part 7 the chosen one

Me:"Wait!!!" He stopped Him:"My Queen" Me:"ummmh How are you?" Weird I know I was trying to make a conversation Him:"I've been good and you"? Me:"I slept like a baby yesterday so I'm fabulous" Him:"mmh I see. You still in the dark" Me:"What do you mean?" Him:"I'm not the one who should tell you" Me:"Tell me what?! Please just get straight to the point" Him:"I'm afraid I can't" Me:"Then who are you? What do you want"? Him:"All you need to know is that prepare for the war. Whatever is going to be revealed handle it like an adult don't let anger controlled you" Me:"please I'm lost find me!" Him:"My time is up. I will see you soon and stay away from that boy!he's nothing but trouble" and then he vanished infront of me. For a minute I thought my eyes were deceiving but no he was a ghost..Maybe I was going crazy..I made my way home. ¤ ¤ IN A MEANWHILE (NARRATED) The Queen summoned that evil Witch again. She had to take another step because she was running out of time. The Witch immediately came ad always Queen:"how long will it take? ?As you can see we running out damn" she shouted weakly Witch:"She so close to us bit there is something that held her back..her gurdian angels are powerful but I've discovered that we have traitor here someone who can lead us" Queen:"Bring that person here! " Witch:"JOYCE JOYCE! " Queen:"I knew it! That old rag was too good to be trusted" Witch:"I suspect that she knows more" Queen:"BRING HER TO ME" Witch:"With pleasure my Queen" the creatures and the witch made their way to Joyce shack..They didn't knock

they just stormed inside the shack and Joyce was busy sewing and she wasn't getting younger. Her skin was pale. Her hair white. Joyce:"Mmmh what a lovely suprise" she said without looking at them but focused on sewing Witch:"This is the traitor..take her to the Queen " she commanded Joyce:"And you just realise today that I'm a traitor *Laughs* " Witch:"Take her!!" Joyce:"Little creatures dare come near me!!!" She said with a bold voice that sends shivers to the Creatures Joyce:"Now I will follow behind yall..Zina(Witches name) lead the way" Witch:"hell No!you want to run away" Joyce:"I'm old for games Zina lemme just take my things. You can wait for me outside" they did so not to noticed that Joyce has left the shack burning when they were not far from the shack. BOOM!! It exploded the shack was in flames Witch:"What have you done???!" She screamed Joyce:"What were you hoping to find?? I'm prepared to die everything that belongs to me is there" a smiled spread across her face Witch:"You will pay for this..take her!!" They cuffed her They arrived and the Queen was patiently waiting QUEEN:"Bring her to me" They did as instructed Joyce:"My Queen what have I done to deserve such treatment?" Queen:"Where is the princess?" Joyce:"I don't know" Queen:"I'm going to ask you for the last time..where is the princess?" Joyce:"I don't know my Queen" Queen:"Zena go back to her shack and look for something that can help us find the princess " Witch:"my Queen that impossible because her shack was in flames when we left" Queen:"Give me the Golden sword " one of the creatures quickly took it and gave the Queen. The Golden sword belonged to "QUEEN DOROTHY " Natalies mother Joyce:"before you kill me..that sword is the only thing that will destroy destroyed the are evil!!you killed the King but your day is coming..Bare in mind your day is coming!!!!" The Queen became angry and shoved the sword into Joyces Heart and Joyce gasped for air" your-day-is-coming" she said as she took her last breath. ¤ ¤ NATALIE I arrived at home without any complications. OUMA was in her Room. I walked upstairs and knocked Her:'Come in..oh you back darling" Me:"Yep!" Before she could utter a word she touched her heart and Screamed and then suddenly I felt like I was also stabbed the pain I felt was too much. I screamed in pain while she held her heart that instantly bleed Her:"Noooo! !!" Tears rolled down her cheek...I had no idea of what was going on but I knew we were both dying.

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