Tonight we going clubbing Dj Zinhle - umlilo as my mood starter. I am super excited it has been ages since I went out with my friends. My work has me by the washings so much that I sometimes don’t have time for myself. I finish putting on my make-up. I wear a knee length denim short white loose vest peach coat and peach sneakers. I comb my hair and tie it into a neat bun. 

I take my handbag which contain of everything I will need and head to the kitchen. I put my handbag in the counter. I open the fridge pour wine in a glass and drink it and as soon as I wash it the buzzer rings. They are here. I buzz them in. I take my car keys handbag house keys and head out. I find them in the driveway near my white Fortuner which we usually go clubbing with. In total I have 6 cars 4 SUV’s and 2 sports cars which is the Lamborghini Avetandor and a Bugatti. We share hugs.

Me: “motherfuckers!”

Noma: “we here and we wanna turn up!” I see Noma brought her driver. I hand him my car keys. “Can we firstly take pictures?” I hand the driver my phone and he take tons of pictures. We do crazy poses and even dance. We finally finish and we all get in to the car and I sit at the front.

Lindsay: “I must say y’all bitches look superfly.” I connect my phone with the car via Bluetooth and play Vula Vala by Nokwazi and the Scorpion kings. The ladies scream and make videos. By the time we arrive at Club F it’s already 10pm. A bouncer escorts us to our table in the VIP section. We get settled and summon a waiter.

Noma: “can we please start with shots?”

Lee: “yes girl. Waiter please bring us 10 tequila shots.” The waiter disappears and come back with the shots. We drink them all at once. Yey mood starter. 

Waiter: “what would you ladies like to order?”

Me: “cela inyama ka R300 I pork wors lika R150 nepapa dali.”

Zah: “for drinks can we please have a bottle of Tanqueray ele Belvedere 24-pack of Flying Fish pressed lemon and 2 2l of cranberry juice.”

Waiter: “coming right up.” he disappears again. I look around.

Me: “lemme search for my next victim.” The ladies laugh. “Who’s on the line-up today?”

Lindsay: “Sho Madjozi Dj Hallelujah Dj Gukwa Ddn Gogo NaaqMusic and others.”

Lee: “well I wouldn’t mind grinding on Naaq’a abs.” she bites her lower lip.  We all scream and hype her. 

The waiter comes back with our drinks and we start with the ciders. Dj Gukwa starts playing and we stand up and dance. While we dancing I feel hands on my waist

NaaqMusic and others.”

Lee: “well I wouldn’t mind grinding on Naaq’a abs.” she bites her lower lip.  We all scream and hype her. 

The waiter comes back with our drinks and we start with the ciders. Dj Gukwa starts playing and we stand up and dance. While we dancing I feel hands on my waist strong hands for that matter. I turn to stare at this man who has the nerve and you won’t believe who it is.

 “MaNdosi” he flashes his smile and I just giggle.

Me: “Mvelo what a coincidence.” We talk as we are dancing closely to each other.

Him: “I am so glad I could meet you again.” I turn and find all these bitches sitting down and their eyes glued to me and Mvelo.

Me: “who did you come with?”

Him: “3 of my colleagues and a childhood friend.”

Me: “why don’t you join us in our table?” I point at our table. He agrees and goes to his gents. He comes back and they join their tables with ours. Mvelo introduces his friends as Andile Cebo Nzuzo and Khaya. I also introduce my friends. Nzuzo looks so familiar I swear I have seen him before.

Lindsay: “boss lady usifake ezintweni today. We drinking with celebs.” We all laugh.

Andile: “what do you own boss lady?” he asks with a charming smile.

Nzuzo: “Dubandlela CC. I was one of your clients 3 years back.”

Me: “ngisho your face looks familiar.”

Shamase: “you own DCC?” he asks with a shocked expression.

Me: “guilty as charged.” I say and shrug.

Our meat arrives just as theirs arrive also. We all dig in. one of the things I dig about Club F is their well cooked meat and secret spices. After we done eating we continue drinking. We return to the dance floor and Mvelo is so close to me I keep grinding on his crotch I feel it poking my butt. He excuses himself and returns to his seat. I’m out by Ciara and Nicki Minaj plays and I remove my coat. I love this song. I start twerking not noticing that I am left alone in the VIP dance floor. By the time the song ends most people have circled me and are taking videos. 

