By 8pm we arrive at Nongoma and we check in at Nongoma Inn. We go to our rooms I am sharing a room with Thobeka. We get settled in and I take yet another shower. I get dressed in my short pajamas and go take my phone. I sit on the couch and just scroll on my phone waiting for Thobeka who is taking a shower. After she is done she comes back wearing her sleepwear. She is so sexy my brother is lucky to have her.

Me: “let’s go eat supper and then we can rest because we need to be at the site early in the morning.” She wears a coat and put her gun on the pocket. I chuckle. “Who can possible attack me here?” she laughs. I wear my silky gown. 

Thobeka: “you may never know boss.” She takes her phone. We head out and find Mabutho and Zamoh at the door. 

Me: “don’t tell me you guys have been standing here this whole time.” 

Mabutho: “no but we suspected that you might wanna go to the restaurant for supper.” I nod. We get to the restaurant and settle down. 



The next morning I wake up at 4 am and go take a hot shower. I hope Wendy and her team are on the way because if not we are going to have a serious problem. When I am done I head to the bedroom and find Thobeka making the bed. We exchange greetings and she heads to the bathroom. I get dressed in leopard panel tee and joggers set with a two tone drawstring waist coat and black sneakers. 



We get to the site without even having breakfast. I find the construction workers and the site manager outside the office. We get to where they are standing and I clear my throat so that I can get their attention. They all turn to look at me. 

Me: “morning everyone. I am very saddened about what occurred here yesterday. Not only did one of the workers get hurt but we lost money and right now we are losing time. Your task today is to get rid of the material that was damaged and clean the site. After that you can go home and come back after two weeks. You will get notified about your return date and don’t worry you are going to get paid for the two weeks you will spend staying at home.” 

Site manager: “now get to work so that you can leave early.”

They get to work and I head inside the office with the site manager whose name is Jabu. 

Me: “what really happened Jabu?” I ask sitting down.

Jabu: “I really don’t know boss. We were actually done with the walls of the first floor.”

Me: “didn’t you first dig the basement area?”

Jabu: “eish that.” he says scratching his head and I just sigh. Why did God give me amateur workers this time around?

Me: “ayy I will see you.” I wear protective construction gears. I then head to where the construction workers are. “I am going to lend you guys a hand.” They all seem confused but they don’t say anything. 



It’s 13:40 right now and we started working around 8am. I am kak tired. I decide to stop working. I head to the office and take off the protective gear. I say goodbye to Jabu and the workers and then head to the parking lot. I find the guards with two of Kuhle’s brothers. 

Thobeka: “you look tired.” I take off my coat and hand it to her.

Me: “wanted to do something to keep me busy so I helped with moving the equipment around.” Mabutho hands me bottled water and I drink it. 

Mkhululi: “sawubona sisi.” I smile and look at them. 

Me: “hey guys. What brings you here?” 

Nqaba: “bhuti said we must bring you food because he suspected that you haven’t eaten since morning.” I chuckle. 

Me: “is he psychic or something?” they laugh. “Is there a place where we can sit down and eat?”

Mkhululi: “there is an open field which is not far from here. You can sit there.” 

Me: “okay. Drive and we will follow.” We get into the cars and drive behind their cars. 




I get to the hospital where Landile is admitted. The receptionist tells me where his ward is at so I go there. I get inside the ward and find him talking with a white woman. I clear my throat and they both turn to look at me. 

Landile: “may I help you?”

Me: “I need to speak to you alone.” 

White woman: “we will talk later.” She stands up and heads out. I shut the door after her and go sit on the visitors’ chair. 

Me: “I am Nomxolisi by the way and I work for Futhy Cele.” He chuckles. 

Landile: “she sent you here? Couldn’t she come herself?” 

Me: “she is the owner of a huge company. She has responsibilities. As we are speaking

she is at Nongoma trying to do damage control for the mess that happened there.” 

Landile: “so why are you here?” 

Me: “I am here to tell you that what happened was a mistake. It could’ve happened to anyone. We are very saddened by it. We wish you a speedy recovery but please don’t tell the press about the accident. DCC is going to pay you for the whole time while you are sitting at home recovering. They will actually triple your pay.” He chuckles.

Landile: “is this your way of buying my silence?”

Me: “actually sir this is just standard procedure. You see if you tell anyone about this accident especially the press you will be sued because you will be breaching your contract. You signed a non-disclosure agreement where you agreed not to disclose anything that happens in the site. The consequences of you going to the press will lead to you being unemployed for the rest of your life.” He huffs.

Landile: “I didn’t say I will go to the media.” 

Me: “ungaphika nabamhlophe. They will leave you poor after they benefit from this scandal. Do the right thing sir and think about your family. They may promise you maybe a hundred thousand but will that last you for your whole life?” I stand up. “You will get your salary on the agreed date. Don’t take a decision that you will regret for the rest of your life.” I head out. 

Zah told me that there might be a sabotage on this issue and that the person responsible for this might come to Landile and offer him a deal so I had to act fast. I get to the parking lot and climb inside the car. The driver drives to gateway where we do groceries and then head home. I can’t wait for tomorrow where I will be Phumudzo’s wife traditionally. 



We get to Durban and it’s already 9pm. We get to my house and have supper which we bought at KFC. I loved the food that the Zulu brothers brought. It was so delicious. It was a home cooked. They said it was prepared by one of the maids. We then head to our rooms. I shower wear my night dress and then get to bed. I call Noma and inform her about this issue I am facing at work. She is also my company lawyer. 

When I am done I contact Xoli and she tells me about the conversation she had with Landile what a chancer. When I am done I receive a text from Lisa saying she has some information and she would like to see me tomorrow before they leave because they are headed to Nongoma. I tell her that I will come tomorrow morning. I then say my night prayer and then drift to sleep. 






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