part 4 what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

The following day my father came back and asked us to prepare lunch because his uncles were coming over after the lobola negotiations kwa Khwezi..He didn't even asked how did we slept.. I was chopping vegetables when Kazi entered Me:"Ntandokazi " Her:"Don't just stand there come and hug me" Me:"Yoo waphapha (You too forward )" I hugged her Her:"Ngivulelw ngumama wakho(You mother opened for me) she's beautiful" Me:"Ngiyambongela(Thank you)" I smiled at her Her:"So what's happening you busy chopping" Me:"My uncles are coming over" Her:"Okay lemme help you" this time she was wearing a high weist Crop Top ankle boots then tied her weave Me:"Are you studying?" I was trying to make conversation Her:"Yep..Dental therapy..Second year and you?" Me:"I took a gap year.." Her:"Next week ngibuyela eGauteng" We cooked while chatting Then suddenly we heard Noise..Kazi glanced at the window Her:"Looks like abo mkhulu just arrive " I chuckled Me:"This is going to be the long night" Kazi helped me a lot because my mother was shuttered she tried pretending like she's fine with everything but deep down she was dying...Dad enter the kitchen Him:"Muphi mamakho( where is your mother)? " Me:"I don't know" he didn't say anything then exited Kazi:"Is your mother alright? I saw her crying when I was coming out from the bathroom" Me:"Dad is taking another wife" I exhaled Her:"Shame..This must be hard on her" Me:"You have no idea" around 7pm Kazi helped me with dishes in exchange of going out with her the next day I walked her out we said goodbyes. My uncles drove to their homes that evening. I finished everything by myself and to take a shower then sleep. I had to check my mother first.. I went to my parents bedroom and knocked Her:"Ngena(Come in)" Me:"Momza.." she smiled at me Her:"I'm sorry that you had to finish up everything by yourself" Me:"It's fine ma Kazi did help" Her:"She's a good girl I like her" Me:"Anyway how you holding up?" Her:"I'm getting there The sooner I get used to thisEverything will go back to it place" Me:"That's the spirit!" We high five my mother was my everything..pillar of my strength..I yawned and said goodnight to her. ☆ ☆ The following day I had to go out with Kazi..I told my mother about our plans She didn't protest as for my fatherHe was at work..The connection I had with my father turndown just like that..The other side of me loved him but the other one hated him for causing my mother so much pain it was around 7pm and my father was not back yet My thoughts were disturbed by my phone

Kazi was calling Me:"Hey" Her:"Are you done?" Me:"Nop" Her:"Hurry keMy boyfriend will fetch us in 15 Minutes" Me:"Okay" she then hang up I was wearing High weist-denim skirt Black off the shoulder Top and leather ankle boots I lingered my necklace around my neck apply make-Up and put on my purple lipstick..I was dress to kill my skirt gave perfect view of my ass..I went to the lounge.. Me:"How do I look? " I spin around Her:"Fabulous You remind me of my days" she giggled Me:"Kazi will be here in few minutes Can I have few notes please " Her:"Go and take my purse" I rushed to her room..In a split second I handed her She gave me R400 Her:"That's all I have" Me:"Thanks mom" a knock came from the door Me:"That must be Kazi lemme bounce I love you" I blew her kisses I walked out and Kazi's face dropped Me:"What? " Her:"You have good taste in fashion" Me:"Oh I know" she frowned and raised her eyebrow Me:"I'm joking thank you" We made our way to her boyfriend's car BMW X5. ..This guy must be loaded...Kazi hopped in at the front while I took the back Kazi:"Babe this is Luthando Luh this is Chris" Me:"Nice to meet you Bhuti " He chuckled Him:"Just call me Chris nice to meet you too Luh" He then drove off..Kazi and Chris were chatting while I browsed through my Phone He parked the car infront of the Mansion only expensive cars were parked there..We then got off Kazi:"Are you ready?" I nodded We walked inside the yard Lots of yummies were there Gosh maybe I was going to find my potential bae since I was single It was going to be a Long nightthe chaos was too much for me.

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