part 9 what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

My mother said I was overreactingShe said I mustn't think the worst but I knew what I saw and I was scared to go out of the house I was standing next to the lounge window watching Khwezi and my father arguing My father wanted to come to our house but Khwezi stopped father finally gave in and listened to her Voice:"Umeleni lapho? (Why are standing like that?) " that was my mother's voice Me:"Just watching an argument between Khwezi and Dad" Her:"Suka lapho(move there)and go buy bread for me" Me:"I'm scared to go out" Her:"hhayi Luthando just go" Me:"No mom.." Her:"Okay fine I will go out first and you will see nothing will happen " Me:"Bekunomthakath la (There was a witch here)" She dragged me by my armshe then went out of the front door..I said silent prayer asking God to protect my mother because I knew what I saw Her:"You see I'm alive just go buy bread" I slowly went out and she gave me the money I put on my headset then went to shops...After buying I went back home without any made breakfast and we ate in peace ☆ ☆ hours passed so fastIt was the evening when my mother started feeling cramps At first she said it was nothing but she started bleeding..I panicked and dialled dad's number and took me straight to voicemail I called the ambulance and they promised to come as soon as possible Khwezi was just watching nje eating her yoghurt... Me:"Hang in there mom" she nodded..An ambulance came and they took her I locked the door and we rushed to the hospital..They immediately attend her Nurse:"Stay here young lady" Me:"No I want to see my mother!!" Nurse:"They are still busy with her Calm down she will be Fine okay" She then walked away..I sat to the chairs and waited for the Doctor after seems to be forever Doctor walked towards me I quickly stood up Me:"How is my mother? " Him:"She's fine

I quickly stood up Me:"How is my mother? " Him:"She's fine we manage to stop the bleeding but yet there's nothing wrong with her" Me:"What do you mean when you say there's nothing wrong with her?" Him:"She's on her periods" Me:"Mom and periods? That impossible Cramps?" Him:"We are going to discharge her and give her medication for cramps" Me:"Okay thank you" he went back to the room and came back with my mother Her:"I told you not to worry" She smiled Me:"I'm glad If you okay" We walked out of the hospital but I remembered that we came with the ambulance I left the wallet at home Me:"Lemme Call dad to fetch us" I dialled his number Luckily it rang He answered him:"Nyan wami (my child)" Me:"Dad can you please fetch us at the hospital" Him:"What are you doing at the hospital?what are you doing at the hospital at this timeAre you alright? " Me:"Yes I'm fine...please come and fetch us" I told him the name of the hospital and he promised to come as soon as he can..I saw dad's car coming towards us he stopped and we hopped in Him:"What happened? " Me:"My was bleeding" Him:"Usunjan MaCele (How are you MaCele) (Mom's surname)" Her:"I'm better my love" Him:"That's goodI'm spending the night with you" mom's face lighten up Me:"Halala " we drove home chatting like old days..We arrived at homeKhwezi stood at her door watching us...she then clicked her tongue and went back inside..Dad started at her house after an hour he furiously marched in Him:"Nolwazi! !!" he shouted I wonder what was going.. Her:"What with the noise? " Him:"What did you say ku Khwezi?" My mother was confused like me Her:"I said what? " Him:"Didn't I told you that she's pregnant with my baby" Her:"Aibo I never exchanged words with Khwezi She's lying" Him:"Don't you ever ever!! Talk shitDo you understand me? " Her:"Aike suite yourself nxx" she went to her bedroom Me:"Khwezi's Muthi is very strong (Khwezi's love Portion is very strong)" Him:"Uthin wena Luthando?( What did you say Luthando? )" Me:"I'm saying next time when you want to shout at my mother kindly do it inside your bedroom because your behaviour is very disturbing" I felt a hot sensation on my cheek and heard a giggle Me:"Did you jus-" Him:"That will teach you not to be disrespective" Khwezi giggled louder she was standing at our front door Watching Voice:"Did you just hit my child mandla?" Him:"Teach your slut some manners" he stormed out Khwezi followed behind him

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