Today is Saturday the day of the meeting. Sthabile was supposed to arrive yesterday but she came up with a petty excuse. I have been crying since I arrived here yesterday. I didn’t even go downstairs for dinner last night and breakfast today. I understand that I don’t feel any love left for Sthabile because I fell out of love for her long ago. But the situation with my kids is very different. The door opens and my mother walks in with KaMahlaba dad’s second wife. 

I am close with all of them because they treat my mother well and they do love my father. The third wife is MaShezi. She is from Jozini and she has 4 kids with dad. Dad has super sperms I tell you. The fourth wife is MaDubazane and she is from Mhlabuyalingana. She has 5 kids with dad. She has two pairs of twins. The last one is MaMolefe and she is from Mokopane. She is 3 years younger than me. 

She has 2 kids with dad. Many say that she is with dad because of money and fame. I would say otherwise because I have seen how she is with dad but after what Sthabile did to me there is nothing I can put past women. Mother and KaMahlaba sits on either side of my bed. 

Mom: “Konke.” 

Me: “ma.” 

Mom: “talk to us. What is wrong?” I cover my face with my hands. 

Me: “everything ma. First things first you don’t have grandchildren from me.” I remove my hands from my face to look at their reactions. They seem very shocked. 

KaMahlaba: “what are you talking about Sthuli?” all my mothers have a special name in which they call me. My mother calls me Konke KaMahlaba calls me Sthuli which is my clan name and MaShezi calls me Nkosana because I am the first prince. MaDubazane calls me Hlehle. I know it’s a girl’s name but she is my mom and I have a soft spot for all these women. MaMolefe calls me Kgosi which means king. 

Me: “ma Sthabile has been using me all this time. She never loved me. She was just using me for my fame and wealth and security. The kids are not mine. She is dating my number one nemesis. They have been together for a very long time. Even long before we met.” 

KaMahlaba: “yoh.” she stands up. “Let me go call your other mothers.” She leaves. 

Mom: “how did you find out about this?” 

Me: “what do you think Lisa is doing back in the country?” 

Mom: “I am sorry babazi.” She hugs me tight and she sniffs. I know how she love my kids so this must also be hard on her. My other mothers walk in and sit on the bed. MaShezi sits on the couch. She has a spiritual gift so sometimes she isolates herself. 

Me: “did you know ma?” I say looking at her. She shakes her head. 

MaShezi: “your sneaky ancestors are secretive Nkosana. They can be frustrating sometimes.” 

MaMolefe: “what is going on Kgosi?” mom narrates the whole story and when she is done they all cry. 

MaDubazane: “now what is the way forward Hlehle?” 

Me: “I am going to divorce her and banish her from here. But I am still going to take care of my kids. Just that I won’t give her maintenance money because she might maintain herself and forget about the kids.” 

KaMahlaba: “you are kind hearted Sthuli. I would’ve killed her if I were you. This bitch has been toying with you and your feelings for more than 8 years. Divorce and ban is not enough punishment.” 

Me: “father can decide on an intensive punishment but for now that’s what I am going to do myself.” 

Mom: “I wish it was still the older days because she would’ve been stoned to death I am telling you.”

Me: “mom think about the kids.” 

MaMolefe: “she didn’t think about them when she used them as a pawn in her games.” Someone knocks on the door and then enters. It’s the head maid and housekeeper. 

Housekeeper: “Your Majesties the Gcaba family has arrived.” My mothers stand up. 

Me: “please being my kids to me right now the kids only.” 

Housekeeper: “Your Majesty.” She leaves. 

MaShezi: “we will see you downstairs Nkosana. It’s time to play good host.” They all head out. Few moments later the kids get in and rush to my bed. They attack me with hugs. 

Amahle: “Amahle’s father.” 

Me: “daddy’s princess. I missed you so much my princess.” 

Amahle: “I missed you too dad.” 

Me: “how about you champ? Didn’t you miss me?” he rolls his eyes. 

Zweli: “you know I missed you dad. There is no need for me to spell it out.” I laugh because he is always like this. 

Amahle: “he was crying yesterday because mom said we couldn’t come. He said he missed dad.” 

Zweli: “snitch.” He says wanting to hit her. I stop him by taking him and putting him on my lap. 

