I get to my floor and find Zah with 3 other people. They are wearing all black so I suspect they are the bodyguards and the driver. Yerr the male bodyguard is an entire meal I wouldn’t mind eating. Just kidding. I wouldn’t sleep with an employee I am not like that. 

Zah: “so guys this is Miss Ntombifuthi Cele but you can call her Futhy because she hates being called by Miss Cele. She is your boss. Futhy this is Mabutho Nzama and Thobeka Ngwenya your bodyguards and this is Zamokuhle Simelane your driver.”

Me: “nice to meet you guys.” I shake their hands. “I hope their contracts have been set and signed.”

Zah: “yeah everything has been done.”

Me: “okay. I guess I will see you guys tomorrow at my house at 7 am bright and early.”

Zamokuhle: “sure boss.” I proceed to my office.

I find architects there and I frown then remember the Blue Diamond Project. We combine all the sketches and I tell Melody to submit the final sketch to the 3D department. She agrees and I dismiss the meeting. After that I head home. I place my stuff in my room wear sleepers and then head to the pool house. I find Xoli busy typing something on the laptop. I sit on the chair available and clear my throat. She raises her head and smiles when she sees me. 

Me: “find any restaurant owners?”

Xoli: “yeah.” She hands me her tablet which has a list. I look at it and choose my pick. 

Me: “Samukele Tobo. That’s my pick. Contact her and find out if she is available tomorrow. If she is set up a lunch meeting with me and her. How is the search for space coming up?”

Xoli: “I have found a few in JHB but all that’s left is narrowing them down according to their sizes environment and safety.”

Me: “okay. I am tired so I am just going to take a nap. See you later.”

Xoli: “okay.” I go to my room take a quick shower wear my oversized t-shirt and take my well deserved nap.


Mvelo was sitting at his home thinking about the amazing Ntombifuthi Cele. He has fallen for her hard and he knew that there was no turning back only surrendering to love. He loved her and he swore that he would have to make her his no matter what it takes. He knew that she doesn’t want a serious relationship but he was going to convince her until she changes her mind.

His mind drifted to the night of passion they had. She took him to a place he has never been before. It was the best sex he has ever done in his entire life and he didn’t want to have sex with anyone else but her. His heart broke when he woke up the following morning and didn’t find her next to him. His ego was bruised. He thought that maybe he didn’t perform well. 

He was drinking Heineken when Cebo and Andile got in the lounge. Andile went to fetch 3 beers for all 3 of them because Mvelo’s beer was nearly finished. He sat down and opened the beers and passed the other two to his friends. He could see that something was bothering him so he decided to ask.

Andile: “Shamase what’s up? You don’t look good.”

Mvelo: “I went to see Futhy and she was not happy to see me. In fact it seemed like my presence irritated her. I love that girl and I don’t know what I should do next.”

Cebo: “don’t tell me you are giving up on her.”

Mvelo: “no I am not. But I need new strategies on how to approach her.”

Andile: “do a live video declaring your love to her. Already your fans think you guys are together. This grand gesture may make her fall for you. Just say to the video you did something bad and beg your fans to go and plead your case to her. If that doesn’t work then I don’t know what will.”

Cebo: “not bad. And maybe buy her a diamond necklace and earrings and have those delivered to her house. You know diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” 

Mvelo: “you think that would do the trick?”

Andile: “you won’t know until you try.” Mvelo nodded. 

He took his iPad went online to a jewelry store nearby. He ordered the diamond necklace and earrings set. He put Futhy’s address so that they can be delivered at her house. He then took his phone and logged in to Instagram. He was desperate for Futhy’s love that he didn’t know what the consequences of his actions will be. He started the live video.

Mvelo: “hey guys. This is my first time doing a live video. First of all I wanna thank you guys for the love you have been showing me. I really appreciate it. Secondly there is this amazing phenomenal and beautiful woman by the name of Ntombifuthi Cele the CEO of Dubandlela Construction Company. She has managed to capture my heart in such a short period of time. I have realized that I can’t live life without her. MaNdosi if you’re watching this just know that this heart” he pointed his chest “it beats for you only. I have fallen deeply for you and sometimes it scares me. Please allow me to love you and treat you like a queen that you are. Nani guys please do put up a good word for me.” he chuckled. “Bye guys.” He ended the live video.

Andile: “man that was deep.” They all chuckled. 



Kuhle had just finished viewing Mvelo’s live video. He chuckled and shook his head. Truth be told he had fallen for Miss Cele but didn’t want to act out of his feelings because firstly he was married and secondly he knew that if they were to pursue a relationship Futhy wouldn’t settle for being a second wife because she is too independent for that.


Anyways he put his phone down he didn’t even know what made him view Mvelo’s live video in the first place. Right that moment his wife descended the stairs wearing a short tight dress with 6 inch stilettos. He chuckled in disbelief and clicked his tongue. His wife just had the ability to upset him most of the time and attracting bad press. He wondered if she will ever change her behavior when she has been crowned the Queen of the Zulu Kingdom.


Sthabile: “oww honey I didn’t know you’re back from the office.” She smiled at him.

