Right now I am driving with Kuhle to the hotel where we are meeting Danny and Afrika. I had totally forgot but luckily he called to remind me. I didn’t even go to my house to change because it’s already late. Kuhle has also not changed he is still wearing his suit. 

His guards are driving behind us. He is driving my car. I am kak tired and my feet hurt and I am also a little tipsy. I gave my guards the afternoon off. I mean they are always with me so I have to give them time to breathe plus Kuhle’s guards are here so I am perfectly safe. I yawn and stretch my arms yeah I am that tired. 

Kuhle: “maybe we should just cancel this date.” I shake my head. 

Me: “Danny is going to kill me if I don’t come. Can we pass the petrol station first so that I can get a Monster Energy?” 

Kuhle: “as you wish my queen.” 

He drives to a petrol station goes out and comes back moments later with the energy drink. He hands it to me and I drink it instantly. He drives to the hotel after that. We get there and go to the restaurant. This restaurant is so cozy and private you have to leave your phones at the entrance. It’s a perfect place for people who are having affairs. We hand our phones to the hostess and she hands us cards in return. She then calls a waiter who leads us to our table. 

Danny: “bitch you finally made it!” he shouts as soon as he sees me. I rush and give him a tight hug. 

Me: “how are you babes?” 

Danny: “flourishing as always how are you honey?” 

Me: “I am okay just tired because I started drinking early in the morning.” 

Danny: “drunkard.” I laugh. We exchange greetings with our dates and then settle down. The waiter takes our orders and then leave. 

Me: “why this place of all places?”

Danny: “Blue you’re famous the prince is famous. If we went to a regular restaurant you guys would’ve trended within a few hours and journalists would’ve made their own conclusions plus your outfits are” he shrugs “nawe uyazibonela.” 

Kuhle: “you’re right Danny. I still want to enjoy my relationship with my queen before we let it be known to the public. Thank you for thinking of us.” I turn to look at him with my eyes wide opened. Guys Kuhle is hallucinating. Something is wrong in his head. 

Afrika: “so you guys are an item?”

Me: “actually…” the monster next to me interrupts me. 

Kuhle: “something like that but I wanna get my affairs in order first before I can publicize our relationship. I don’t wanna hide how I feel about her.” I swallow hard. Luckily the waiter brings our drinks at that instant moment. I take the glass of water and gulp it down on one go.

Danny: “my prince you are scaring my friend with your serious talk.” Kuhle turns to look at me and he just kisses me. What the hell? I actually freeze. Danny chuckles and I unfreeze and break the kiss. 

Me: “umm how is work Danny?” I try to change the subject. He giggles and drinks his wine. 

Danny: “boring really. Is it wrong for me to wish to go back to Limpopo?” I shake my head. 

Me: “not at all. There are a lot of things we didn’t have to deal with at that place.”

Danny: “I should thank your employee the one whose wedding we attended. If it wasn’t for her

the one whose wedding we attended. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have met my very own prince charming.” He says looking at Afrika who smiles in return. Aww love is in the air. 

Me: “stop making me jealous. Some of us are single guys.” 

Kuhle: “MaCele if you have nothing better to say just shut up.” I gasp and Danny chokes on his drink. 

Me: “I need to use the restroom.” I stand up and head to where the toilets are. I get there and just rinse my face with cold water from the sink. The restroom door opens and Danny walks in. 

Danny: “bitch what was that?” 

Me: “I don’t know. I think His Majesty is delusional or something.” He bursts out laughing. “This is no laughing matter dear friend. He has been like this since Wednesday or is it Thursday? I am not sure.” I say taking paper towels and wiping my face. 

Danny: “it is rather interesting watching you being uncomfortable.” I squash the paper towel and throw it in his face. He continues laughing. 

Me: “what a friend you are.”

Danny: “hey I didn’t say make the prince fall head over heels in love with you.” 

Me: “ahh let’s just go back to the table. I am famished.” 

Danny: “as you wish my queen.” He bows.

Me: “fuck you.” I pass him and head out. He laughs and follows me. We sit down on the chairs. “So Afrika how is the long distance relationship?” he smiles. 

