Last night I finished the eMandlanzini house and started with the Nongoma castle. Some may be amused or not believe me but I am very fast and very passionate about my job. When I start drawing I go to my own place where the pencil hand and mind become one and I just go with the flow. Sometimes I may not produce exactly what the client specified but the client always end up happy with the outcome. 

The next morning I wake up and take a shower. I lotion my body do my make-up and comb my natural hair nicely I just let it free and down. I get dressed collect my things and head out after greeting Kgomotso. I arrive at work and head straight to the designers department. These guys are always early and I admire them for that. I greet them and hand them the first Zulu house sketch and tell them I need it by tomorrow. I then head to my floor. I seriously need a receptionist in this floor who will assist Zah in her job because it is too much for her. She may not say it but I can see that it is too much. I peep into her office and signal that she follows me to my office and she does. We both get seated after greeting each other.

Me: “I started at the designers’ department before coming here so you don’t have to worry about that. I have another task for you.”

Zah: “I am listening.”

Me: “I need a receptionist for this floor you guys will work closely together. Get Muhluri (who is my employee and also an interior designer) to set up his/her desk. Nothing out of the ordinary. It should be smaller than the one in the main lobby.”

Zah: “noted.”

Me: “and also contact the Dibbers Agency. I need 2 bodyguards a male and a female and a driver.”

Zah: “finally boss. What changed your mind?”

Me: “it was about time bakithi Zanele and with me on the verge of expanding DCC we need security because rivalries will not be happy.”

Zah: “I will get right in it boss. I will conduct interviews on Monday and they will be ready to serve you on Tuesday Wednesday morning latest.”

Me: “you really need someone who you will share responsibilities with because I don’t want you overworking yourself. You also need ‘me time’.”

Zah: “okay. I will start looking for the receptionist after Muhluri is done with the desk.”

She updates me about other stuff and then she goes back to her office. I call Lindsay and ask him to order breakfast for me at the restaurant next door. They deliver it in my office and I start munching. After eating I lazy around in my office. I decide to call mom and check up on her. It rings and she answers it.

Mom: “Lwandlelethu.” She always calls me by my middle name. She only calls me by my first name when she really is angry at me.

Me: “mawami how are you?”

Mom: “I am fine my angel. When are you going to come and visit me?”

Me: “how about I take you out for lunch today? What time is your lunch time?”

Mom: “1pm baby.”

Me: “okay I will see you then mama.”

Mom: “see you soon. Bye.” She hangs up. 

The time for the General Thursday Meeting (GTM) comes Zah and I head to the 1st floor which has a boardroom big enough to accommodate 80% of my employees. We arrive there and find everyone seated. I take my sit and the meeting commences. Each departments give their reports and how far they are with the projects. After there are done I introduce the new project the Blue Diamond Music project.

Me: “I want you guys to be in teams of 3.” I say referring to the architects. “I want you guys to take different parts of the studio that I have mentioned. I want the sketches and the 3D pictures ready by Wednesday afternoon.” I sit down. “I am happy that the sketches of the Nanda mall are finished. The way you guys are going I am very proud of you and continue with the good job. Please do make sure we meet the deadlines for the current projects. We have so many clients who want to work with us. About 20 clients are still on the waiting list for appointments for the whole thing; designing building and furnishing; so we don’t have much time really. I wish that we can be done with half of these projects. We are good at what we do that’s why we are high in demand. Zah please do set up a meeting with the owner of the mall so that he can view the sketches and tell us when we can start building.” She nods. 

Zah: “a bridge collapsed just outside PMB. The mayor of PMB has approached us to redesign and rebuild it.”

Muhluri: “that’s huge.” 

Lonwabo: “yeah and it will bring in a lot of moola.”

Clara (Interior designer HOD): “and we are hoping for bonuses at the end of the year.” They all giggle and nod in agreement. I don’t give out fix bonuses at the end of the year. It is determined by the profit generated during the year so huge profits huge bonuses.

Me: “we will see guys. Bob (architect) I need you to design the bridge and you can show me the sketches as soon as you’re done or anytime really.” He nods. “Okay meeting adjourned.” I stand up and head to my office.

I take my phone car keys and handbag and I go to the parking lot. I get in my car and drive to Ballito to the restaurant I am having lunch at with my mother. I find her already waiting for me. Mom is a very punctual person. She stands up and hugs me I hug her back and we sit down. The waiter comes and take our orders and leave.

Mom: “how have you been? You hardly come see us.”

Me: “yoh mom. My job is so demanding. I have so many clients from all over the country. I am really considering branching to JHB and Cape Town next year.”

Mom: “I think you should set out a time frame for yourself. Don’t just say you wanna branch out. Do research on these cities and find good sites and buildings for your company. I think you also need an assistant outside work who would help you organize your life. You hardly have time for yourself you’d swear you are still starting up this company.” I keep quiet. The waiter comes back with our food and we start eating.