MC: “SHOUTOUT TO FUTHY OF DCC IN THE VIP DANCEFLOOR!!” the crowd screams. OMG. I rush to my table and quickly sit down. I open a new cider and down it on one go.

Me: “what the fuck just happened?”

Noma: “damn girl I last saw those moves in varsity.”

Lee: “Ciara provoked her.” we laugh. 

Lindsay: “babes some people were taking live videos so you are trending.”

Me: “I am pretty sure it will die down in an hour.”

Shamase: “you sure do know how to move your waist and ass. I salute you.” I laugh at his ambiguous statement. I know his statement is two sided.

The night continues without any dramatic video taking. The clock strikes 2am and Mvelo suggests that we take the party to his house we all agree. We buy a 48-pack of flying fish and head to Mvelo’s crib. We arrived at his house which is in Glenwood. It is a beautiful glass mansion. We get inside and he ushers us to the longue. We get there and put our drinks in the coffee table the guys put some of the drinks in the fridge. They put on the music and we chill. We drink and talk like old friends the conversation is flowing there are no awkward moments. 

Andile: “so Futhy how does it feel to own such a successful company?”

Me: “it feels good because I started it from scratch. I did have about half the amount for the capital which were my savings. The other half well I asked for funding from big companies and they were more than happy to donate.”

Nzuzo: “you’re lucky. Many people apply for funding but they get rejected most of the time.”

Me: “the problem is they rush success. They want everything to be chop-chop. When starting a business and looking for funding people must remember that patience is a virtue. It may not happen today but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all. And no I am not lucky but I am blessed.”

Lindsay: “yes Nicki!” the girls hype and we laugh.

Zah: “so you guys how does it feel to have your life in the spotlight?” 

Cebo: “it sucks really because you can’t even move freely. You can’t take a vacation with your main or side dish because there will be pictures of you the next morning in every newspaper and every social media. Some people on the net are always looking for stories so sometimes they see us with girls and they come up with a false conclusion.”

Me: “that’s how my brother always feel like most of the time. He even doesn’t sleep in hotels because his fans are everywhere.”

Khaya: “who is your brother?”

Me: “Lele.”

Khaya: “that guy is so cool and so real. I love his music.”

Me: “I will tell him you said that.”

Lee: “he was once my crush.”

Noma: “and remember how you’d embarrass yourself whenever he comes to our apartment not forgetting that you’re way older than him.” we laugh.

Lee: “yoh I’d have panic attacks and collapse every time he said something to me.”

Zah: “you had it bad girl.”

Me: “awuna picture.”

I feel myself getting wasted. I ask for a bathroom and Mvelo pull me to one in the second floor. He actually pulls me to the main bedroom en-suite. After I am done doing my business I return to the bedroom and find him shirtless. If he is trying to seduce me then it is working because damn his muscles dear God. I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his neck. I stand on my toes and kiss him he responds to the kiss pulling me by my waist with his strong arms. One thing leads to the other and before I know it we are done with the second round. He immediately passes out.

I use this time to escape. I never share a bed with one night stands and I am not going to start today. I get dressed quietly and head out. I find my bitches downstairs. We swore that we never sleep at a man’s house after drinking there. They stand up when they see me and we quietly exit the house giggling lightly. We get into the car and drive out of the yard.

Lee: “so Dubandlela struck again?”

Me: “kanti who am I hhe? Ngithi who am i?” we all laugh out loud. 

Noma: “you are the dog of dogs.”

Lindsay: “so how was he?”

Me: “better than expected.”

Lindsay: “how big was he?”

GIRLS: “HHA LINDSAY!” they exclaim. He shrugs.

Lindsay: “what? I wanna know.”

Me: “honey that’s for me to know and for you to never find out.” The rule is that we don’t share a dick unless that guy is serious about you and you are also serious about him which has never happened. The driver drops all of us at our homes. I get to my bathroom take a warm shower dry myself and get under the covers naked.


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