I met up with Mvelo and Sandile two days. We talked about a lot of things but I finally let them free and told them that there won’t be anything that will happen between us. I also apologized to them. I also told Sandile about me sleeping with Kuhle. I just didn’t want him to feel bad about cheating on me because I also cheated on him. He was furious he stormed out of the restaurant. But he came back an hour later and accepted my apology. 

We are supposed to be going to Libya in two weeks. I am with Aria and Zah in my office and they are busy searching for the accommodation. I was so stressed about what I was going to wear at the ceremony but I received a call from Simamiso. She said she saw on my interviews that I am attending awards. She asked if she could design the perfect dress for me. I was just happy that someone came to my rescue. She said she is going to bring the dress next Monday. 

Aria: “I am finding Corinthia Hotel. I just need to know the number of people who are going there.”

Zah: “fuck Radisson Blu is fully booked. How many people are going with you boss?”

Me: “my parents my three guards you guys Danny and Kuhle.”

Aria: “so it’s 10 people?” I nod. Zah taps on her iPad and turn to me.

Zah: “actually the AAA sorted out your accommodation. For you and five other people.” 

Me: “oww wow okay. My rents with Danny and Kuhle will have to sort out their accommodation but you can check if space is still available at the Corinthia Hotel Aria.” 

Zah: “do check and then I will send them every details so that they can secure their rooms.” 

Me: “please but tickets for them. I need to check Kuhle but I will go to his office tomorrow.” Zah’s phone rings and she leaves to answer it. She comes back after a few minutes. 

Zah: “there is a Lufuno who is here to see you boss.” 

Me: “finally. Go and meet up with her and take her to HR. she will be working at the interior designing department. I loved her work so much. It’s unique and out of this world. It has that African touch that can make you feel at home even if you are not at home.” 

Aria: “home away from home type of thing?” I laugh. 

Me: “yes.” 

Zah: “okay. I will come back in a few.” She heads out.




Having a boss like Futhy is so awesome. She gave me the long weekend off so that I can prepare for the lobola negotiations which are taking place this weekend. I am the one who talked to Simamiso after she told Futhy she will be designing her dress. So I bought her heels jewelry and purse which she will pair with the dress. I left those things on top of her bed because I left after she had gone to work. 

Phumudzo being the over caring and over protective fiancé that he is he has hired a driver for me who takes me wherever I wanna go. At first we argued about this but at the end of the day his word was the law. I have a lot of money from my bank account which was my salary since I hardly use it for anything. There is also money that Phumudzo deposited in my account he calls it a ‘fiancé allowance’. Drama. 

I tell the driver to drive to UMlazi to pick up my cousin Thelumusa who is the daughter of my mother’s older sister. She has a twin and his name is Nkosi. So together they are iNkosi iThelumusa. They go to the Zion church. There is this saying that Zion people say when they are about to sit down after preaching which is ‘inkosi ithelumusa’. I don’t know what it means but auntie named them that because they are her last kids. Maybe she was indicating that she is done giving birth. 

We get to UMlazi and find her already waiting with her bags at the gate. Lol she can be crazy. She knows if I get inside to greet aunty I will never leave because she is a radio gogo. I climb off the car and we exchange greetings and hugs. 

Me: “you don’t want me to greet her? You know how she is going to make it seem like I am disrespectful when she is telling mom that I didn’t even greet her.” She huffs.

Thelu: “fine but tell her that you are not staying.” I laugh and we both head inside. The minute I see her she starts ululating and showers me with hugs and kisses. Gosh. We exchange greetings and sit down. 

Aunty: “Musa go make tea for your sister. Also take the scones on top of the fridge.” I have to stop her now because she won’t stop talking.

Me: “auntie I am meeting my fiancé in town. I have to hurry because he is leaving to his hometown in an hour. There is something that he wants to give me.” 

Aunty: “okay but you have to take scones and give them to your mother. I baked them especially for her.” They are so close

you’d swear they are always together. Whenever mom is back from the navy they always spend time doing lunches and shopping sprees and gossiping. 

Me: “okay auntie.” She goes to the kitchen and comes back with the bowl and hands it to me. I stand up and we hug again. 

Aunty: “I will see you guys on Friday.” 

Thelu: “bye ma.” 

We head out. We get to the car and the driver opens the door for me. I climb inside and he closes it. Thelu rushes to the front sit and gets settled without saying anything. I just chuckle and tell the driver to drive to town. We get to town and Thelu leads me to this African boutique. We buy a dress with an Ankara print which is yellow and black. We then buy a matching doek. 

When we are done we head to gateway where we buy black sandals. Phela this is not a formal occasion. Just amalobolo so there is no need for high heels. When we are done we go to liquor store to buy booze. We will buy the groceries tomorrow. When we are done buying booze we go load it in the car and go to Nandos for late lunch. While waiting for our order I see Phumudzo Phila and Phiwa making their way inside Nandos. I just chuckle. Surely his driver told him where I am at. They get to our table and they first greet Thelu. She doesn’t know who these men are and has never seen my fiancé. 

Phumudzo: “rato laka.” I smile and look at him. He sits down next to me and kisses my cheek. 

Phiwa: “don’t stop on our account we know you were going to kiss her lips.” He says while he and his twin sit down on either sides of Thelu who is dumbstruck. I just laugh and he chuckles. 

Phumudzo: “I am respecting my in-law. I am Phumudzo by the way and you must be Thelumusa.” He says extending his hand. Thelu shakes it. 

Thelu: “you are the fiancé?” 

