part 2 what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

I was laying in bed playing Gospel since it was Sunday..The door flung open and my mother walked in Her:"You father is calling you..." Me:"Okay...Are you okay mom? " Her:"Yes let's go" she went out I followed behind her Dad:"oh ntombi yam. come and sit next to daddy" I sat next to him Dad:"I'm taking another wife and we also moving to Eastern Cape I bought a house there..It going to be our new home" Me:"ohkay" Dad:"Just okay?" Me:"Mom What do you say about this?" she shrugged her shoulder Dad:"Your mother is Okay with our changes" Me:"We are moving when?" Dad:"Tomorrow" Me:"What?! Dad:"Yes go and pack your bags'" ☆ ☆ The following morningmy mother woke me up..I did my morning hygiene process and wore black Ripped Jean Long-sleeve shirt and Vanz I fixed my short hair and put on my lipstick then I took my two suitcases and went to the lounge the truck was already there. dad was loading the furniture with the help of two guysi wasn't leaving with my bedmy mother decided to sell to our neighbour. After seems to be forever We drove offwe stopped by the petrol station to buy food and filled the tank then we proceed with our journey..I plugged my headset and play my music since I had no say in whatever was going on between my parents. ☆ ☆ Around 6pm we arrived The place was beautiful and peacefulour yard had two houses From my conclusion the owner of the other one was for my stepmother Dad lead us to the other one that was Paint in white 7 rooms Dad:"Welcome to your new home" The interior of the house was breathtaking. I went to check the bedroomsThey were good looking too..I chose the one that has full view of the gate You know when boredom strikes I was going to sit next to my window and watch everyone that passes to our Gates..We spent rest of the night unpacking things and the furniture... around 12:am we call it a night ♡ ♡ Tuesday morning I woke up feeling Tired I dragged my ass out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face then rinsed my mouth with Lasterine...I made my way to the kitchen but no one was there I opened the fridge but there was no food..I went to my parents bedroom I was welcomed by their scent...I was home alone and hungry I went in my room

I was welcomed by their scent...I was home alone and hungry I went in my room I had to find few notes I was hoping maybe the shops were not far . I found R100 in my bag I locked the doors and exited the gate..I had no idea where to start...was the place safe for me? I was newI knew nobody..I decided to Go and halla our neighbour Then asked if there were any shops around the Area..I walked there and hopped in the Gate..A Bull Dog welcomed me It ran towards me while Barking.. I screamed my lungs out then closed my eyes Voice:"Spider voestek" a Female voice yelled at the dog Cishe wangidla lomgodoyi(The dog almost bit me)..i slowly open my eyes Me:"Thanks" Her:"How can I help you?Next time don't just barge in" she agressively chewed her bubblegum Me:Ummh I'm Luthando " I extended my hand but she just looked at it. Her:"Singakusiza ngani? (How can we help you?)" She emphasis on her her and whom? Me:"I'm new here I wanted to ask if there are any shops around here" Her:"I'm Ntandokazi" She was wearing a bum short and sport bra..her weave was on point Me:"Umuhle Kazi(You beautiful Kazi)" She smiled Her:"Thanks nawe Umuhle But do something about your hair" she smirked Her:"Okay Luh...Lemme tell mom that I'll be back now now!!" She hurried inside and came back few minutes later.. The shops were not far as I thought Kazi was the bubble person yet think highly of herself..We exchanged numbers and bid farewell to each other. I went home and my dad's car was parked outside the gate.. They were waiting for me Mom:"Uphuma kuphi ilanga lishushu..khawuvule (Where are you coming from? The sun is burning meOpen the door)" Dad:"We just got here but you are already wondering around" I didn't respondI opened the door Get inThey followed behind me.I went to the kitchen made my lunchmom was busy unpacking her groceries Later on I was chilling with my mother while dad was outhe said he needed to check few things in the office Oh my father was a qualified engineer He had his own company that was dealing with cars only my mother was a housewife chowing her husband money.

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