part 5 what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

The music was so loudI was sitting with Kazi and her friends so they say..They were drinking ciders and smoking I was sipping on my drink when some bitch came to us and asked to have a word with Kazi...They stood not so far from us but from the looks their conversation was tense..I went to them Me:"Kazi are you alright?" Her:"Just go LuhI'm coming" I glanced at her Lady:"Baby Girl Listen to Your friend" Me:"I'm not going anywhere" I folded my arms Her:"Not now Luh I'm fine we discussing something that doesn't concern you" Lady:"Now be a good girl" I turned around her went back to my seat Kazi came back after few minutes Her:"Don't do what you did" she gulped her drink Me:"Mmh " Kazi:"That woman is dangerous" Me:"Dangerous?" Kazi:"Forget about let's enjoy this night" Me:"Okay" Around 12pm I wanted to go home Kazi was drunk others were smoking minding their own business...I had to find Chris I stood up Scanned around but couldn't spot himI went inside the house The house was big and dazzling a guy descended the stairs Him:"Bitch the party is outside" my veins popped up..He called me a bitch Me:"Do I look like a bitch? " he bit his lip Him:"I know the bitch when I see one" I decided to hold myself before I jumped on him Me:"I'm looking for Chris I was hoping to find him here" Him:"Which Chris Babe? " Me:"Kazi's Boyfriend" Him:"Left already Chris has wife to attend" Me:"What??!" Him:"Yes Now get out bitch! !" Me:"Call me the bitch for the last time I will show you flames nxxx " Him:"So strong I see" he came towards me biting his lips Me:"Can you be the good guy and take me home I promise God will bless you" he burst in laughter Me:"Care to share a joke?" Him:"You know what? I think I like you lemme take you home

Where is Kazi? " Me:"Outside" Him:"Okay let's Go!!God will surely bless me " We took the drunk Kazi and he drove us home with the help of Kazi SHE'S the one who knew the place I had to make her talk..she couldn't even lift her arm..Hanging out with Kazi was dangerous I vowed to myself that I will never party with her.. Guy:"Your name ?" Me:"Luthando " Guy:"Sakhi " He then dropped us infront of my house and helped me with Kazi..Get get back to his car and speed off I unlocked the door and get in Then lock..I stumbled with her until I reached my room..She threw herself in my bed and dozed off immediately..I went to check whether my Father was back or not..He was not back My mother was sleeping alone *Sigh* ☆ ☆ The following Morning I woke up before Kazi and made breakfast for them My mother walked in the kitchen Her:"Morning baby..Ubuye nin? " Me:"LateKazi is still sleeping" Her:"Ohkay...I'm going to mall I need few things" Me:"Have breakfast first" I dished up fit her and she ateminutes later she drove off I cleaned around the house playing deep house. Voice:"Yoo I can't feel my head!!" I burst in laughter Me:"I'm never partying with you" Her:"Sifike njani lapha?" she sat down rubbing her eyes Me:"some arrogant guy drove us You boyfriend left without a trace" Her:"Arrggg Chris has started" Me:"Só he's married? " she nodded Kazi:"Don't look at me like that" Me:"I'm allergic to home wreckers " Kazi:"Yoooo lemme bounce off My mother must be worried sick about meWe will talk later" I walked her out I went inside the House and continue with my House chores. ☆ ☆ Later on my father's car drove in..I was watching "She's a man" while eating my popcorn He's scent filled the Lounge Him:"Luthando" Me:"Yeah" Him:"Where is your mother Her car is not there" Me:"I know" I replied focusing on the Movie Him:"So where is she?" Me:"Out" Him:"What wrong you seem off" Me:"Khwezi must be very importantMmh letting your wife sleep alone.." Him:"Stay out of this Luthando Ngiyakucela " Me:"Too late because I live here What happens here is also my business" Him:"My child pleas-" he held my hands but I yanked them from him Me:"He still remember that I'm his daughter..very nice" I laughed sarcastically Him:"Arrrg I'm still your fatherDo not Question my decision Luthando" This wasn't my father I refused to believe that

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