My phone rings waking me up from my deep slumber. I take it under my pillow answer it and places it on my ear. I do not even check to see who is calling.

Me: “mmm.”

Lele: “what? You’re still sleeping? Have you seen your video? You are trending sisi. Over 1 million viewers on YouTube. The twitter is buzzing. People on Instagram are sharing it my fans are going crazy about my dancing sister.” I sit up and yawn stretching my arms. Sbu’s voice is so high so it wakes you up itself.

Me: “Sbu wait. What are you talking about?”

Lele: “your video twerking last night at Club F. people love you. I am even thinking of featuring you on my next music video.”

Me: “did you say 1 million viewers?”

Lele: “yeah. My publicist posted it on my YouTube channel so most of my fans saw it there and started tweeting and sharing it.”

Me: “OMG. This is going to attract unnecessary spotlight. I was just having fun. I only realized that I was being recorded when I was done dancing. Please control this shit. I don’t need any crazy publicity.”

Lele: “okay I will try. See you in a week.”

Me: “bye bro. I love you.”

Lele: “I love you too.” He hangs up. 

I stand up and head to the bathroom. I wash my face brush my teeth and take a warm shower. After that I wrap my body in a towel and go back to my bedroom. I sit on the bed and take my phone. I go through all my social media accounts and it’s true I am trending. God I pray this video doesn’t reach my parents. I stand and make my bed. I lotion my body wear my yellow short dress and head to the kitchen. I find Kgomotso preparing lunch I greet her and then sit on the barstool.

Me: “K please prepare on the guest bedroom. We will be having another person who will be living here full time. She is coming tomorrow evening.”

Her: “what is her job?”

Me: “she is my second assistant. Mom said I need her to organize my day to day life outside work.”

Her: “downstairs or upstairs?”

Me: “downstairs.” She hands me the food and I start eating. The front door opens and Lee gets in followed by Noma. They both have spare keys to my house and I also have keys to theirs. They are wearing shorts crop tops big hats and sunglasses. “If I didn’t know better I’d say you are going to the beach.”

Lee: “well the sun is out the wind is flowing. It is a great day to visit the beach.”

Me: “K please pack everything that I will need at the beach. Place my orange bikini on top of the bed.”

Kgomotso: “okay.”

Noma: “and you will be joining us. You know I don’t take no for an answer.” She giggles and head upstairs. These two help themselves with the food on the table. Kgomotso always makes extra food just in case I don’t get full.

Lee: “let’s go with the Amarok today so that we can pack the camp chairs nicely and also the booze and the food.”

Me: “I am not driving.”

Noma: “fine I will drive and I invited bhut bae to our outing.”

Me: “we are finally meeting him?”

Noma: “yes”

Lee: “can’t wait. I just hope there will be hunks at the beach umuntu angazitholi esebambe ikhandlela.” We laugh. We know how Noma gets phambi kwendoda. Uyikonoshela akubukise ngabantu. I finish eating then head upstairs. I put my bikini on and put on the dress I was wearing again. I take my phone wallet and car keys and go back downstairs. Noma is busy tapping her phone with a frown on her face.

Me: “what’s up?”

Noma: “pictures of you and Shamase dancing and sitting looking cozy are circulating on social media. His bitches are shading you and some of his fans are excited that he is dating an independent business woman. Some are calling you a cougar.” Well Mvelo is 27 years so 2 years difference.

Me: “fuck this is the shit I was running away from. I told him and Kuhle that I don’t wanna associate myself with celebrities because they attract drama.”

Lee: “who is Kuhle?” fuck I don’t remember telling them about K.

Me: “prince Kuhle. He is a client and he wanted us to hang out because I am fun.”

Lee: “just get Lele’s publicist to control this.”

Me: “the thing is Mvelo is interested in me so I might dismiss these allegations of us dating and he might say another thing.”

Noma: “we need to get to his place. I am pretty sure he is still nursing his hangover.”

Me: “yeah let’s go. Come Kgomotso we will start at Glenwood then we will go to the beach.” 

We all get in the car and I drive out. We arrive at Mvelo’s house the gate is opened and there are cars parking outside. Is this dude having a party? We get out of the car and get inside the house because the door is wide open. OMG so many male species in one place. Most of them are his team mates there are also girls which I suspect are the girlfriends or wives. We stand at the door awkwardly.

