part 9 the chosen one

Monday morning I woke up and did my hygiene process. My hair were indeed golden blonde. I looked different in a good way though . I made my way downstairs to make breakfast but Ouma was already up Me:"Morning dar-" the moment she turned around I stood there without moving my mouth was wide open. words failed me As I looked upon the perenial woman infront of me I saw that she was much older than I orginally thought. Her brown winkly skin looked like discared wrinkled paper bag left to itself. Her eyes over the years

had grown dull and cloudy as though she had seen too much suffering. Her back was stooped over as if she carried invisible weights upon them. Her sliver hair was thinning and her smile showed that her teeth were rather yellow. Along with this it could be seen that the lips once beauitful were dry and cracked. Her:"Morning my baby" she weakly smiled. I stood still and she came towards me while I stumbled back Her:"Relax it's me..sit down so that I can explain to you" I slowly sat down Her:"Before you were brought here I was already told that I am you guardian..We chose this place because it was the only place that was untraceable not even black magic can find you here by that time I was already old but I was given the younger version of me after you entered this house. I woke up the following day younger. They did that because we didn't want anyone to suspect anything. It was going to be weird having a mother who's almost 100.. yes when you were four years old I was 99 years. The moment I told you the truth was the moment where my body was transforming to it original self so you are ought to go back where you belong" Me:"Who is this "They" ? Her:"Your mothers friends. I was the oldest one amongst them. So I'm more like your grandmother and I'm afraid it seems like I will leave you sooner than I thought" Me:"leave me??" Her:"You have discovered the Truth. The only this left is to go back where you belong" Me:"How long will it take for me to go there?" Her:"four to five days" Me:"What??!" Her:"I'm telling you this because soon you are going to take this journey alone.." Me:"Not alone I have you" she looked down..ohh Boy Boy !tell me she's not dying Her:"My work is done here..It all up to you..The only person that can lead you is Pakistan find him " Me:"The old man? " she nooded Me:"Só I will never have a normal life? *sigh* " Her:"You can being a Queen doesn't stop you from reaching your goals but as long as you satisfied your peoples needs..because your people are your responsibility" Me:"so I can date anyone even if he's not from the Royal? Her:"You can only marry someone who's has the Royal blood" Me:"That crazy! !!" Her:"Now finish up you are going to be late for your classes" ¤ ¤ ¤ IN THE MEANWHILE( UNKNOWN KINGDOM ) "I'm sorry Son you no longer going to be the king of the Golden Palace.." King Zalaydza said Son:"What? Why?" KingZ:"because the princess has been found" he said pouring some wine Son:"Then why the Golden Palace is still suffering? Why Queen Cataliya is still comfortable in that throne? " KingZ:"Because the princess hasn't strike. She still need to taught how to fight" Son:"Father lets destroy Cataliya. She has caused many problems but we still watching" KingZ:"That was before when we thought the Johnson Bloods are all dead..Son this has to be done..You the Zalaydza Blood not Johnson will have to Rule after your Brother" Son:"Yeah I know but what about the Golden Palace?" KingZ:"The Princess will Rule and end of the story..expect her to be here after four days" Son:'here?! Why?" KINGZ:"because I have been waiting for her for so long.. Queen Cataliya has destroy each and every Kingdom This is the only Kingdom she hasn't matter how much we hate her or want to destroy her but we can not only the Johnson blood can destroy her which means we need Anne more than she needs us. Ask yourself why we haven't Rescued the Golden Palace that's because we need The Princess! The Golden Palace is like our mother! We all bow to them" Son:"What should I do to rule the Golden Palace? " KingZ:"Marry her" Son:"Hhhe! !" he shook his head in disbelief

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