The next day it is work as usual. After lunch time someone barges in my office while I am busy on my drawing board with the Zulu project.

Me: “the door is there for a reason. You knock you are given permission then you enter. Simple math.” I hate being disturbed when I am in my drawing board because once I lose concentration it is hard to get back to what I was doing before I was disturbed.

Mrs. Zulu: “I don’t have time for that. I wanna talk business.” She sits down on the visitor’s chair and places her designer bag on my table. I raise my head and look straight in her eyes. The reason why I have my own floor is that I don’t want unexpected visitors. Where the fuck is Zah when you need her? I stand up from my seat and go sit on the chair behind my desk. I stare at her.

Me: “oww please take a seat make yourself comfortable.” I say sarcastically.

Her: “you better drop your stinky attitude or my husband and I take the business elsewhere.”

Me: “there is the door take your project elsewhere I don’t give a fuck. I know I am the best at what I do so I won’t beg.” I hate spoilt housewives. They always make my work difficult when building houses. In fact I hate clients who think I will go hungry without their money. She rolls her eyes.

Her: “anyways I want you to cancel the rondavels and I want you to design a Tuscan mansion. I believe you know what it is.” I really hate her type. I fake a smile.

Me: “anything you want Mrs. Zulu. Now if you may please excuse me I have a Tuscan sketches to draw.” She stands up and takes her bag.

Her: “glad we could come to an agreement.” She says with a smile and heads out with her heels echoing in the whole office. BITCH! Zah rushes in my office with a worried expression.

Zah: “boss I am so sorry. I was getting your report from the marketing team. I didn’t even go to lunch.”

Me: “no need to apologize Zah. Please organize a dinner meeting with Kuhle. Ungijwayela kabi umfazi wakhe.”

Zah: “on it boss. Here is your report.” She hands me the report and leave.

I continue drawing and when the clock hits 4pm I fold my drawings take my handbag phone and car keys and head to Zah’s office. Zah tells me that Kuhle will be able to meet me at 7pm at a restaurant. I head home and take a bath. After bathing I go to my bedroom and sit in my bed. Kgomotso enters my room and serve me my late lunch which is a chicken and mayo sandwich with guava juice. I eat then take the dishes to the kitchen. 

I go back to the bedroom to take out clothes that I will be wearing at the dinner. I take my sketches and gently unfold them in my drawing table (I have one in my room too in case I get inspiration during the night). I set and alarm for 6:15pm and continue with my drawing. I am very passionate with my job so even when I am busy I make sure I find time to do it.

At 6:15 I stop working and start getting ready. I do my make-up and wear my curly weave while playing Lizzo- Good As Hell. I wear my black and white stripes dress denim jacket and nude block heels. I put on my cologne take my handbag phone car keys and head out after locking the door. I head to the restaurant and I arrive there 10 minutes late.

I find Kuhle inside and I must say if he wasn’t married I would have him even for 1 night because God the prince is fine. He notices me walking towards him and quickly stands up. 

Kuhle: “MaCele how are you?” he says extending his hand I shake it and he opens the chair for me. Gentleman much huh. I sit down and he also sits.

Me: “I am okay how are you Kuhle?”

Him: “I am fine.” I signal a waiter.

Me: “if you don’t mind I am famished so we will talk while I am eating.” He chuckles. The waiter arrives at our table.

Him: “I don’t mind.”

Me: “hi I’d like to have ¼ grilled chicken with a peri-peri sauce and also Greek salad on the side and a mojito cocktail. And for desert I’d like Oreo Truffles.”

Kuhle: “I’d like the same main course with Castle lite dumpy.”

Waiter: “coming right up your majesty.” he leaves us.

Me: “Castle Lite really? I was expecting the regular ‘scotch on the rocks’ beverage.” He laughs. He has a beautiful laughter. Oww Futhy get your mind off the gutter he is taken.

Kuhle: “sorry to disappoint.” I chuckle and go straight to business.

Me: “I won’t be designing and building your houses Kuhle.” His face falls.

Him: “what? Why?” Ncooh he is so cute right now.

Me: “I don’t have time to deal with your spoilt wife. I am a business woman. Business come to me I don’t go out looking for it. I don’t beg a client. I was really looking forward to building your homes but no I don’t have time to deal with a real housewife of Durban. I am really good at my job so I hate it when I have to deal with people like her or be disrespected in my work place.” He rubs his hands in his head. You can see that he is having inner conflict.

Him: “what did she do?”

Me: “she came to my office undermined my job. She thinks she can say jump and I’d be like ‘How High?’ oww please. I am not like everyone.”