Me: “you know I love you right?” 

Zweli: “I love you more dad.” He says hugging me. 

Amahle: “I also love you dad.” She says joining in on the hug. We then break it and they sit in front of me. 

Me: “what would you say if I were to tell you that I am not your real dad?”

Amahle: “no!” she shouts and starts crying. “You are my daddy.” I take her into my lap.

Me: “I didn’t say I wasn’t your dad. I am your dad and you are my first princess.” I look at Zweli who looks sad. “And you are my first prince.” I hug him too. I thought it would be easy to let them go but it is not. I have decided that I am going to file for primary custody of them. Thandisile who is MaMolefe’s lastborn come to take them and they go to the play room. I get dressed formally and then head downstairs. 

Me: “morning everyone

I would like us to go to the conference room.” I say and go there. They follow me. I indicate my head bodyguard Mpendulo to follow us. We get inside and settle down. The people in here are my father 3 of the council members my dad’s 2 younger brothers Sbo and Nompilo who is KaMahlaba’s firstborn Sthabile her mother father sister aunt and three uncles. 

Mr. Gcaba: “now can we get down to business?” he says in a firm tone but I know that will disappear soon. I signal Mpendulo to come forward and he hands each and every one evidence about Sthabile’s mischiefs. They all start reading and some gasp as they suck in the information on the papers. I signal Mpendulo again and this time he hands Sthabile another set of papers. Her eyes pop out and she raises them to look at me. 

Sthabile: “Kuhle I…” 

Me: “save it. Those papers state clearly that I am divorcing you and you are not going to get a cent from me. You are also banished from ever entering the royal grounds.” MaShezi grunts and we all look at her. 

MaShezi: “the ancestors want you to cleanse the royal grounds with 3 goats. One for each child and one for the mother. As soon as possible because if you don’t your kids are going to die. The ancestors will show their wrath through them.” Sthabile sniffs. What was she expecting? Playing the royal ancestors and getting away with it? 

Me: “also I am going to file primary custody for my kids meaning they will continue staying with me.” 

Sthabile’s sister: “that’s absurd. You can’t do that because they aren’t your kids.” I chuckle. 

Me: “I have birth certificates stating otherwise and if we were to go to court who would believe a mere commoner over a prince and a future king?” she shuts up. “You will get to spend weekends and school holidays with them but not all the holidays.” 

Sthabile: “Kuhle come on.” 

Me: “sign the papers.” She sits still. I chuckle again. “If you don’t sign them I will sue you for all of the money I have spent on Amahle and Zweli and brother how much is it?” 

Sbo: “roughly seven figures bafo.” She gasps.

Me: “after that I will publicize the divorce and its cause. You want me to do that?” she shakes her head. She takes the pen in front of her and signs. “Don’t even think of playing me when it comes to my babies because you will regret it. Now when are you coming to appease the ancestors?” Mr. Gcaba clears his throat. 

Gcaba: “we will see. Maybe in Good Friday.” Uncle Sakhisizwe laughs. He is the problem solver while Uncle Sakhumuzi is the hot headed one. They are twins. 

Sakhisizwe: “a week is all you have. You have fooled them long enough. There is no need to wait any longer. If you don’t Sthabile’s children will die within two weeks. Make the right choice.” 

Mrs. Gcaba: “fine. We will come back next Saturday with the goats.” 

Me: “that’s good to hear.” 

King: “now leave. If you don’t come back on Friday you are going to regret it. Not only will the kids suffer but your whole family will feel my wrath. LEAVE!” he shouts with a deep voice and they all get up quickly and rush out. 

Mom: “now who is this famous MaCele people have been whispering about?” Sbo and I laugh while dad chuckles. 

Nompilo: “I also would like to see her.” 

Sbo: “just Google her fam. And I am sure she is going to come to Lisa’s umemulo because she is fond of her.” 

Sakhumuzi: “I hope she isn’t as conniving as Sthabile.” 

Sbo: “that one is a self-made millionaire babomncane and soon she is going to be a billionaire because she is very wise and goal driven.” 






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Mmathapelo 2021-02-01 05:43:36

Wat a good way to start a morning thank you 🤗 Now that the divorce is out of the way gao nyeweng tuu😂😂😂😂koor can it get lit already 😊