Me: “good afternoon everyone.” They all turn their heads to our direction. Holy fuck all these eyes staring at me are giving me creeps. It’s like they are seeing aliens all of them aren’t saying a thing. Mvelo stands up and come to us. He gives me a hug and a peck on the lips. Isn’t that how normal couples greet each other? Then why is he treating me like his girlfriend? 

Him: “I knew you’d come back. Gents this is u Ntombifuthi but I call her MaNdosi.” We all exchange greetings.

Me: “can we talk in private?” he nods and leads me to the kitchen.

Him: “are you okay?”

Me: “considering the current news I am fine. I am just not happy about the allegations made by people that you and I are an item.”

Him: “aren’t we an item?”

Me: “Mvelo having sex does not automatically change my views about relationships. I don’t do relationships. Yeah we vibed and connected yesterday but that was just it nothing more. You’re a great guy and you deserve someone who is on the same page with you not me.”

Him: “but I want you.” He say pulling me to him by my waist. His touch send tingles all over my body but that’s not why I am here.

Me: “Mvelo please.” He doesn’t listen but he goes straight to sucking and nibbling my neck. I try to stay strong but I find myself moaning. He kisses my chin and comes to my mouth to smashes his lips on mine. I also respond to the kiss because he has defeated me. He finally breaks the kiss and stare straight into my eyes. I clear my throat.

Me: “Please fix this. Call your publicist Ndonga. I don’t need bad press.”

Him: “you saying my clan names makes me hard. By the way you look beautiful and super sexy in that dress.” He says quickly carrying me and placing me on the kitchen counter. I scream out of shock because nobody has ever carried me that quickly.

Me: “can you be serious just for a minute?” his hands rub my thighs up and down. Dear God can he please stop seducing me because I am already soaking wet?

Him: “if you want to keep this between us then I am game.”

Me: “there is nothing going on between us. I have somewhere to be please take me down.” He picks me up but doesn’t put me down forcing me to wrap my legs around his waist. “Mvelo I have to go. The girls and I are having a girls’ day out at the beach. I don’t wanna keep them waiting.” He carefully places me down.

Him: “okay. I will sort this out. When am I seeing you again?” uyanya Andizi. I walk to the doorway and look at him.

Me: “never.” I rush out to the living room where everyone is seated before he can reply. He comes running behind me and holds me from behind. He whispers in my ear.

Him: “we will see about that.” I turn and look at him.

Me: “you don’t know where I stay you don’t have my number so good luck.” I smirk. I turn my attention to his friends. “Guys it was nice meeting you but we have to dash. We have a party of our own to go to.”

Cebo: “Lee has already invited us to your outing so we were just waiting for you guys. Let’s go.” What the fuck? I was expecting that from Noma not her. I stare at Lee and she avoids my eyes and clears her throat. Great just great. What could possibly go wrong?

Khaya: “we will buy booze to add on this and buy meat at Bluff so that we can have a braai.”

Noma: “okay. That’s settled. Let’s go.” She says excitedly getting up and everyone stands up.

Mvelo: “where are we going?”

Kgomotso: “warner beach.” they all head out leaving me and Mvelo inside the house.

Me: “me and you in public together again? Lord have mercy on my soul.” I head out.



We go buy booze meat and snacks and go chill at the beach. It’s actually not as bad as I thought it will be. Although Mvelo is sitting next to me he is not being a nuisance. We are all just chatting like friends and even though there are couples here they are not acting all lovey dovey as if they started dating yesterday. Noma’s boyfriend arrives. He is cute and shy a complete opposite of Noma. But people do say opposite attracts. Yoh she is blushing like a teenage and I am happy that my friend is in love.

Me: “so Khanya how old are you?”

Khanya: “I am 26.” My friends and I are the same age.

Lee: “you have no problem with Noma being a bit older than you?”

Khanya: “love has no barriers. Whether she is older or I am older doesn’t matter. What matters is what we feel for each other and I do love her.”

Me: “ncooh when I grow up I wanna be just like you and find my soul mate.” I say in a childish voice and everyone laughs.

Cebo: “but Futhy your soul mate is right beside you.” I don’t comment on that. Instead I stand up and take off my dress.

Me: “I came here to swim and chill. I don’t know about you guys but the ocean is calling me.” 

