part 3 what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

There was a knock at the door Her:"You made friends already?" Me:"No..Yes.." Her:"Go open the door" I went to open the door..A heavily pregnant lady was standing at the door Me:"Hi" Her:"Is your father home?" Me:"How are you? I'm good and you?" Her:"Don't waste my time" She pushed me aside and walked in.. Me:"Yyeey we Sisi womkhaba..Awuzofika neshwapha sakho ungene la( Hey! you big stomach you can't just wingle your flatass and barge in" I followed behind her Mom:"what with the noise?" Lady:"Ngifuna uMandla (I want Mandla"she sat down Mom:"That's my husbandWhat do you want from him? " Lady:"Oh you the wife? okay lemme break this to you..I'm his second wife You see that house outside is mine" the devil mother frowned Me:"So you are here to brag about that?We already know that my father is taking another wife" Mom:"Please leave" she then stood up and went to her bedroom Me:"You heard her Now Vaya! " Her:"This is not over!!" when I was about to open for herthe door flung open .my dad walked infrom his facial expression he was shocked to see that lady Him:"Khwezi Ufunani la( Khwezi why are you here? )" Her:"Daddy you were not answering my calls" she pleaded Him:"And you thought coming here was the solution to that?" she nodded Him:"Leave I will call you my uncles are coming to your house tomorrow You not suppose to be here" Me:"Next time tell your floozy not to disrespect my mother because I will teach her the lesson she will never forget" My father opened his mouth to say something but I guess words couldn't come out...One of the things I love about me is that I always speak my mind..Whether you old or young if you rubbing me the wrong way I simply tell you with no feelings attached..I went to my parents room and I found my mother praying...I leaned against the door until she said "Amen" Me:"Amen" Her:"Come sit next to me" I did so Her:"Praying heals whenever you feel troubledKneel down and Pray..God will listen to your prayers and answer them...You see my marriage is falling apart That girl is pregnant" Tears were streaming down on her cheeks Me:"Kuzokunga Mah (Everything will be alright mom)" Her:"I know Promise me that you will never date a married man" Me:"I promise " their Door swung open. Dad walked in Me:"Lemme go and cook " I gave my father an evil eye and went out. I started preparing Dinner my phone rang Me:"Luthando speaking

How can I help you? " Voice:"Woooo That's fancy..answering your phone like that" I recognised the voice it was Kazi Me:"Ntandokazi " I giggled Her:"What are you doing tonight? " Me:"I'll sleeping the whole night " Her:"That's boringHow about Clubbing the whole night" Me:"No thank you" Her:"Arrg you boring" Me:"Whatever Kazi " I hung up. I wasn't going to let her bad influence me... "she knew about this place before me ?" My mother was shouting "I wanted to suprise you" My father replied Trying to defend himself "You so ungrateful MandlaYou let this girl destroy our marriage just like that" She said "Ngenzenjan ke ngoba naye ngiyamthanda( What M i suppose to do because i love her" Wow! my father was getting worse..I was feeling sorry for my mother No one deserves to be treated like that.. My father came to the kitchen and drank water he was fuming with anger.. Me:"Congratulations you have manage to Break my mom's heart into pieces Telling her that you love your Sidechick was a turn off" I said while wiping the glass the he used Him:"I'm still your are going to respect mesiyezwana(Do you understand me? ) " He yelled at me Me:"uxolo( Im sorry) but know one thing you also hurting me..I love my mother seeing her cry breaks my heart" he clicked his tongue and walked out I heard his car speeding off Me:"Mxm " voice:"Wathi nywwweee yini " that was mom entering the kitchen..her eyes were red from crying Her:"Mmmh smells nice" Me:"I know" we dished up and ate my father was not back. Me:"He will be back mama " Her:"You know I once suspected that your father was cheating but I didn't want to accuse him without proof" Me:"God will hear us that devil won't win" Her:"It hard my childshe's young and beautiful...fut-" Me:"Hhayi don't let her get to you you are the first wife after all" Her:"Finish upso that we can pray"

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