When I am done showering I wear my vest with sweatpants and socks and then head downstairs. I don’t bother waking up Lisa because there is a possibility that she hasn’t slept for a week. When she is investigating something she doesn’t take long. She sleeps when she is done with that investigation even if it takes her days. I make a cup of coffee for myself and head to the lounge. 

I sit down and just drink my coffee. That’s another thing about me. When I am angry or sad I prefer coffee not alcohol. Hours later and 4 cups of coffee later the front door opens and heavy footsteps make their way to the lounge. I raise my head to see dad standing in the doorway. He frowns when he sees my face. He takes off his coat and come to sit next to me. 

I lay my head on his lap and start sobbing loudly. He doesn’t say anything he just brushes my back lightly. After a few minutes I stop crying and by now I already have hiccups. I sit up and wipe my eyes. He looks at me hoping that I can start talking. 

Me: “my whole marriage has been a lie dad. Sthabile doesn’t love me. Amahle and Zwelibanzi are not my kids. She has been fooling me for all these years. I really can’t believe her. I guess Zwelibanzi looks like me because his mother hated me while she was pregnant with him.” 

Dad: “how did you find out about this?” 

Lisa: “I thought I heard voices.” She says standing at the doorway yawning. “Hi daddy.” He turns to look at her. 

Dad: “hey prodigal daughter.” She chuckles.

Lisa: “should I cook something for dinner?”

Dad: “don’t bother. I don’t want you cooking software and desktops for us.” Lisa and I both laugh. Dad can be crazy sometimes but he is right. The only thing that Lisa knows are computers. I doubt she even know how to fry an egg. 

Lisa: “give me the benefit of the doubt dad.”

Dad: “go and freshen up. Your other brother is coming with our dinner.”

Lisa: “okay.” She heads upstairs. 

Dad: “I guess I know the how of the story now.” I nod. “But why?”

Me: “Garry who is Sthabile’s baby daddy is an app developer. Sthabile has helped him steal three of my apps before I could even launch them. That was one of the reasons why she dated and married me. The second one is securing the bag.”

Dad: “what do you wanna do about this issue?”

Me: “I really want to kill her but I don’t want the kids to suffer. Even though they are not mine I still love and care for them.”

Dad: “what are you going to do then?”

Me: “first things first I am divorcing Sthabile and I wanna banish her from Nongoma. She isn’t going to get a cent from me. Luckily I married her out of community of property. I just wanna get someone who will be the guardian and caregiver of the kids whom I will trust with the kids’ money because I wanna continue maintaining them.”

Dad: “you are a good man son and I am proud to be your dad. I will find that someone who will be the caregiver. When are you serving the papers?”

Me: “I am going to meet up with my lawyer and have him draw up the papers. I will strip her off even the cars and the cards. She has been using me as a walking ATM for far too long. Let me just freeze her cards right now.” I take my phone and freeze her cards instantly. Dad chuckles. “How long are you going to be here?”

Dad: “I am going to leave Sunday afternoon.”

Me: “what were you doing when I called you?”

Dad: “was in the middle of the silly conflict about these brothers from Mtuba who are fighting for the chieftaincy.”

Me: “why would they fight for it? Isn’t the first son entitled?”

Dad: “well the first son is an ex-convict and he is also half royalty also his mother wasn’t married to the chief. The second son is a full blood and he has a ‘clean record’.” He says using air quotes. I just chuckle. 

Me: “so you ended up not solving it?”

Dad: “yes. You needed me. But I was also with your uncle so I left him. You know how his problem-solving skills are.” 

Me: “you did well.”

Dad: “well thank you your majesty.” He says sarcastically and we both laugh.



Sbo comes with dinner and we all sit around the table and eat. Dad tells him about the current situation. Sbo is an opposite of me and he tends to do things without thinking. He has anger issues. He may be funny and all but he is very violent and can be dangerous. Mom always say that our personalities switched because I was the one who was supposed to be like him. 

Dad calms him down and makes him see reason. Luckily he calms down and relaxes but he ends up saying Sthabile is going to pay one way or the other. He doesn’t care how he will. I know well than to argue with him so I just keep my mouth shut. I don’t know how we are going to tell the whole family about this. My second and third mother don’t like Sthabile so I am pretty sure they are going to be happy. 

My own mother tolerates her but you will never see them having lunches or shopping sprees together bonding and doing all the mother in law and daughter in law kind of things. My younger sister from my second mother dad has five wives by the way

dad has five wives by the way she is one of the few people in my family who genuinely cares for Sthabile. If I were to take another wife I am sure she wouldn’t be a fan.