Him: “I am sorry for her behavior. Just please don’t drop the contract. I will do anything.” I don’t like it when clients beg. I exhale.

Me: “fine but please keep your wife on a leash or she will be banned from entering my building.” The waiter brings the food. “Finally I was beginning to think you misplaced our food or you didn’t put in the order.” I say in a funny manner so that he won’t take offence. He just chuckles.

Waiter: “please do enjoy your food and if there is anything else you would like I am at your service.”

Me: “what if I want you on a silver platter?” his eyes pop out and I take a sip of my cocktail. I can see that Kuhle is also shocked. I burst out laughing gosh you should see their faces. “Yoh I am kidding. We are okay for now you may leave.” He quickly rushes to where he came from leaving me laughing my ass out.

Kuhle: “wow just wow.” I smirk at him and start eating my food.

We talk about less serious things while eating. He is a very funny guy. I’d keep him around as a friend if he weren’t married. Phela married men aren’t supposed to have single female friends. They always raise suspicions and they can make the married women paranoid. But I’d also hate for my future husband to be close friends with a single woman. I am one so I know we get thirsty and hungry sometimes. And that thirst can lead to big mistakes that might break up marriages.

Kuhle: “so do you have someone in your life?”

Me: “nah. This one time I was quarter to getting my happy ending but it all went poof.”

Him: “what happened?”

Me: “arranged marriage shit the asshole chose inheritance over our love.”

Him: “wow I am sorry you met a spineless man.” I laugh at him. “So you are single?”

Me: “not really. I am married to my job and my company. I dedicate so much time and effort in it that I have no time to worry about not being in a relationship. If I have an itch I find someone to take care of it anyone. If he is good fuck buddy material I keep him around. If he catches feelings I cut him off.”

Him: “wow I have never met a woman like you. Independent rich and doesn’t give a damn about receiving love from a man.”

Me: “I do receive love from male figures in my life. My dad and my brothers but that’s just it. Your gender can be assholes most of the time no offence.” He laughs.

Him: “non-taken. I just love your honesty and you are a breath of fresh air. I just wish we can do this more often.”

Me: “no can do your highness. We don’t wish the public to have the wrong impression and your wife attacking me. I do kick ass so you will be responsible for nursing her wounds.” He laughs and even throw his head backward.

Him: “MaCele we have to hang out again. You are funny and fun to hang around with.”

Me: “you know what? We can set up a date where we can just chill at my crib. You can bring your friends and I can bring mine. That’s all I can offer.” He flashes his million dollar smile. Guys I swear this prince is a ladies’ man and I am pretty sure he knows he has a charming smile. Just 1 night 1 night bahlali that’s all I ask for from the lord but I don’t do married man so his loss for the best sex of his entire existence. 

Him: “that’s fine with me. I also want you to design a house for me. It is going to be my escape house an entire man cave a secret house. It is going to be built on a secluded area. I want it to have a basement and a lower basement. It must also have a safe room or panic room as people call it.” I raise my brows.

Me: “are you some kind of a gangster Kuhle?” he chuckles.

Him: “no but I do like some me-time and I am a future king I have got to have a secret place. When it comes to construction I will need very few guys whom you trust dearly who will build it.”

Me: “you are really a gangster. Deny it all you want. I don’t care because I am no cop but wena uyiginsa.” He laughs and shrugs.

We finish our dinner and part ways. I wasn’t really going to drop Kuhle I knew he’d beg but I wanted him to keep his wife on a tight leash. 

I arrive at home and go straight to my bedroom. I undress wear my short silk night dress and get into bed. I switch off the side lamp and straight to Lala land I go.


Kuhle arrived at his house pissed as hell. Luckily his kids were already sleeping. He went to check on them then went to the main bedroom. His wife was on Skype with his mother in law. She continued speaking like her husband didn’t just walk in. he went to the bathroom took a quick shower came out and dried himself wore his boxers and joined his wife in the bed. By now she was checking out Instagram. Kuhle cleared his throat.

Kuhle: “Sthabile what were you doing at Dubandlela CC today?”

Sthah: “who? Me? I was never there. Who said I was there?” she said avoiding eye contact.

Kuhle: “so you’re saying Miss Cele is a liar? You didn’t go to her office and demand that she changes the sketches of the houses into your style?”

Sthah: “she is lying my love. Why would I go there?” she said faking a sad tone.

Kuhle: “If you say so then okay.” He turns and face the other way. “We will just go tomorrow and ask for the CCTV footage to see who is wrong.” He switches off his side lamp. She panics.

