part 8 what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

A month later Khwezi was Seven months pregnant dad was hardly at our house..My mother was loosing weight like she was sick..The last time i had decent conversation with my father was the day I asked for money to do my hair I used to see him entering Khwezi house not to bother asking about my mother my mother was cooking dinner when she held her stomach and groaned I rushed to her Me:"Mom Are you okay?" Her:"I'm fine sweetie don't worry about me" Me:"Lemme help you" I sat her down and continue with the pots..We were running out of groceries Me:"Mom..The fridge is empty" Her:"I will talk to your fatherOnly if he agreed to see me" Me:"Meaning?" Her:"Last time I talked to him he said he want nothing to do with us" Me:"What?!!" Her:"I don't want to use the money I invested for you" I stopped what I was doing Her:"Luthando uyaphi? (Luthando where are you going? )" I hurried out of the house and went to khwezis house luckily the door wasn't locked Me:"Mandla! Mandla! " I shouted Khwezi appeared Her:"Yoooo ufunani nomsindo(What do you want?) " Voice:"Baby whos-" He stopped when he saw me Me:"Is this how I'm going to live my life?" Khwezi:"Get out of my house Dimoni " Me:"What happened to you dad?uthi sidlani? Why you doing this?" For the first time in my life I broke down infront of the enermy Dad walked towards me and hugged me Him:"I'm sorry Luthando mntanam " Khwezi evil glanced at us and clicked her tongue walked away pushing her stomach Him:"I will deposit money into your account Now go" he must be crazy Me:"What about mom? why you not spending time with her?Five minutes of time please " Him:"I will see her tomorrow" Me:"Mxm" I left their house and found my praying. ☆ ☆ Next day I decided to do shopping Dad transferred R5000 Into my accountI walked to the bus stop and wait for the Taxi I was browsing through my phone when a lady in her mid 50's stood next to me Her:"Sawubon mntanam " Me:"Yep mam kunjan? " Her:"Ngiphilil we na? " Me:"Nam mama" she then looked at me for so long I shifted uncomfortable Her:"UXolo nginike isandla sakho(can I hold your hands)" I gave her my hand then her body started shakingRolling her eyes. I was so scared I yanked my hand from her and she instantly became normal Her:"Qaphela mntanamKune nyoka enyonyobayo Ifuna umam wakho Qaphela! !Ukhululeke. ..oh nkosi usazobuzwa ubunzima mntanam (Becareful my childThere is snake that wants your mother deadKeep on praying that the only way to prorect yourself) this is just the beginning. .Khuleka!(Pray) that's the only thing can protect you" The taxi came she hopped in leaving me amazed by what she said... another one parked infront of me Driver:"Uyagibela sis nomA cha (Sisters are you going or not?)" the taxi was empty what if he wanted to kidnap meI shoved those thoughts at the back of my mind and hopped in

I shoved those thoughts at the back of my mind and hopped inBy the time we arrived at the mallThe taxi was already full so I was safe. I did my shopping for hours and went back at home..I found my mother busy humming and cooking Me:"I'm back!!!" Her:"Oh sana lwami ngingaba yini ngaphandle kwakho (Oh baby I'm nothing without you)" She helped me with bags and kissed my cheek Me:"You seem to be happy What going on?" Her:"You father was here and we talked...and more talk" she winked at me.. Me:"mmmh more talk I see..lemme go and take a quick shower" Her:"Okay Love" I went to my bedroomTook of my clothes and took a shower..After showering I threw myself in bed I was bored at that time I needed a boyfriend..being single was boring In the midnight I woke up wanted to pee to badly.I might have fallen asleep because the lights were off I was tucked inside the duvets..I quickly get up rushed to the toilet. I went back in my room Before I could get inside my covers I heard some whispering outside I tiptoed in my windowMy heart was racing..I slowly opened the curtain a shadow passedI closed the curtain fastI heard to find who was outside our house..I opened it again but nothing..I went to the front doora shadow was busy pouring something infront of the doorI couldn't see the face because he/She was wearing all blackCovering the faceI rushed to my mother's bedroom. Me:"Mama! Mama! " Her:"Yin Luthando" she asked in a sleepy tone Me:"Kunomunt apha ochelayo (There's someone whose walking outside)" Her:"Maybe you were dreaming" Me:"Vuka! (Wake up)" she dragged her ads out of bed.

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