths and I don’t wanna end up having one after me. I hope that he soon gives up on this quest of his to have me as his equal.






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