Sthah: “fine I went there. I am sorry my love.”

Kuhle: “why do you like poking your head where it doesn’t fit? Ayy man why do I have to receive complains about my spoiled wife from time to time? You are tiring shame. You are a company yourself.”

Sthah: “I am sorry love.”

Kuhle: “save it for someone who cares.” He switches off his side lamp and closes his eyes.


I wake up the following morning do the regular morning hygiene process. I do my make-up and wear my 14 inch curly hair. I wear my black slim fit pants nude long sleeve peplum and black pencil heels. I take my black handbag and head out. I feel so good like I just got out from a photo shoot. I get into my red Aston Martin DBX and head to work while listening to Yehla Moya Remix by Da Capo. This song makes me wanna fast forward to Friday. I am so going clubbing this Friday and I am going to persuade my friends to go with me not that they need any persuasion because they are always game. I get to work park my car in my parking sport and lock it after getting out. I get to the reception and Lindsay is energetic as ever.

Me: “we going clubbing Friday.” The way he screams he is on a mission to kill my eardrums. I always go with Noma Lee Zah and Lindsay to clubbing. They are a whole vibe nje and what I like is that we drink our own money we are not stingy when it comes to paying for our own drinks. We get to the club buy meat buy drinks and turn up all night long it’s good vibes only.

Him: “honey lemme start by saying you look hot damn girl that ass.” He says and I do a 360.

Me: “I slay all day.” He hypes me. I love this guy. 

Him: “so we going to Club F?”

Me: “hell yeah. Let me get to work. We will talk later.”

Him: “sho boss lady.” I head to the elevator and go to my office. 

I get to my drawings. I finish the Nanda mall project roof top and 3rd floor then continue the Zulu houses project. The clock strikes 1pm and I take my wallet and phone. I go to the restaurant which is next to our building. I don’t have a specific lunch time for myself. I just don’t rush to lunch when I have unfinished work unless I am really hungry. I sit on a table the waiter comes and I order double cheese burger with fries and coke. I let my friends know about Friday on our group chat and as I said they are game. I can’t wait I am seriously looking forward to clubbing. Hey don’t look at me like that I know I am not the only one who just wishes to fast-forward the week to Friday so that I can get drunk and get laid.

The waiter comes back with my order and I thank him. I start eating and in the middle of my lunch a famous soccer player Mvelo Mkhwanazi enters the restaurants and there is commotion people wanting to take pictures with him and all. I just roll my eyes and continue eating my lunch. Once I am done I signal the waiter for the bill I pay and go back to work. I find Lindsay on my floor chatting with Zah.

Me: “your celebrity crush is next door.”

Lindsay: “which one?”

Me: “Shamase.” They both scream.

Zah: “Shamase as in Mvelo Mkhwanazi?”

Me: “yeah that one.”

Lindsay: “did you greet him? Take a picture with him? Take his number?” I stare at him.

Me: “really now? He is your celebrity crush not mine so I don’t go crazy when I see him. Anyways get back to work mhlali.” I say then proceed to my office. Zah follows me.

Zah: “the Ntuli brothers are coming in like 10 minutes.”

Me: “their appointment is today?”

Zah: “yes girl.”

Me: “eyy fine. Is the boardroom set?”

Zah: “everything is on point boss.”

Me: “okay fetch me when they are here.” She nods and head out.

The Ntuli brothers are music moguls. They have the biggest record label in Mzansi. The name of the record label is Blue Diamond Music. They have a very big studio in JHB. It is every aspiring musician’s dream to sign with them. Yandisa is the eldest he is the CEO and automatically the head of the family since their parents died 5 years ago. He is married and has kids. Sandile is the middle brother. He is a producer and can play many instruments. Sakhile is the last born. He acts like a brat sometimes. I think the fame is messing with him because he is a singer. I really don’t know why they wanna meet with me but sengiyozwa khona. 

Zah comes to fetch me and I follow her to the boardroom with my iPad. At the boardroom door I find 2 bouncers I roll my eyes at Zah and she just shrugs and enters the boardroom. I follow her inside and find the brothers already sitting. Honestly speaking these guys are hot and they know they are. Their presence is felt everywhere they enter.

Yandisa: “Miss Cele.” He says reaching out for a handshake. I shake his hand.

Me: “you can call me Futhy.” I also shake the other brothers’ hands.

Sandile: “I have seen you somewhere before.” He says squinting his eyes.

Sakhile: “she is Lele’s sister.”

Sandile: “oww shit that guy always talk about you. You’d swear you are his wife or something.” We laugh.

Yandisa: “so does singing run in the family.” I chuckle.