Afrika: “We are making it work but he has been hinting about coming to stay in JHB for quite some time now.” 

Me: “that’s good. So what are your intentions for my friend?” Danny looks at me.  “Is it wrong of me to ask that?” Afrika smiles. 

Afrika: “you are not wrong. I do wish to take our relationship to the next level but I am going to wait for the distance matter to be solved.” 

Me: “that’s good to hear because if you were planning on playing with his feelings I was going to kill you.” He laughs. 




I have contacted my mother and asked her to call for a meeting which will be next weekend because this weekend I am going to Libya. I also asked her to call Sthabile’s family to be present. I don’t want her saying we chased her out without good reason. I want everyone to know what kind of a woman she is. I really wonder how my ancestors welcome the children into my family when they don’t have my blood running through their veins. 

Futhy has made quite the impression on my siblings even Lisa. They literally call me every day to ask about her. They have become a nuisance because every time they be like ‘where is sis Futhy?’ ‘When are we going to see her again?’ ‘When are you bringing her to the palace?’ they are obsessed I am telling you. My phone rings and the caller is Sthabile. Her name angers me. I answer the call. 

Stha: “hey babe. How are you?” even her voice annoys me. 

Me: “I am fine dear wife. How are you?” 

Stha: “I am good just missing you. The kids also miss you.” 

Me: “we will see each other soon.”

Stha: “which brings me to the message from your mother. She said there is an urgent family meeting. What is it all about?”

Me: “I am clueless like you but I guess we will all find out together next week.” 

Stha: “okay then. Amahle wants to speak to you.” 

Me: “give her the phone.” I hear some shuffling. 

Amahle: “how are you Amahle’s father?” hearing her say that just bring tears to my eyes. I have loved these children with all my heart ever since they were born. I have nurtured them and gave them my all. And now they are going to be taken away from me just like that? 

Me: “I am fine daddy’s princess. I just miss my princess very much.” 

Amahle: “mama said we will see you at the palace.” 

Me: “yes princess. Daddy will see you soon.” 

Amahle: “love you daddy.” 

Me: “love you too princess.” I hang up and just cry. Women are cruel creatures. When I am done mopping around I go visit my lawyer. I get to his firm and go straight to his office. I find him shagging his secretary. “I am sure your orgasms can wait. My matter is very important.” The secretary dresses up quickly and rushes out. 

Phila: “cockblocker.” He says dressing up. I laugh and sit on the couch. 

Me: “some of us are abstaining so asife sonke.” He laughs.

Phila: “in your dreams man.” he sits on his chair. “How can I help you?”

Me: “I want you to draw up divorce papers for Sthabile as soon as possible. She has been using me for all these years we have been together. The kids belong to Gary. I want her to receive nothing and I want the kids to get maintenance every month. I want someone who will buy them clothes and all necessities every month. The money must not go to Sthabile.” 

Phila: “wow. I am sorry man. I didn’t know you were going through this. When did you find out?” 

Me: “a few days ago. I was still trying to process everything and think of my next steps.” He sighs.

Phila: “okay. You will find them ready for you when you come back from Libya.” 

Me: “that would be very good my friend. I have asked for a family meeting next weekend where I am going to expose Sthabile.” 

Phila: “how are you holding up?” he asks in a concerned voice.

Me: “taking each day as it comes. I am going to be okay plus God has blessed me with a magnificent woman so I am going to be fine.” He smiles. 

Phila: “you talking about that fine ass architect slash engineer?” I laugh. 

Me: “fuck you.” 






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Pearl 2021-01-29 07:58:23

Kodwa Futhy, can't you just play along why are you embarrassing our prince😊can't wait for the meeting next weekend💃

Nokuthula Khumalo 2021-01-29 06:41:55

Selfish behaviour Sthabile will affect your kids more than anything, I hope Gary will be there for your sake..... Futhy Love that man unconditionally

Mmathapelo 2021-01-29 02:53:58

I'm happy that there's progress between Kuhle and Futhy but Kuhle's situation is heart breaking sthabile is heartless