We get to the hotel hobby. I know I am used to wearing heels but I am kak tired. Zah took care of the money I won so it is going to reflect on my personal account by Monday morning. I think it’s safe to say that I will be worth billions by the end of next year. OMG! It’s actually December. I can’t believe I have not realized that. But no one can blame me though. The last couple of days has been so busy. 

It’s still the first week of December so it’s still okay. I am also just happy that I am going to give my employees bonuses and it isn’t going to leave a wound in my account of the company’s account. Noma shakes me and I look at her. 

Noma: “being a millionaire can make you black out heh?” she asks and they all laugh. 

Me: “no I was just thinking that I didn’t realize that it’s already December.” 

Zah: “yeah the past month has been so busy.” 

Me: “you can say that again.” Kuhle clears his throat and scratches his head. “What is it?” 

Kuhle: “an emergency just came in so we have to leave in about 30 minutes.” 

Danny: “and here I thought I was still going to mingle with these fine African brothers.” They all laugh. 

Noma: “okay. Let’s go then.” They all leave me standing with Kuhle. 

Me: “what is wrong?” 

Kuhle: “I will sort it out don’t worry.” 

Me: “okay.” 

I head to my suite. I first take out my clothes and go shower. When I am done I get dressed in my black Loyalty tracksuits white adidas socks and black Versace palazzo pool sliders. I put on a Loyalty beanie on my head. I pack all my belongings and then head out. Zamoh take my luggage and we all head down to the lobby. We check out and then drive to the airport. 



We land in South Africa around 16:00. I am so tired I need to sleep. We all head to the cars and drive out of the airport. I just put my head on Thobeka’s lap and drift to sleep. I am woken up by someone shaking me. I wake up and sit up straight. I am happy I am home it looks like we are at the garage. We get out and head inside the house. We get to the lounge and I just hear SURPRISE screams. 

I jump up and scream. Wow I wasn’t expecting this. Tears just roll down my eyes. They all bombard me with hugs and kisses. Everyone who knows me is here well almost everyone. Most of my clients the Ntuli brothers Kuhle’s friends my employees my family my second parents (Mr. and Mrs. Hlongwa) and other people. I even see my neighbors. 

Me: “wow hi everyone.” They laugh. 

Xoli: “come change so that we can start the party.” I smile. She leads me to my room. There is a pink pain patchwork high waist wide legs jumpsuit and black Versace virtus leather mules. My eyes pop out because I know they are very expensive.

Me: “don’t tell me you bought these shoes with you money.” She laughs. 

Xoli: “it’s the lobola money boss. I am rich.” 

Me: “NOMXOLISI!” I exclaim. She laughs again. 

Xoli: “kidding. Phumudzo is the one who paid for them.” I smile.

Me: “let me freshen up then I will join you guys in a few.” She leaves. 

I take a quick shower and then get dressed in the clothes they bought for me. I do a quick natural make-up and then head downstairs. I find the people I went with to Libya in different outfits. 

Me: “you guys knew about this?” they all laugh. 

Kuhle: “the main reason why we left Libya in a hurry.”

Me: “wow you conniving…” he raises his eyebrow “Handsome man.” they laugh. 

Lele: “okay let’s go outside.” He takes my head and leads me to the backyard. Wow. This is magnificent. The marque is placed on top of the pool well it covers the pool. The tables and chairs are set on top of the pool. The pool is covered with a pool glass cover. I look at Lele.

Me: “you planned all this?” he shrugs smiling. 

Lele: “something like that but I had a little help from Xoli Thando and Lindsay.” I attack him with a hug. 

Me: “I love you bro and thank you.” 

Lele: “I love you too.” We break the hug and head inside the marque. The award is already next to the cake. The décor is very beautiful. Its 3 shades of pink with white. He escorts me to my chair. 

Me: “thank you.” I sit down. Lindsay and Danny take the mics. Yoh the drama ke nkosi.

Lindsay: “hey guys I am Lindsay.”

Danny: “and I am Danny.” 

