part 10 what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Days turned into weeksMy father was dead to methe bleeding didn't stopped I fear the worst for my mother she even lost weight but that didn't stop us from praying I then remembered the day i met lowa gogo owathi asiqinise emkhulekweni (then those lady's words played on my mind)I didn't want to worry my mother about what that grandmother said..surely she was not going to believe me Khwezi enjoyed her lavish life...Kazi was back from school..she asked me to hang out with but I refused I was scared to leave my mother aloneKhwezi might finish her off.. around midnight I was wide awake but the lights were offI browsing through my phone when I head footsteps from outside my window I tiptoed and slowly opened the curtainIn the Flesh Khwezi was naked carrying A bucket Mumbling words that I couldn't hear since I was insideI quickly switched on the lights and rushed to the lounge hoping to catch her But before I could reach the handle door something pulled me back I fell Then I hit tiles with my head by that moment I knew that Khwezi was bewitching us Then Lights Out!! ☆ ☆ I woke up with the banging headacheLike I was smashed by a truckOpening my eyes was a hard work I was in an unfamiliar roomthe sound of beeping machine.. Voice:"Thanks God!!Doctor! !!" A female voice shouted Her:"OH nyana wami (Oh my child)" tears rolled down her cheek

My memory was blurHer face looks familiar a man wearing white coat carrying a notebook entered Him:"Welcome back" Her:"she's strong just like her mother" who is this woman because she was not my mother Me:"Water...." my throat was very dry Him:"How you feeling?" Me:"NumbMy head hurts" Him:"Mmmh I will give you medication for that" Me:"DoctorI've been here for how long?"He sigh Him:"One month and three weeks" Me:"What! !??" Him:"Can you excuse us" he refer to the lady She nodded and Went out. Me:"What happened to me?" Him:"You were in the Coma after your mother found you laying in the pool of blood Your head was bleeding from my conclusion you were pushed" I was amazed by his statement because I didn't remember any of his assumptions Me:"Who Brought me here ?" Him:"Your mother" Me:"Who is that lady?" Him:"You don't remember her?" I shook my head Him:"She's your stepmother" Me:"My what???" Him:"Just rest am discharging you tomorrow" Me:"Thanks I can't waitI feel like I just woke up from death" Him:"You are strong young ladyYour mother's prayers saved you" I nodded then he went out my stepmother walked inThen sat next to meshe played with my hair and careless my cheeks her hands sends shivers down on my spine Her:"It a good thing that you don't remember anything" she gave me a devilish smile Me:"What happened to me?" Her:"Lemme just say you saw things that you were not suppose to see" Me:"Things like what?" Her:"You asking too much just sleep you going home tomorrow" she walked out leaving me confused as everLord why I didn't remember anything! I wanted my mother The following I was discharged.My stepmother fetched meI couldn't shake off the feeling of not trusting her. Me:"Kant where is my mother? " Her:"She's sickyou will find her at home " Me:"Okay" we then drove home..she was heavily pregnantLooks like she was going to give birth anytime We arrived at come I don't remember this lady but I do remember the day we moved in our new home..We went inside the house and my mother was laying down on her Sofa.. Me:"Mama " He turned around and weakly stood up I meet her halfway..she gave me a tight hug while sobbing.. Her:"Thank you Lord" she sobbed louder Lady:"Okay I will leave you husband needs me" We walked out Her:"I can finally rest in peace" Me:"Rest in peace? ????!"

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