Phumudzo: “yes I am.” 

Thelu: “your face is familiar.” 

Phila: “I am sure you have seen him somewhere darling. He is a businessman.”

Phiwa: “by the way I am Phiwa and I am nobody’s fiancé so maybe we can try.” 

Phila: “no brother I saw her first.” They continue arguing and we just laugh at them.




Prince Kuhle was sitting in his study at his house. He lived in Mhlanga Rocks. He is an app developer so was trying to fix an app that had glitches. It was launching in a week so it had to be perfect. He knows that his family is rich he doesn’t need to work but creating apps is his thing. The door of his study opened and his younger sister walked in. she is a hacker the best in the country but she chooses to remain anonymous because she can easily get killed because of her skills. 

She lives in Ecuador because she is running away from family drama and she may or may have not created herself dangerous enemies. She comes to South Africa only if it’s important. Her brother stood up and attacked her with a hug. They are very close. She sat on her brother’s chair and he sat on the desk.

Kuhle: “so what brings you to South Africa?”

Princess Lisakhanya: “you remember that app developer Garry?”

Kuhle: “the one who always develops lame apps and always trying to steal my apps and actually succeeded in stealing 3 of them?”

Lisa: “yes. I have recently discovered that he is your baby daddy.” Kuhle frowned.

Kuhle: “what?”

Lisa: “no I mean all your ‘supposed kids’ are his. He and Sthabile are an item. Have been since the beginning of time.” Kuhle stood up and went to sit on the couch so that he could lie back and process these news that his sister is coming with. He knew that his sister is hardly in the country so if she comes to him it must be because this is serious and important.

Kuhle: “what are you trying to say Lisakhanya?”

Lisa: “that both Amahle and Zwelibanzi aren’t your kids. This bitch actually used you to secure the bag and secure her kids’ future and also fame.”

Kuhle: “how did you find out?”

Lisa: “I actually hacked her Instagram. She knows that if you were to be suspicious of her you’d go to WhatsApp text messages or call log for evidence. She knows that you’d never think of Instagram DMs.”

Kuhle: “so they are still dating?”

Lisa: “and very much in love. Remember the vacation she went to with her friend in Madagascar? It was actually a romantic getaway. Most of the vacations she goes to without you are romantic getaways with her baby daddy.”

Kuhle: “are you trying to say that she never loved me? All this was just a game to her? She was pretending?” he asked getting upset. “How come none of these kids are mine? I have never had protected sex with her.”

Lisa: “she was always careful with you. But she had to fall pregnant because she couldn’t allow herself to be called infertile by the family. She did what she had to do.”

Kuhle: “I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this.” He kept on repeating the same words while pacing up and down. Lisa knew that this would be his reaction so she came prepared. She took out a sedative from her backpack and injected him on the neck. He fell down and it was lights out.




I wake up with a heavy head. I am glad I am awake. I just had this crazy nightmare where I found out that my kids aren’t actually mine. Serves me right for falling asleep during the day. I look next to me and I frown when I see that the woman who is sleeping next to me isn’t my wife. I look carefully and when I see that it’s my sister my eyes pop out. 

So I wasn’t dreaming. She was really here and she came to tell me the truth about my babies’ paternity. I really don’t know how to react to these news. I get up from the bed and go sit on the couch with my phone on my hand. All my life I have never imagined my babies not being mine. But why Sthabile? Why did you have to do me like this?

Tears fall from my eyes and I don’t bother wiping them. I open my phone and I die a thousand deaths as my wallpaper comes to display. It’s a photo of Sthabile and my babies. They took it when they were in a vacation in Drakensburg. Sthabile is going to pay for this. I open my phone and call my human diary a person whom I know will always be there for me and will drop everything to be by my side when things go south. He answers immediately. 

Dad: “son I am in a meeting can you call me later?” I just release a loud sob and he keeps quiet immediately. 

Me: “I need you dad.” 

Dad: “okay son. Don’t cry. I will be there in a few hours.” I nod. 

Me: “okay dad.” I hang up and wipe my tears. 

A person who doesn’t know me might be surprised by my reaction. I don’t have anger issues. When I am faced with a situation which I can’t see to handle I don’t go around destroying furniture. When it’s personal like this I allow myself to feel the pain and actually cry because my father said that it’s okay to be vulnerable and to release the pain through showing different emotions. He told me that I mustn’t try to be strong or ignore the pain hoping that it will go away. 

I go to the bathroom take off my clothes and get inside the shower. I open the cold water and just allow myself to cry. Images of me laughing and having fun with my kids flash in my mind. Sthabile is one brave woman. How could he allow me to introduce my children to our ancestors knowing very well that they aren’t mine? She knows very well how powerful royal ancestors are. 

I have been with Sthabile for more than 10 years and I can’t believe she actually didn’t love me for all this time. Wow women are clever creatures. How can you sleep with your boyfriend’s enemy for 10+ years? What kind of a boyfriend can allow you to do that? 

Sthabile and Garry deserve each other. I am happy that she isn’t here. She went to visit her parents and they will be coming back after two weeks. Now I know that there might be a possibility that she is with Garry and they are playing happy family with their kids. Fuck my heart hurts. It feels like it has been ripped right out of my chest. 






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Mmathapelo 2021-01-18 21:23:42

💃💃Now futhy can get her happy ending thanks to sthabile n her stupidity she lost a good man xaam

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Halala, now Futhy can be the royal wife.. sorry Kuhle that's life, some people are very selfish shame..

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