part 1 what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

"I'm marrying her and that's final Angidingi sibusiso sakho Nolwazi" that was my father yelling at my mother. I was sitting at the passage listening to their conversation Her:"You not having another wife while I'm here Khuzwayo" she yelled back. I thought my ears were deceiving me. Him:"Yazini hlala la mfazi ndini" he slammed the dining door and I heard his car speeding off. I stood up and went to my mother who was crying hysterically on her couch.. Me:"Mama.." I sat next to her and held her hands Her:"He-He-want-to-mar.." she sniffed Me:"Don't worry God is on our Side" I embraced my arms around her. I was suppose to enjoy the Gap year that I took but because of what was happening..I wanted to leave that house. Seeing my mother crying like that broke my heart into pieces and thanks to my father. We cooked dinner together and I made sure that she forgets about her argument with Dad.. ♡ ♡ Later onmy father came back. He just went to their bedroom and came back few minutes later Me:"Molo Tata" Him:"How are you my child?" Me:"I'm good and yourself? Him:"Hhayi Ngiphilile nami" We ate dinner in silence no one was saying anything. Him:"Nolwazi did you inform her about my second wife?" Her:"Which wife?" Trust my mother she was very stubborn Him:"Okay..since you can't tell her I will...Luthando Next month I'm getting married" Me:"Okay" Him:"Just "Okay"? Me:"What do you want me to say dad?" Him:"Oh congratulations Dad!" He said imitating my voice Me:"There's nothing to congratulate here...excuse me" I stood up took my bowl and walked away Him:"Ndisathetha nawe Luthando! " I went in my bedroom. I wondered who was this wife... I locked the door and threw myself in bed if I knew that taking a gap year was tiring like

I would've made another choice. I browsed through my phone but nothing was interesting. ♡ ♡ The following morning I was woken by two people shouting at each other and that was mom and dad...early in the morning they were fighting. I dragged my ass out of bed and went to knock in their bedroom. My fathers behaviour was very suprising one would swear ukuthi bethakathiwe Me:"Ohh khanime ngomsindo ekuseni Geez! !!" Silence filled their room. I went back in my room and get inside the covers. I wanted to fall asleep again but No ubuthongo kuphelile..I woke up ndahlamba umzimba and went to the kitchen for mother was already there Her:"Morning baby" Me:"Morning ma...where is your husband? " Her:"Gone to work "I pity for her. She was broken you could tell from her face Me:"Má..fighting him won't help but it makes things worse..let him marry that girl" Her:"Polygamy mntanam Hhayi" Me:"do you have any choice ma ?" Her:"Luthando leave this..ayingangawe! " she shouted Me:"I'm 18 years not 2 years mah " Her:"Arrrgg! Yanginyanyisa! " she stormed out

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