Lindsay + Danny: “and we welcome you to Futhy’s Celebratory dinner party.” 

They call a few speakers whose speeches touch me. Like everyone is so loving. It warms my heart. I am actually shocked to see Busi here. She looks happy or maybe she is pretending I don’t know and I don’t care. Lele and Sakhile take the stage and perform their latest collabo which is dope. Thobeka is busy blushing like crazy and I just chuckle. I signal Gcino to come and he comes to my table. 

Gcino: “hey sis.”

Me: “hey. Tell the person who is in charge of the food that I am hungry.” He chuckles and leaves. 

Well starters have been served but I am very hungry. I need real food. Luckily after the performance Danny announces that dinner is served. Food comes and I dig in instantly. While eating everyone turns to look at the entrance. I also turn to see the Zulu royals. Danny ushers them to a vacant table. I guess they knew that the royals are coming. They sit down and they are quickly served with food. 

Danny: “I have never felt as important as I am feeling right now. I am in the presence of the royals celebrities and very influential people. Blue my friend your heart is the reason why everyone is here today. Today we get to see your heart with our own eyes through almost everyone in here.” I giggle and wipe my eyes. These people are turning me to an onion. 

Lindsay: “ncooh you are making her tear up.” everyone looks at me and I just cover my face with my hands. “Never thought I would see the boss lady shy. Things are happening good people.” I just laugh removing my hands from my face and take a sip from my juice. 

Danny: “we would to call Dr. Hlongwa to say a few words about our superwoman here.” Hlongwa comes to the stage and take the mic. 

Hlongwa: “hi angel.” I blush. 

Me: “hey dad.” 

Dad: “yey!” he shouts and we all laugh. 

Hlongwa: “couldn’t you let me get away with this?” dad rolls his eyes and I laugh. “My princess I am over the moon about this. It’s like I am the one who received this award. I have been boasting to almost everyone who cares to give me their attention. I am like ‘this is my daughter she was taught by me and I mentored her.’ Your speech at the ceremony was just a tip of the iceberg. Thank you for making me proud and I wish you all the best in life nana.” I stand up and hug him. I then go back to my seat and wipe my tears. He also goes back to his seat. Lee and Noma takes the stage. 

Lee: “like Dr. Hlongwa

she was taught by me and I mentored her.’ Your speech at the ceremony was just a tip of the iceberg. Thank you for making me proud and I wish you all the best in life nana.” I stand up and hug him. I then go back to my seat and wipe my tears. He also goes back to his seat. Lee and Noma takes the stage. 

Lee: “like Dr. Hlongwa I also feel like I am the one who won this award. My friend I am so happy for you. You know when we first strategized DCC at res we were like ‘we are going to just have an office in Durban where clients will come and see you’. That was during our first year. As the years went by in our third year you changed. I remember this day like it was yesterday. You said ‘listen batase everything is possible when I have a support system like yours so I am going to start a huge company. You know my bursary pays R3000 allowance so I have been saving R1500 every month.’.” noma takes over. 

Noma: “you said ‘I already have R36000 in my bank minus the interest. I know that Dr. Hlongwa is going to give me an internship. When I start working I am also going to continue saving. I am telling you within 6 years I am going to start my own company.” I choke on my tears because I can’t believe they actually remember things I used to say in varsity. 

Lee: “yes we listened to you. Even when you were drunk you would mumble that one day you would walk in a room and not have to introduce yourself because your reputation will precede you.”

Me: “just stop talking.” I stand up and go hug them tight. We just cry in each other’s arms. When we have finally calmed down we break the hug and return to our seats.

Danny: “you guys are friendship goals.” I chuckle. I smile widely when I see Dakalo Maumela Bono and Alu entering the marque. The program continues and time comes for me to say a vote of thanks. I stand and take the mic.