Me: “I guess.”

Sakhile: “how about you sing just a hook for us?”

Me: “not today.” They laugh. “Anyways let’s get down to business. What brings you guys here?”

Sakhile: “dude you are like the best in the game and you come highly recommended. We wanna build a studio here in Durban and also discover new talent here. We have already bought a site in Asherville. We just want someone who will design and build it for us.”

Me: “so what do you have in mind? You want it to be exactly like the one in JHB?” my brother once me took me to the studio when I visited him so I know what it looks like and I must say whoever built it did an amazing job. It is beautifully built. I am tempted to ask who built it but no I won’t.

Yandisa: “we want a completely different one. This one must have a kasi vibe. Not too formal. There must be of course offices and studios. There also must be entertainment area and a restaurant. If you know anyone who owns a restaurant you can get them to come to us. They can open their branch within our studio. Of course they will rent and pay that certain percentage of their profit but it will be a win-win situation.” This will bring in so much money and I am so happy it will be take time to build. I will have to go to my architect team so that we can come up with the perfect kasi studio.

Me: “so there also must be a studio for photo shoots.”

Sakhile: “yeah.”

Me: “when you say entertainment area what entertainment are you talking about? We love different kinds of entertainment. I for one I am thinking of a strip club right now.” Everyone laughs even Zah.

Sakhile: “damn I was never ready.” He is still laughing.

Sandile: “basically a play room but not too playful. There can be video games there board games an in-house bar a cinema room. A place where everyone will be comfortable to chill in and relax day dream.” I have noticed that this one doesn’t speak too much. His voice is sending tingles all over my body. He has la voice guys the voice that gets you wet.

Zah: “there can also be a small concert room where you can have in-house concerts from time to time as a form of entertainment.”

Yandisa: “that’s a great idea.”

Me: “there can also be a quiet room where musicians can sit and write or compose or whatever musicians do. Like a musical library if there is such a thing.”

Sandile: “that’s great. Sometimes when you are writing you need a quiet place. I don’t know why we have never thought of that before.”

Me: “yeah when you wanna concentrate you need a peaceful place. That’s why I have this floor all to myself. I don’t want footsteps rushing or ringing phones or giggles disturbing me when I am working.” They chuckle. I am serious my office and Zah’s office are soundproofed. “So how many floors are we looking at?”

Sakhile: “maybe six.”

Sandile: “yeah six is okay.”

Yandisa: “So will you be able to do it?” he asks looking at me.

Me: “yeah. You can come next week Thursday afternoon to see the progress on the sketches and 3D images of what you have said today. You can make alterations anytime you want before we start building.” I take out my business card and hand it to Yandisa. “You can call me if you feel like you left something out and you’d like to add.”

Yandisa: “we will be in touch Futhy and please don’t forget about the restaurant idea.”

Me: “okay. I guess that will be all.” We all stand up and shake hands. The older brothers leave Sakhile comes and stands next to me.

Sakhile: “come let’s take a photo and I will show it to Lele as a proof that I saw you live.” I laugh at him. Why is he treating me like a celeb whereas he is the one who is here? Nonetheless I pose as he snaps pics. When he is done he hugs me and run out to catch up with his brothers.

Zah: “damn those brothers are hot. My clit be throbbing. It is torture to be in one room with them. One night with either one of them then I am good.” I laugh at her as we go to my office.

Me: “the throbbing clit helped though because it gave you an idea.”

Zah: “tsek.” I continue laughing at her and she eventually joins in. I sit down in my chair and she sits in hers.

Me: “schedule the general meeting to 10 am. I will need all hands on deck for the Blue Diamond Music project. I know they are busy with the Nanda mall project but there are nearly done so there won’t be a problem.”

Zah: “how far are you with the Zulu houses?”

Me: “I am close to finishing it. I started with the eMandlanzini house. I am nearly finished. By tonight I will be finished and then start the Nongoma house.”

Zah: “sure boss.”

Me: “I have a project for you.” 

She freezes. Zah is a very great architect. She has a degree and she is very great at what she does. It’s just that she came when there was a surplus of architects in my company. I hired her as a PA but I do pay her the full architect salary because I sometimes give her projects. She always excel so I love giving her projects. She is also very resourceful and organized. 

Zah: “ohh okay I am listening.”

Me: “Sibisi is rebuilding his pub in UMlazi. He has demolished the existing one. He wants a Cubana inspired club. Here are the notes.” I hand her my notes. “I expect the sketches Tuesday morning.”

Zah: “sure boss. I won’t disappoint.” I nod and she exits my office.


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