part 6 what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

My father went to his bedroom fuming with Anger Few minutes later my mother walked in with shopping bags. Her:"Yooo Luh come and help me" I took the shopping bags while she took off her stilettos Her:"oh Mandla is back?" Me:"Yep" she bought new clothes Jewellery and changed her hair Me:"You look beautiful mom" Her:"Thank you baby lemme take this things into my room...Order in something to eatI'm too tired to cook" she then went to her bedroom..I didn't order anything because I wasn't that came bag and sat next to me Followed by my grumpy father..The atmosphere was tense no one was saying anything Me:"I curse the day you meet That Tramp" Mom:"Ukhuluma nobani (who are you talking to)??" Me:"Don't mind me mom..I never thought that my perfect family will come to this" Dad was Quite Mom:"Mandla ulalephi(Mandla where did you sleep )? " Me:"Kulanto yakhe embi (To that ugly thing )" I mumbled Dad:"Uthin Luthando(What did you say Luthando )?" Me:"Nothing.. Nothing at all daddy" Dad:"Nolwazi follow me now!!" he commanded..then stood up followed by mom I lost all the respect for Dad...I lowered the Volume to hear what was happening. "Sundinyela Mandla..ngilale ngedwa endlini yethu!( You are telling me Kak Mandla. .you left me here and I slept alone) but yet you got a nerve to ask me about my whereabouts" that was my mother "Are you now cheating? uqomile Nolwazi? " I clapped once..Khwezi's love portion is doing wonders kwa Khuzwayo "No I'm not cheatingWhy would I cheat?" "Because I'm getting married and you don't like it" Hehehe my father was out of his mind "I'm glad you aware that I don't like it but yet you still marrying her You not even sure if she's carrying your child or not" my mother replied "That's my child I know" "You 48 Years for crying out loud!! and she's 29 wake up! Mandla! I'm the one for you! not her" "You know what I'm done here! !" their door swung open Slammed the door Him:"Tell your mother not to wait for me" he then walked out...I heard his engine then speed off mxm such a coward always running away..A scream that came from my mother's room brought I rushed to her bedroom and she was kneeling down crying Tears rolled down on my cheeks I went to her and Embraces My arms around herThat moment I wanted to kill khwezi! I wanted to kill my father..We cried together until she fell asleep. ☆ ☆ Two weeks passedThings became worse..My father was abusing my mother emotionally and physically although she tried to hide that but I wasn't a fool nor young

Things became worse..My father was abusing my mother emotionally and physically although she tried to hide that but I wasn't a fool nor young I know abuse signs when I see one My father and I never exchanged words for the past week I would pass him like he's visible he once beat me up for not Responding when he talks to me but that didn't stop me from giving him silent treatment...Kazi went back to school but she will call me there and there..she was fond of me.. I was Sitting next to my window when I heard screams coming from the lounge I rushed out of the Room and went to the lounge My father was strangling my mother For few minutes I froze I never thought I will witness my father trying to kill my mother..I went to him and grabbed him by his collar He then let go of mom Me:"Wenza ntoni Manda? ?Ufuna ukubulala umam? (What are you doing Mandla? You trying to kill my mother? )" my mother was crying hysterically Him:"Stay out of this wena " He pushed me hard and I fell...I stumbled up grabbed the Vice and smashed it on his head he fell down Her:"Wenzeni Luh(Luthando what have you done) " He crawled to him and checked his pulse Me:"He's still alive don't worry" We took his body to the bedroom and used ice cubes to wake him up.. His phone rang from his pocket while my mother was out to get more ices Khwezi's name was written on the screen Me:"......" Her:"Baby are you still coming?" Me:"My father is busy with his wife They are making another baby..." Her:"Mamela apha njandini ngith nika u Mandla iPhone(Listen to me dog I said give Mandla his phone )" Me:"Didn't you heard what I said ? HE'S busy..get over yourself" I then hang up Mom:"Who was that?" Me:"No one " Her:"What are you doing with your father's phone?" Me:"Ohh I was just umm checking time" Her:"Good give it to me" I handed her the phone.. ☆ ☆ Hours laterDad woke up complaining about the banging headache Seems like he didn't remember what happened Mom cooked dinner pretending like everything was fine.

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