Me: “I depleted my English bundles in Libya.” Everyone laughs. “When I was in my early teens mom bought me a diary I am pretty sure to write how my day was who I saw which boy I liked. But instead of writing I drew. When they both saw my designs dad brought a sketchbook that month end home and mom brought drawing materials. By that time I didn’t even know what an adjustable triangle is but I knew how to use it.” They laugh. “Mommy.” She looks at me with a smile. I clear my throat and start singing. 

“See I remember like it was just yesterday when you told me

That I could be anything

Anything in the world as far as I could dream

You gave something out of nothing its plain to see

God blessed you with a girl that you raised from a kid to a queen

Thank you mama.” I stop and most people cheer and scream. Mom is a crying mess right now. 

Me: “Lwandle’s dad.” Dad looks at me with a smile. His arm is on his wife’s shoulder comforting her. 

“He doesn’t fight crime

Or wear a cape

He doesn’t read minds

Or levitate

But every time my world needs saving

He’s my superman

Some folks don’t believe in heroes 

‘Cause they haven’t met my dad.

He built me a house in the arms of a tree

He taught me to drive and to fight and to dream

When he looks in my eyes I hope he can see

That my dad’s a hero to me

My dad’s a hero to me

My dad’s a hero to me.” I stop singing and look at him. He has his head bowed. I know he is crying. I look around and most people are sniffing. I clear my throat. 

Me: “I am sorry for making you guys emotional. It’s just that Jabu and Lela has done so much for me and I feel like a simple thank you isn’t enough. They are my world and I might not make time to see them as often as I wish but you guys are so important to me. I love you so much.” Tears fall down my eyes and dad comes to hug me. He kisses my forehead. 

Dad: “I love you so much my second love.” 

Me: “I love you too my first love.” he calls me that because Busi is his first love as the first born and I am his second love. We break the hug and he goes back to his seat. “Today they fed me onions so that’s why I am tearing up.” everyone laughs. “Thank you Lele for organizing this. I love you so much bhuti and Busi Thando and Gcino I love you guys so much.” 

“Thank you to everyone who came. You guys are all important and thank you for coming to this last minute dinner.” 

Lele: “actually it wasn’t. It was just a last minute to you.” he says standing next to me. I just chuckle. 

Me: “well enjoy the rest of your evening. FYI I designed and built this house from scratch so this is one of my designs.” 

Zah: “levels boss.”

Me: “nje.” I say smirking and everyone laughs. Danny takes back the mic. 

I go inside the house to change to the sliders I was wearing earlier on and go back outside to mingle with the guests. I go to the Hlongwas first and hug them. They brought their adorable kids with. We hug and they tell me they are leaving. We say our goodbyes and they leave. I then head to my grandparents who are siting with the rest of the family. 

Grandma kisses me on the lips and I giggle. Grandpa hugs me and kisses my cheek. I then move on to some of my clients and colleagues. We exchange hugs and some tell me that they are leaving. I also go to the Ntuli brothers and they congratulate me. I am happy to see that there is no bad blood between Sandile and me. I bid farewells and then go to the Womalena family. They congratulate me and they tell me that they gave the gifts to Thando. I didn’t even know there were gifts. I then move to the Zulu royals. 

Me: “sanibonani and thank you for coming.” 

Lisa: “we wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She ended up not going to Libya because she found out that her parents are planning on doing umemulo for her. 

Mkhululi: “you are beautiful sisi.” I smile. 

Sbo: “wearing pants in the presence of your in-laws makoti. You are going to pay.” I laugh. 

Me: “if we weren’t in my house I would entertain you.” 

Mthembu: “I believe you owe me an apology my queen.” I look at him and then cover my face with my hands. They laugh at me. 

Me: “thank you for saving my life and I am sorry for threatening you.” he chuckles. 

Mthembu: “it’s water under the bridge.” The king stands up. 

King: “take me to your father MaCele.” I smile and lead him to the patio where my father is seated with his brothers. 

Me: “daddy someone wants to talk to you.” he smiles and stands up. 

Dad: “old friend.” They bro hug. I guess dad forgave him.

*Kid X feat Thee Legacy – mama

*Owl City – Not All Heroes Wear Capes






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