Noma and Lee laugh and they also take off their clothes. Kgomotso follows pursuit and we all go and swim. After a minute or two the guys join us. We are not really swimming but we are just playing with water. It is cooling our bodies with its perfect temperature. We finally get out of the water and go back to where everyone is sitting. I go to my car to take a towel I wrap it around my body and go back to the crew. I find someone sitting on my camp chair this is awkward. Mvelo indicates that I should come and sit on his lap. I roll my eyes and go sit on top of him. I am a big girl so if he finds me heavy I don’t care he offered.

The other guys are braaing the meat and we are munching on the snacks and drinking. A lady who was introduced as Nolwazi looks at Mvelo and I and smiles.

Nolwazi: “you guys make a very beautiful couple. You complement each other’s skin and personalities.” 

Khutso: “you’re right and Futhy I love your skin. It’s so beautiful and flawless. What products do you use?”

Me: “you can consult my dermatologist Dr. Nokukhanya Mnguni. She is good at what she does and she can refer you to products you can use according to your skin because you can use the products that I use and later find out that they are harmful to your skin and then come back and blame me uyayibona leyonto.”

Khutso: “okay. Where is her office located?”

Me: “in uMzimkhulu. You can find her contact details on Google.”

Nosisa: “why don’t you hit the gym and burn off that fat on your body? I mean you are rich aren’t you? You can afford any gym membership. I am pretty sure guys love your pussy not you.” Noma chuckles bitterly wait for it. I am not even going to entertain this chick.

Noma: “how long have you known Futhy?” she asks looking at Nosisa. She doesn’t answer. “What makes you think she will take your stupid idiotic advice? What is wrong with her weight? Who said women should wear size 26 to 34? Not everyone was born to be skinny. Some of us were born to be chubby and we really don’t care what everyone thinks about our weight because our parents loved us as we are. I am a size 36 mna and I am so fucking proud of my weight and so is Futhy. Your comment to her is like a drop of water in an ocean. It won’t make any difference because she is not depending on you to put food on her table. She is perfect curvy with a flawless skin. If I start dissing your body you will wish you stayed in bed today so let me tool.” She takes a long sip on her cider. “Nxa bitches with low self-esteem.” We all laugh. I know how Noma talks when she starts with chuckling bitterly so that’s why I didn’t bother opening my mouth.

Nolwazi: “relax ladies. She is just bitter because she cheated on Shamase with his friend and he dumped her. Now that Shamase is showing interest in someone that pisses her off.” Noma just rolls eyes.

My phone rings I stand up and go answer it in a quieter place because where we are seated there is a car playing music. It’s Zah. Mara I told this girl to rest and have some ‘me time’ bakwethu.

Me: “I hope this is not about work.” She laughs.

Zah: “yoh I am finding hard to choose a male bodyguard boss. Most of them are so fuckin handsome they are panty droppers shame.” I laugh at her.

Me: “yey wena what is important is my protection. I don’t care whether the bodyguard is handsome or not.”

Zah: “mara boss this person will be with you most of the time. Imagine having to watch u Mulimisi from Muvhango nje day on day out. Yoh you will end up ugly yourself.” I burst out laughing.

Me: “you do make a point though.”

Zah: “yeah plus I need a good view myself.” I continue laughing. This girl bafethu.

Me: “hire anyone who is perfect for the job and comes highly recommended. We will talk later.”

Zah: “sure boss.” I hang up.

I get back to the others. The meat is finally ready so we eat and drink. The Nosisa girl has somehow disappeared because I don’t see her anywhere. Anyways who cares about her? We chill and continue drinking and talking. We the girls finally decide to leave so Mvelo and Cebo help us carry our stuff to my car. Lee Khanya Noma and Kgomotso gets in and they wait for me. Mvelo pulls me to him and hugs me. I think I enjoy being in his arms. He kisses me briefly and then perks my forehead.

Mvelo: “can I please have your number?”

Me: “Mvelo what happened between us was a once-off. I don’t want you getting the wrong idea. I told you that I don’t date the first time we talked. What do you think has changed right now? You thought your dick had power to change my mind?”

Mvelo: “why are you breaking my heart?”

Me: “I never asked for it and truly speaking you never gave it to me. Please don’t make this harder than it already is. See you around.” I perk his lips and get in the car. I drive out of the beach leaving him standing there like a statue.


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