It’s two weeks after the meeting with the Gcaba family. They did come and appease the ancestors. Mthembu then advised me to pay lobola for my kids so that I can buy them and that they can use my surname without getting sick. We went and paid lobola the following Monday and also made a huge ceremony at the palace officially welcoming them in the family and giving them my surname rightfully. 

My friend Phila came through for me. I now have full custody of my kids. My divorce is also finalized. I am now travelling with dad to Durban. Lisa’s umemulo is this weekend. I am going to talk to Futhy and tell her everything and possibly invite her to umemulo. I hope she doesn’t have plans already. The kids are at the Gcaba family but they are coming back on Friday. I made sure they go with guards and a personal maid so that Sthabile won’t try anything. 

Me: “dad I want you to go tell your friend that I am bringing lobola for Futhy in the second week of January. I don’t wanna wait long to make her my wife and I don’t want her to be just my girlfriend.” He laughs. 

Dad: “have you talked with her though?” 

Me: “I am going there now. I know she loves me. She said it so herself. And where there is love there is a way.” 

Dad: “how romantic.” He says sarcastically. I laugh and he also laughs. We get to my house. I change and then drive to her house. I find her with her friends and siblings. 

Me: “sanibonani.” They all greet me back. “Can I have a moment MaCele?” 

Futhy: “okay.” She stands up. Fuck she is wearing bum shorts and a sports bra. You can imagine the level of sexiness she is showing. “Let’s go to the backyard because it’s hot in here.” she leads the way and I follow her. My eyes are glued to her hips and ass. “Stop looking at my ass Kuhle.” I laugh. 

Me: “I can’t help it.” 

Futhy: “pervert.” 

Me: “well I am your pervert so deal with it.” She giggles. I sit on one of the pool chairs and pull her to sit on top of me. 

Futhy: “control your dick Kuhle.” I laugh. 

Me: “it has a mind of its own.” She rolls her eyes. “There is something I need to tell you.” I say in a serious tone.

Futhy: “I am all ears.” I narrate the whole Sthabile saga and her mouth falls wide open while her eyes pop out. She takes time to calm down. “So that’s why you were crying that day?” I chuckle. 

Me: “you remember?” 

Futhy: “my mind captures many things and images. I am sorry that you went through that.” 

Me: “I will be fine. I just want you to agree to be my girlfriend.” She clears her throat and tries to move but I hold her down. 

Futhy: “don’t you think you are moving on too fast? I don’t wanna be a rebound Kuhle.” 

Me: “you would’ve been one if I didn’t love you prior the Sthabile saga. Remember how much I loved you and even wished to divorce Sthabile before all the secrets came out?” she nods. “I love you Futhy with my all and I would do anything to have you as my future wife.” She giggles. 

Futhy: “don’t tell me you are proposing.” She says. I just take out an engagement ring from my pocket and slide it into her ring finger. Her eyes pop out. “Kuhle I didn’t say yes!” she shouts. 

Me: “you didn’t say no either.” She laughs. 

Futhy: “you are crazy.” 

Me: “and you love Me.” she giggles. 

Futhy: “you bet your ass I do.” She cups my face and kisses me. I kiss her back. We finally break it. 

Me: “I hope you have your outfit ready for umemulo ka Lisa.” She smiles. 

Futhy: “she has been reminding me about it day and night. You’d swear I am the one coming with Umhlwehlwe.” I laugh. “By the way my siblings and friends are coming.” 

Me: “there is no guest list MaCele plus this is a royal event. Many people are going to be there. I also have to introduce you to my mothers and siblings.” 

Futhy: “you are moving too fast.” 

Me: “MaCele I am a prince so I am not going to have a long engagement. I did say I am going to wife you on Good Friday.” 

Futhy: “how can I forget?” she says sarcastically and I laugh at her. 




This has been a great year for me. Many things have happened at DCC great things and a few problems but I am happy with how we ended our year. I have given my employees their bonuses and to say they were happy would be an understatement. We closed down one of the clubs where we celebrated and drank like there is no tomorrow. 

I am happy that I am going to launch my JHB offices in May and my Cape Town offices in June. I can already foresee the good results of this expansion. I am thinking of sending Zah to be the CEO of the Jo’burg branch because that’s where Mbuso is based but she will have to prove herself for the first four months next year. 

Can you believe that I reconciled with Busi? Well she finally told me that she was jealous of me from a young age. She was jealous of my beauty and my passionate self. She was jealous that I had big dreams at a young age while she had no ambitions at all. I understood her reasoning and forgave her. I am not a bitter person so I don’t hold grudges. We are not best friends but we are okay. 

Right now I am lazing around with my siblings Gcino and Thando Lee Noma and Zah. We were supposed to go to the beach because it’s hot but we decided to go tonight. While chatting Kuhle comes in. he asks for a chance to speak with me and I lead him to the backyard. I was not expecting everything he told me. From the Sthabile saga to the sudden engagement. Love can make you crazy I tell you. 

Me: “aren’t you supposed to be at Nongoma so that you can monitor that everything is done accordingly?”

Kuhle: “I came to see you. I am going back tomorrow midday.” 

Me: “okay let’s go back inside so that I can get you something to eat and drink.” we stand up and head inside the house. I get to the lounge and look at my friends. “Bitches guess who is getting married and is going to become the only queen of the Zulu kingdom? Note the use of the word only.” They jump up screaming and come to hug me. I laugh. 

Noma: “let me see the ring.” I show them the ring. 

Lee: “it’s beautiful. I can’t wait for the wedding. First ever wedding to have two maid of honors.” 

Noma: “yes tase.” I giggle. 

Me: “will see you just now-now. I have to make something to eat for future hubby.” They scream. 

Zah: “flex wena boss lady.” I laugh. 

Thando: “I am so happy for you sisi.” She hugs me again. 

Gcino: “I am just thinking off the chicks I am going to get now that I have a Zulu prince as a brother in law.” We just laugh at him. 

Me: “come.” I pull Kuhle to the kitchen. He sits on the barstool and I start moving around. I dish for him the food I cooked earlier on and serve him. I also take a bottle of flying fish from the fridge open it and give it to him. “Focus on the meat that’s where I poured the love potion.” He laughs. 

Kuhle: “the food is delicious.” 

Me: “my hands do not only draw but they can cook too.” He giggles. 

Kuhle: “you are perfect. And before you lecture me about nobody is perfect you are to me. With all your imperfections flaws and weaknesses. You are perfect and enough for me.” I blush and take out a dumpy in the fridge so that I can cool myself down. He chuckles and continues eating his food. 






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