part 7 what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

We were eating dinner as family like nothing happened and i decided to break the silence Me:"You wanted to kill mom? " he chocked on his drink Him:"Me??" Me:"Stop pretending like you don't remember...lay your hands on her again I promise you you won't see your unborn child" Mom:"Hhaayi Luthando akusondlel yokuthetha no tata wakho leyo(don't talk to your father like thatRespect him)" Me:"Respect is earned maLook at her neck You see those bruise!!you almost killed her" Him:"I'm sorry I don't know what came over me..Luthando my child forgive me for hurting your mother" crocodile tears filled his eyes Her:"It's okay baba" she warmly smile Me:"Dad I love you but your actions changed me..when I look at you my blood boil Good luck with your wedding next week I'm not sorry for hitting with the Vice" I stood up Rinsed my bowl and call it a night ☆ ☆ My father's behaviour changed He was the old Mandla He was sweet and CaringI had no idea whether it because his traditional wedding was near or what but ke we didn't want to think the worst He was my father after all. The wedding day finally came Everyone was ready My mother was so beautiful one would swear that she was the one getting married. Everything happened so fast Khwezi was introduced to the ancestors She was advised to respect the first wife I doubt she listened that girl was up to no Good..She officially Mrs Khwezi Same day she moved in her House and Dad was going to spend his night with her. Me:"Mom!!!" I called out because she seems far with her mind Me:"Mama!!" she finally came back Her:"Mmh " Me:"Let's go to bed dad will spend the night with her .You know that stop hurting yourself " Her:"I just can't...did you saw how happy he was?" Me:"It doesn't matter mom..let's go and pray" we locked the door and went to he bedroom Then we prayed.. ☆ ☆ The following day everything was perfect until Khwezi asked us to have dinner with her

Then we prayed.. ☆ ☆ The following day everything was perfect until Khwezi asked us to have dinner with her Dad was over the moon..He couldn't stop talking about his unborn baby..I took a bath and wore comfortable clothes I went to my mother's room she was fixing her hair Me:"I don't trust Khwezi" Her:"Come on Luh maybe she's not that bad" Me:"Are you hearing yourself? What if she poison us?I won't gamble with my life" Her:"Let's just goSobona Khona" she finished and we went to Khwezi's house We knocked and she opened looking gorgeous Her:"Oh you guys can come in" We walked inWow her house looked more breathtaking than ours don't get me wrong I had to compare Me:"Your house is beautiful " Her:"Oh thank you This way" She lead us to the dinning room My mother was quiet just observing. We found dad waiting for us. He then stood up and hugged mom Khwezi rolled her eyes mmmh first sign of jealousy..We all gathered around the table Khwezi dished up first like she knew that I wasn't going to eat without seeing her eating first then we followed dishing for ourselves Mom:"How was your first night with her Baba?" Khwezi:"Amazing as always" Dad cleared her throat Dad:"it was...umm awesome" I silently giggled Khwezi:"So Luthando how are you my child" I rolled my eyes Me:"I'm good mam and you?" Khwezi:"Call me "Khwezi" mam is too formal for me" Me:"Alright Khwezi" She then giggled Khwezi:"Mandla your baby is spring kicking me" she giggled my father putted his hands on her stomach Joy my written all over his face Laphoke umama besebomvu ngenkani( You should have seen my mom's face she was red) Mom:"Ummh thanks for Dinner Let's go LuthandoMandla you sleeping with me tonight? " He looked down. Mom:"Okay akunanking(No problem ) Asambe wena (Let's go)" Khwezi:"Thank you guys we will see you tomorrow" She french kissed my father Mom stormed out Khwezi walked me out Me:"I'm watching you Khwezi " Her:"You think you scare me?wait and see what I have for your mother I will enjoy see you suffer...Mandla is mine.. I will not share him with anyoneNot even your mother can stand in my way "she slammed the door on my face before I could respond...

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