Me: “you’re right. So where can I get this personal assistant ma? I want someone who is very trustworthy. Who will be my confidante and I may have to live with her.”

Mom: “I do have someone in mind. Nomxolisi. That girl is very humble and very organized.” Nomxolisi is their 3rd housekeeper. They have a very big mansion so they have 4 housekeepers.

Me: “okay. Bring her over Sunday noon. Thanks mom for this suggestion. I was never aware that my work is consuming me this much. Anyways how’s dad?”

Mom: “he is fine. He went to Pretoria for some official business. His business trips can be tiring sometimes. I miss him and I can be so horny at times yoh mtanam.” Sijabulile is so unfiltered bahlali. At some point the way she loves sex I thought she would cheat on dad bit she has proven me wrong.

Me: “you are lucky you have a husband. I don’t know when was the last time I got laid. I am pretty sure I am a virgin now.” We both laugh.

Mom: “there is no need to commit if you’re not ready mtanam just find someone who is going to help you with the frustration. Salt is not good for you baby.” I laugh very hard. She always tell it like it is. We finish our lunch and we go our separate ways.

I drive to Gateway I have been wanting to do shopping but I have been postponing it because of work. I now have spare time. I start at Foschini and take formal clothes. I head to Cotton On for casual clothes. I go to Aldo for 2 pairs of heels and 2 pairs of sandals shoes and Totalsports for 2 pairs of sneakers. I go to Truworths for Mac make-up and cosmetics. 

After I am done I go pack the bags in my car and go to Galito’s with my phone car keys and bank card. It is already late afternoon. I order pay then go and sit down waiting for my order. I call Sibulele and we talk like always. He tells me he will be visiting me month end and he has a line-up of gigs this side. While talking to Lele Shamase sits on the empty chair on my table. OKAY. I say my goodbyes to my brother then hang up.

Me: “I am pretty sure there are empty tables around here. You could have sat anywhere.”

Shamase: “but I chose to sit with you. I hope you are here alone.”

Me: “and what are you exactly hoping for?”

Shamase: “that I get a chance to know this beautiful woman in front of me without any interruptions.” Flattery won’t get you anywhere Mr.

Me: “so Mvelo what would you like to know about me?” this idiot grins like a kid seeing ice cream. And then? “What?”

Shamase: “you are the first person outside my family to call me Mvelo and the way you say it ntokazi yoh.” whatever dude. I am tempted to roll my eyes but I don’t wanna seem rude. “Anyways what is the name of the beautiful woman in front of me?” the waitresses bring our food to our table and leave after at starring at Mvelo longer than usual.

Me: “Ntombifuthi Cele.” We start indulging on our food.

Shamase: “MaNdosi.” I blush guys every time a person says my clan names I melt from the inside. “Inkosazane ibhizi ngani empilweni?”

Me: “I’m an architect.”

Him: “wow okay. I don’t see a ring on your finger so I will just go ahead and assume that you are single. Nami ke ntokazi kade ngisanda kugilwa obeyingoduso yami. Ungibona nje bese ngiphonse ithawula othandweni kodwa ukubona wena kungibuyisele ithemba.”

Me: “I am flattered really but relationships are not really my thing.”

Him: “what’s your thing then?”

Me: “besides the fact that love never loved me I am a workaholic and my job is my life. Getting into a relationship will make me lose focus on my legacy.”

Him: “talking about legacy the money that you are working for who will inherit it if you don’t have for relationship? You will die with no kids?”

Me: “when I feel like it’s time for me to have a kid I will adopt or go to a sperm bank.”

Him: “your kid will grow up with one workaholic parent. How sure are you that he/she will receive enough love from you?” I keep quiet finishing my food. “I think everybody needs love Magaye. You may have been betrayed by a man before but that doesn’t mean give up on your happiness.”

Me: “maybe in the future I might consider getting into a relationship but now I am fine as a single woman. Akucosuki ndawo.”

Him: “maybe we can be friends who are single together.”

Me: “being friends with a celebrity will give people the wrong impression. I live a very private life. I don’t want my affairs to be known by the public except for my work.” I finish eating and wipe my hands with the serviettes. I stand up taking my phone card and car keys. He also stands up.

Him: “can I at least accompany you to the parking lot?” I shrug and head out he follows me. We get to the parking lot. Today I am driving the bronze BMW X1. I loved this car when I first saw it on TV and as soon as it arrived at SMG mom was like ‘honey your car has arrived’ and I went and purchased it. “Nice wheels.” I smile. “Can I at least get a hug?” he says opening his arms. I hug him and God his cologne. I break the hug and get in the car. I open the window.

Me: “thanks Mvelo and it was nice dining with you.”

Him: “even though you rejected me.” He says placing his hand in his chest faking a hurt expression. I laugh at him. 

Me: “better luck next time.” I start the car drive out and hoot at him.


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