Kuhle: “where do you think you’re going dressed like that? Do I have to remind every time you go out that you are a princess and you must dress and act accordingly?” she rolled her eyes.

Sthabile: “my love this dress is not even that short.” Kuhle raised his eyebrows.

Kuhle: “really? Bend over and touch your heels.” She laughed and Kuhle gave her the death stare and she saw that he was serious.

Sthabile: “babe listen…”

Kuhle: “you can’t even bend because you know that your dress is too short and it will expose your behind. Now tell your husband where you are headed to.” he said sarcastically.

Sthabile: “to Cubana with my friends.” Kuhle laughed angrily. 

Kuhle: “who are you married to Sthabile?”

Sthabile: “you.”

Kuhle: “and what am i?”

Sthabile: “the prince of the Zulu Kingdom.” 

Kuhle: “so you as a princess and the future queen do you think this is the right attire for a future queen?” she shook her head. “So my love if you no longer wanna be my wife go to Cubana in that dress. You will find divorce papers waiting for you by your bedside.” He stood up. “And I will know if you went behind my back.” He took his phone and headed out. Sthabile walked back upstairs with her tail between her legs. She knew better than to cross Kuhle because he is not a violent man but once he says he will do something then he will do it and no one can change his mind. He is kind but once you piss him off he can be an animal.




Yazi Mvelo is testing me and he won’t like it when I show him my true colours. He doesn’t know the consequences of his impulsive actions. I was taking a nap but I woke up after an hour because I don’t sleep during the day. And I wake up to find that Mvelo has turned me into a celebrity. I dial Noma’s number with hopes that he can find a solution to this. She answers after 5 rings that means she is till at the office.

Noma: “Advocate Biyela speaking how may I help you?”

Me: “how much does it cost to sue someone for misleading the public?”

Noma: “hey tase I saw Mvelo’s live video. How are you feeling?”

Me: “tase who does that? He may think that was romantic or something and it may have been romantic for someone else but not for me. This stunt infuriates me. He is making me hate him day by day. Can you just ask one of your gangster clients to eliminate him?” she laughs and I also laugh because she knows I am joking.

Noma: “mngani I am sensing paparazzi tomorrow morning at DCC.”

Me: “lucky me I have bodyguards and you should see my driver and male bodyguard. They are so hot tase their muscles dear God.”

Noma: “I am in a relationship Futhy stop trying to corrupt me.” I laugh.

Me: “anyways what should I do with this issue of Mvelo?”

Noma: “ignore it. It should blow up soon and people will move on to another scandal.”

Me: “I hope so tase. Anyways Nothando is having umemulo month end. You should come with your bae.” She screams damaging my eardrums in the process.

Noma: “yey I can’t wait we are going to be slaying in matching outfits with bae ninye nyi nokushima kwenu no Lee.”

Me: “okusalayo it will end in tears.” She bursts out laughing and I end the call. I also call Lee and tell her about umemulo ka Nothando. She is also excited about it.

I wear my sleepers and take my phone. I go downstairs and find K and Xoli watching TV. I join them. They ask me how I feel about Mvelo’s live video and I just brush the question aside. 

Xoli: “so I managed to set up a meeting with Miss Tobo. She will be able to see you tomorrow at her restaurant in Durban North. The name of the restaurant is Tobo Buzz. Your meeting is at 14:30. So I may suggest that you finish all your day’s work and after the meeting you just come back home.”

Me: “okay. I want you to come with me to the meeting. You are after all my assistant.”

Xoli: “ohh okay.”

Me: “you will take an Uber to DCC tomorrow at 13:30 so that you can meet Zah and we will leave together to Tobo Buzz.” She nods. “Now K have you cooked dinner?”

K: “no I was about to start.”

Me: “don’t bother. I am craving pizza tonight so please order a large BBQ Bacon for me and you can also order 2 for you guys.” She nods and places the order.

K: “so Mayibongwe proposed.” Mayibongwe is her boyfriend the one she always visits on Sundays.

Me: “OMG! That’s awesome. Where is the ring?”

K: “he said I will wear it once he is done paying lobola.”

Me: “this is great. I am happy for you.” I side hug her. “Now after getting married you will quit your job?”

K: “hell no. I won’t be a housewife but I will surely move out.”

Me: “that’s understandable. Anyways I hired bodyguards and a driver. They will be here tomorrow morning. I don’t want you guys confused when they arrive.”

Xoli: “are they hot?” both K and I laugh. Where is the innocent single Nomxolisi?

Me: “you wanna ride a muscled bodyguard?” she giggles.

Xoli: “no I was just thinking about the views.” We continue laughing.

K: “views neh?” she gives her a mischievous smile.

The pizza arrives and we eat while chatting. I may not admit it out loud but it’s nice to live with other people. A big house can be lonely sometimes. After eating we continue watching TV and at 9pm I excuse myself. I go to my room brush my teeth and get into bed. I find a message from Simamiso saying I can come next week Tuesday because she will be free. I sent Gcino a text telling him that we are going to Empangeni on Tuesday. He doesn’t even ask why we are going there. He just seems happy about the road trip. Kids. I pray my night prayer and then fall asleep after that.





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