I get to Kuhle’s office and when his PA tells me that he is not coming to work to work today I ask for his home address. She doesn’t give me any hassles she just give me the address. Zamoh drives me there. This time around I just bought a Spur meat platter. We get to Kuhle’s house and the guards just let me in without asking questions. I climb off the car and head to the front door with the platter in my arms. In my other hand I am carrying a plastic with juice and chocolate. 

I ring the doorbell and a few seconds later he opens the door. Okay something is wrong because he doesn’t look like the Kuhle I know. His eyes are puffy red which indicates that he has been crying. I wonder what is wrong. I love and care about him so seeing him in this state breaks my heart. 

Kuhle: “I already know that you are here to ask for a favour.” He says smiling and taking the platter from my hands. He turns to head inside and I follow him. 

Me: “you know what they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” He leads me to the kitchen and places the platter on the counter. I also place the plastic on the counter.

Kuhle: “you already have my heart don’t worry.” I place my bag in the counter and go hug him. He hugs me back tightly. 

Me: “you wanna talk about it?” he shakes his head. 

Kuhle: “not now. But I am really glad to see you. You being here in my arms heals me.” I melt like butter in his arms. I break the hug and look at him. 

Me: “you’re alone?”

Kuhle: “no I have guests but I am sure they will love to meet you.” He says taking my hand and leading me to what I think is the lounge. My throat goes dry when I see the king sitting there with a little girl and Sbo. I don’t care about the two other people that are with him. I am just embarrassed by what transpired at Limpopo. They all turn to look at us me specifically. He smiles and I just look down. 

King: “MaCele what a pleasure to see you again.” I raise my head and look at him. 

Me: “hi your majesty.” He laughs. 

King: “call me dad.” 

Me: “my father is very jealous of that name.” he chuckles. 

King: “call me baba then.”

Me: “that’s doable.” Kuhle leads me to a two seater couch. He sits down and I sit next to him.

Kuhle: “I am still stuck on the again part.” 

Sbo: “me and you both brother.”

King: “remember that meeting your brother’s and I went in Limpopo? That’s where I met her. She was with her friend Daniel. How are you feeling?” he asks and I know he is asking about the ants issue.

Me: “I am well baba. Whatever that man in a suit gave me really helped.” 

King: “he said you will have to appease the ancestors with a goat for swearing at him that day.” My eyes pop out. 

Me: “isn’t that a bit extreme?” he laughs. 

Little girl: “can someone please tell us what us going on?” she says in a rather strong voice.

King: “we met at a lodge in Limpopo. They were intoxicated. They wanted to eat breakfast there but the hostess chased them away because they were barefoot.” 

Kuhle: “why were you guys barefoot?”

Me: “we had been wearing heels the whole night.” He nods. 

King: “so my sons dismissed the hostess and asked for a table. I ordered them to join us. MaCele ordered juice. When the drinks came she poured her juice in the glass but when she drank it let’s just say it had fire ants. Mthembu gave her a portion and she said if something happens to her because of the portion she will do something bad to Mthembu.” They all laugh and I just cover my face with my hands. 

Little girl: “you are brave. I am Lisa by the way and don’t introduce yourself. I already know you. I am the one who made that picture go away.” She says looking at me and I already know that she is talking about the nude.

Me: “thank you.”

Lisa: “you are my brother’s lady friend so you are practically family.” I chuckle at the lady friend part.

Sbo: “I am sure you brought food.” I chuckle. 

Me: “it’s lunch hour so I couldn’t come empty-handed.” 

Lisa: “is it enough for everyone?”

Me: “it’s more than enough.”

King: “then Lisa go and set the table with Sbo.” They immediately leave. “Should I tell her son?”

Kuhle: “not now dad. I still have to figure some things out first.” The king nods. 

King: “so your father is Siyabulela Cele?” I nod. “That man yoh he was the life of the party. We always got into trouble when we were together. Even my mother hated him at some point.” I frown while looking at him. 

Me: “you know my father?”

King: “know is an understatement. Your father was the go to man. We both studied at Ongoye. At some point we were roommates.”

Me: “why doesn’t he talk about you though?”

King: “we grew apart. Someone told me false information about him in order to break our friendship. When I discovered the truth it was too late. Your father is not the forgiving type.” 

Me: “he is now. When was the last time you saw or spoke to him?”

King: “a few years back.”

Me: “he listens to me so if you wanna reconcile with him you can tell me.” he chuckles. 

King: “I will think about it.”






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